Kim Kardashian debuts braids, Lindsay Lohan responds, Kim claps back

Kim Kardashian braids Lindsay Lohan confused

It’s been many many years since the internet had a story involving Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and Perez Hilton — but that all changed earlier today thanks to Kim’s new braided hairdo.

Kim debuted her platinum braids on Instagram in a series of photos and videos — most of which did little to draw your attention to her braids thanks to Kim going completely topless in some photos and essentially bottomless in others. Anyways, Perez posted a screen cap of a video posted by Kim sporting her new locks and captioned it by writing “Kim K’s new look. Thoughts????” I’m guessing Perez was looking to stir up a debate over whether or not Kim’s hairstyle was cultural appropriation, which did happen of course, but what Perez didn’t expect was a reaction from Lindsay Lohan.

“I’m confused.” Lindsay wrote in the comments section of Perez’s photo. I assume Lindsay’s comment was in response to Kim’s braids and not Lindsay randomly offering up a broad overview on her own life. I could be wrong making that assumption, but apparently it was the same assumption that Kim had because she clapped right back with another comment!

“@lindsaylohan you know what’s confusing…..your sudden foreign accent,” Kim wrote. LOL!

If you’re curious what Kim Kardashian is referring to, here is an Entertainment Tonight video about Lindsay’s “new accent” that surfaced a little over a year ago:

As you might have imagined, Perez was absolutely gleeful that this throwback catfight was happening right under one of his own Instagram posts, so he screen capped the comments and posted the photo again. “@KimKardashian just responded to @LindsayLohan’s comment on my photo of her new hair and I AM CRYING and squealing and gagging!!!!!!!! It feels like 2007 again!! Tag your favorite Kardashian lover AND hater!”

(Perez would later mimic Kim’s thong pic with a bottomless photo of his own that simply cannot be unseen.)

Kim Kardashian braids thong

Unfortunately, most all of Kim’s photos are not SFW so I couldn’t include many here. Be sure to head over to her Instagram to check them out for yourself. Personally, I think she looks fandamntastic as usual. The woman is beautiful, and her photographers are amazing. (Speaking of her photographers, you can see another barely blurred snap of Kim on Marcus Hyde’s Instagram page.) I think the braids look great, and I don’t see an issue with the hairstyle choice at all as far as cultural appropriation goes.

As far as Lindsay Lohan, all I can say is… I’m confused.

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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    A newborn and two other young children to take care of, she sure has a lot of time to get her hair braided and then eff around on a bed for some weird glamor shots. I wonder if one day she will regret not spending time with her babies.

    • dianna825

      Same thing I am thinking. She has three kids, including a newborn!, and she’s posting all of this stuff. It truly makes it look like someone else is watching her kids most of the time while she is “working.” The world would have a ton more respect for her if she stepped it up for her kids.

    • It’s me

      Please tell me your kidding.
      You don’t really think she takes care of those kids. I guarantee she has at least 2 live in nannies that is available 24/7.
      So she has plenty of time to take selfies & get her hair done.

    • Thoughts

      What like 8 hrs …? And she can bring her kids to work with and afford a nanny to join ?

  • FYO

    Braided hair is not a black thing. It has existed in most cultures throughout history so you can forget the `cultural appropriation` nonsense. However, does she actually feel cool having a twitter fight with Lindsey Lohan? I would think a mother of 3, one being a newborn, and a businesswoman wouldn’t have the time or immaturity for that.

    • iloverealitytv

      Of course cornrows is a Black thing. Please prove otherwise.

      • FYO

        First of all, cornrows are a specific type of braid. Nobody is talking about cornrows, the subject is “braided hair”. Secondly, go study history. There’s thousands of years of proof waiting for you. Braids first showed up, according to the archaeological record, among people who grew their hair long due to spiritual beliefs and/or climate, long before blacks started doing it (as a fashion statement).

        • iloverealitytv

          Actually, the conversation is not about braids in general. It is about certain types of braid styles. I think you know that, you just want something to argue about. What Kim has and what Bo Derek had are cornrows, which Derek did not originate.

          • FYO

            Wrong. The conversation is about braided hair and the false claim that non-blacks who wear braided hair are `black cultural appropriators`. Which is, of course, complete nonsense considering the fact that braided hair is NOT a `black thing` and was NOT `invented` by black people as already pointed out.

            Try to follow along.

            • iloverealitytv

              Just shut up. What article are you commenting on? Laura Ingalls wore some lovely braids on Little House on the Prairie. I’m sure no one accused her of appropriation. You get it — you just don’t want to.

              • FYO

                Nobody accused her of cultural appropriation because ITS NOT cultural appropriation. You’re horrible at following conversation but still managed to make my point for me. Too funny.

  • TA

    Gah! Can we stop obsessing over “cultural appropriation” already? All cultures since the beginning of time have used things from other cultures. It’s not a big deal. People need to calm down.
    Kim must be really bored and really desperate for attention. Very sad that she has 3 healthy, beautiful children and a husband yet still posts almost naked photos of herself on the internet to get attention. This all makes her look sad and lonely.
    Proof that money doesn’t buy happiness.

  • iloverealitytv

    Sure, go for the lowest hanging fruit. A million people said something about your dumb Bo Derek comment and you say something to already put upon Linsey Lohan. You know who to target.