Lee and Rena from My 600 Lb Life are planning their wedding

Lee and Rena from My 600 Lb Life aren’t just losing hundreds of pounds thanks to their participation on the show — they’re also building a stronger relationship than they’ve ever had before. In fact, according to Lee, wedding bells are in the couple’s future.

As we wrote following the first half of their two-part episode, the Season 6 couple have been increasing their public updates of late, and sharing a bit more about exactly how much weight they lost by the time the episode had finished filming. Now, in a new interview with Newsweek, Lee has gone even farther, saying that he and Rena have never been in a better place, and are ready to make things permanent.

“[Being on the show] was a great experience and it saved my life,” Lee said, adding, “I’m ready for the next year ahead and skin surgery when I’m ready for it.”

As for their wedding day, Lee and Rena from My 600 Lb Life don’t have a date picked out yet, though they’ve got happiness and newfound confidence in spades. “We will be together until death do us part!” said Lee. “Our relationship has definitely improved. We can do stuff for ourselves more and don’t have to rely as much on others.” He further added that marriage is in he and Rena’s “near future.”

(One thing Lee didn’t mention specifically was the that they’ve now lost so much weight that they can finally have sex for the first time in their eleven years together. Which definitely can’t hurt the couple’s attitude toward marriage.)

Shortly before the debut of their episode’s second half, Lee and Rena took to their official Facebook page to share a meme celebrating the jaw-dropping 574 pounds they’ve lost between the two of them. Considering they were over 1300 pounds as a couple, the accomplishment is no small feat:

It sounds like Lee and Rena from My 600 Lb Life are in a happy and healthy place. Hopefully the extra attention they get from My 600 Lb Life fans — and detractors — won’t dissuade them as they continue to shed pounds and find love.

My 600 Lb Life Season 6 airs Wednesday nights at 8 on TLC.

(Photo credits: Lee and Rena from My 600 Lb Life via Facebook)

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  • pmo

    new show last night, wow, janine, poster child for clueless. got cut, bleeding trying to squeeze her into an airplane, breakfast, 5 eggo waffles, syrup, butter, sausage, strawberries w/whipped cream, dr now got her to lose in the hospital and she went home at gained back 63 lbs. soooo delusional. she felt the 1200 cal a day diet was too extreme, she weighed over 700#.

  • jackie

    omg.. when they acted like they were dying in the car on the side of the road

    • pmo

      new show last night, dr now puts her on 1200 calorie high protein low carb diet, sooo, she is seen eating, chicken breaded in panko bread crumbs (fried?), mashed potatoes, mayo in the fridge along w/whipped cream, parm cheese and lord only knows what else. the fridge was packed with food, some diet.

  • pmo

    new show last night, dr now puts her on 1200 calorie high protein, low carb diet, so she is eating, panko bread crumbs, mashed potatoes, mayo in the fridge, along with whipped cream, parm cheese, and lord only know what else.

  • pmo

    new show last night, mexican woman weighed, 660, lays on floor of van to go grocery shopping, cannot believe how families enable, she ordered two pizzas, hot wings, a choc cake and something else for delivery when the rest went out to dinner, I think I finally hit the wall, turned it off, cannot watch these people inhale food any more and cry cause their life is so horrible and they r in so much pain.