PHOTOS Sophia shows off ‘mommy dearest’ Farrah Abraham sculpture and buns in Italy

Farrah Abraham Sophia Italy

Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham and her family (including Mike and Debra!) are currently on Vacation in Italy, and Farrah has been making it rain on social media with videos and photos of their Mediterranean adventures. In addition to cooking classes, demonstrating the Mom & Me line of food products, and catching some rays, Farrah’s home-schooled daughter Sophia also got to partake in some sculpting at one of Positano’s famous ceramics studios — and her sculpture of her mom is nothing short of a masterpiece!

Farrah shared photos of Sophia with the busty bust on Instagram and added the text “Sculpture of mommy dearest” with a few heart emoji added:

Sophia Abraham Farrah sculpture in Italy

Here is a zoomed-in shot:

Sophia Abraham Farrah Abraham clay sculpture

Hmmm… I think she might need to add a little more clay. Just sayin’!

As many social media commenters have pointed out, I doubt very seriously that Sophia created the Farrah de Milo masterpiece completely on her own. I imagine she was given a bust with the face completed already and then was allowed to customize the hair and chest? I tried to find the ceramics studio online, and I found this package deal. If you look in the sidebar you will see a photo of a young girl working on a ceramic tile in the very same studio that Sophia is pictured in. Here are the details on the package:

Program Includes:
8 days, 7 nights accommodations, based on double occupancy, at villa-style B&B, with private bathroom and sea view-in Positano.
Daily breakfast.
Welcome Aperitivo.
Dinner including full course Chef’s Tasting Menu. Beverages not included.
3 hands-on cooking classes with lunch or dinner following. Toast with a glass of local wine, included, additional wine/beverages at a surcharge.
3 hands-on ceramic classes. All supplies included.
Amalfi Coast & Ravello excursion with private driver. (Private tour guide available on request).
Olive Oil tasting with informal discussion and tastings.
Cooking Vacations Chef’s apron and recipe booklet.
Round trip group transfers from Naples Airport or Naples Train station to Positano.*
* Wi-Fi internet connection available.

Program prices:
$3,195 per person, based on double occupancy. Includes all taxes and Italian VAT.
$695 Starting Price for Single Supplement.

As I mentioned above, Farrah has been sharing all sorts of photos and videos from their trip, including this one of herself and Sophia with “Suns out buns out” written across the bottom(s):

Farrah Abraham Sophia suns out buns out photo

It’s still unclear at this point whether or not the Abraham family vacay is for the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG or perhaps something more. There are paparazzi shots of Farrah and fam that say she is filming for an MTV reality series, but it does not mention Teen Mom OG specifically. Could it be that we will be seeing a limited Abraham family vacation spin-off series? Normally I would say that’s a bit of a stretch, but MTV seems desperate to capitalize on the show’s viewership, so I think it is far from unlikely. Maybe they will even branch out their “Being…” series for a “Being the Abrahams” hour-long special? Time will tell I suppose.

One thing I should point out is that there has been no indication that Debra Danielsen’s fiancé Dr. David Merz is on the trip. Debra and Mike Abraham have also been documenting their Italian adventure on social media, but so far not a single shot of Dr. David. In contrast, there are several photos of Mike’s girlfriend. I am guessing that MTV BEGGED Farrah and Dr. David to give it a shot, but at least one (probably both) refused.

OK, I will wrap up this post with some more photos and videos of the Abraham family’s Italian invasion:

#baywatch of #Italy ??? #positano Wearing @hotmiamistyles

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Bella ??❤️ #Italy #positano wearing @hotmiamistyles

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Our family foods and wine in the Mediterranean. #italianfood #cooking #wine #family

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Debz OG breaking through in Italy at the Club tonight! @teenmom @mtv

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  • Itsallgood

    Can Farrah ever cover up her big fake boobs?????

    • Renee L

      I was just getting ready to say what’s wrong that she can’t ever wear casual wear and look normal? I can’t wait until she’s poor and washed up.

    • joaniepoo

      how old will her kid be when she gets her “first set”

      • TheTruth

        Probably 9

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    What’s with all the stupid posed shots? Farrah….wtf are you wearing? That child isn’t capable of taking a picture without looking like she’s evil. That red hair looks ridiculous. Why does Debra follow her daughter around so much?….pretty pathetic.

    • Bruja


      These are all very valid questions.

  • AshleyBlack

    Why is she wanting people to look at her daughters butt cheeks?

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Exactly what I thought. If she wanted to post that of herself whatever but not of your little girl!

      • AshleyBlack

        I was so afraid to post this because “sexualizing a child” but I found it highly Inappropriate. Heck, I make my daughter wear shorts under her skirts & a tank top under he shirts, just in case and she’s four.

        • Bruja

          I thought the same thing as you, and I’m not one who flips out over bikini’s for kids at the pool, etc. If done right, they can be adorable.

          Sight seeing like this. Umm. No. Hell. No.
          Posting this online for someone from Pedo-Nation (yeah, I’m looking straight at you, Josh Duggar) to gawk at? Phuck no.

          Farrah is twisted and she’s doing damage to this kid.

          • TEECVTDPJ

            “Sight seeing like this. Umm. No. Hell. No.
            Posting this online for someone from Pedo-Nation”
            This! If they were safe at home, with no cameras or pictures being posted it MAY be different. It’s like she is trying to put a big target on this child 🙁 Just the thought of someone ‘using’ this picture as material makes me want to vomit.

        • Caty P. :)

          And I’ll bet your daughter looks both adorable and appropriately dressed! 🙂 It sounds like your instinct as a mom is spot-on. Very sorry we live in a world where you have to even think about pervs tho :/

    • DanaD

      I was thinking the exact same thing and the caption only helps draw attention to their “buns.” Almost feels like she is grooming Sophia.

  • Ashley

    Of course Michael is holding all of the bags (the last photo).

  • barbinop

    The whole family is disgusting. The good doc better rethink the whole marriage deal before going through with it. Who let’s their young daughter purposely walk around with her butt cheeks showing. Not to mention allowing her picture to be taken like that intentionally.

  • truckproductions

    ew.. seriously this woman should not have kids.

  • DoogieHowser

    It is horribly wrong to go out of your way to sexualize your grade school kid, especially in such a public way.

    Why does Farrah look photoshopped into all of her pictures but the last one?

  • Kitten

    Farrah is the grossest. It’s not even just the way she dresses. It’s her overall demeanor. Trash.

  • Mothership3

    This poor girl is going to be so damaged mentally as an adult.. smh

  • sahali735

    Who, exactly, home schools the child?? It certainly can’t be Farrah…she doesn’t even have a room temperature IQ.

    • jamorgan6

      Room temperature being in Celcius of course.