PHOTOS MTV filming Being Javi special, Javi expands HUGE Nightmare Before Christmas back tattoo

Being Javi special filming and his back tattoo

In “I wonder why it took so long” news, it appears that MTV is filming Kailyn Lowry’s ex Briana DeJesus’ boyfriend Javi Marroquin for his own Being Javi special, as he joins the “Being Club” with the likes of Barbara Evans, Nathan Griffith, Simon Saran, and Butch Baltierra.

The news of the special was revealed by Bethlehem, Pennsylvania restaurant and nightclub The Broadway Social, which posted the photo of Javi and some bros below on Instagram on Sunday and wrote: “A huge thank you to @javim9 for choosing the Broadway Social to film his episode of ‘Being Javi’ ?? Catch how we party at TBS on MTV ??”

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The Broadway Social also posted the photo, taken by Hiram Carrasquilla of (TOP) TrueOpticsPhotography, on Facebook with a similar caption: “Javi …MTV’s … BEING Javi !!! Filming and chilling @ THE BROADWAY SOCIAL last NIGHT !!”

In addition to gettin’ his club on for his new special, Javi also returned to his favorite tattoo artist, Mike Mara of Aggression Tattoo, to add more to his already expansive Nightmare Before Christmas back tattoo:

Javi Marroquin back tattoo Nightmare Before Christas

“@mikemaratattoo worked his magic again,” Javi captioned the back snap. “Added the mayor this session. The triplets are next and this #nightmarebeforechristmas piece is almost done!”

Javi’s new flame Briana DeJesus chimed in her response with “Fire??” Javi then revealed that the couple may have plans to get matching his-and-hers tattoos soon! “@_brianadejesus ours are next #KQ,” he wrote, seemingly suggesting a king and queen theme. Briana responded with “I’m ready!”

Hmmm… Jack is “The Pumpkin King,” but I don’t think Sally would really qualify as a “queen” per se. Which king and queen do you think Javi and Briana would choose?

Javi Marroquin back Tattoo MTV filming for Being Javi

Meanwhile, tattoo artist Mike posted some additional photos on Facebook (above), which included the MTV film crew. “Thank you [Javi and MTV] for having us be a part of this special episode and filming at the shop today what an honor,” he wrote — pretty much confirming the Being Javi special.

It’s hard to know when the Javi special might air, given the network’s rather erratic history with releasing specials.

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  • FrontDoorMom

    Seriously, a nightmare before christmas back piece ?

    • twelfthnight

      Not what I’d expect from him at all but at least it’s not something like a giant dragon or picked out of a stock tattoo book.

  • TA

    Why in every picture does he do the “prison pose”? Weird signs with his hands and squatting or hunched forward.
    Knock it off. You’re an adult and a father, not some teenage wanna be gang banger. Grow up.

    • Diane Goodwin

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    • FrontDoorMom

      You’d think he grew up in the hood or had a hard life. If i were a gangster. Id be offended lol.

  • Uhh

    I can’t stand this dude. Not a fan of Kail but I don’t like him at all.

  • Shanaynay

    TF kinda tattoo is that??? Ugh! Horrendous! Just like Kails face?

  • Billie

    Haven’t they been dating for, like, a month? And they want to get couple tattoos? My guess is they’ll be like suits of cards themed, if they actually happen.

    • joaniepoo

      dating for a month and shes not pregnant yet?

  • Ashley

    Matching tattoos when they’ve been together for a hot minute and don’t even live in the same state? These people are so stupid.

  • DanaD

    Sorry while the work is well done it is FAR too busy and since most of the colours are the same it all kinda blends together especially at the bottom. No bueno.