MY 600 LB LIFE Steven Assanti update on feud with Justin, pet neglect accusations

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It seems there’s still no love lost between the Assanti brothers of My 600 Lb Life fame. The last time we had a Steven Assanti update, the controversial participant was feeling good, looking like he’d lost a considerable amount of weight, and surprising at least some of his former detractors with a more upbeat outlook than viewers were used to seeing from him. Since then, though, Steven has scrubbed his Facebook page of most of its former content–and some of his most recent replacement posts have drawn a mix of ire and incredulity from Steven’s brother Justin.

For starters, Justin rolled his eyes publicly at an anti-bullying message that Steven shared earlier this summer. For now, you can view the original here; we’ve copied and pasted the photo and text as a hedge against the possibility that Steven deletes most of his page again:

Steven Assanti update 2

Keep reaching for your goals and you will achieve them. Don’t ever let bully’s get to you walk all over them and continue on your path to success in life. You can do anything you put your mind too.. if your don’t have motivation FIND IT manifest whatever it is you want in your life, whatever it is you want to achieve and you will get it. Hard work pays off and one more thing, if you can dream it, you can live it, so keep reaching for the stars my friends.?

Judging by the update’s comments, most of the people who bothered to reply are fans of Steven’s and continue to wish him well. A sizeable minority, though, called him out for his treatment of Justin, and pointed out the irony of Steven spreading any anti-bullying message. Which is exactly what one My 600 Lb Life fan said when sharing the Steven Assanti update on Reddit–a share that actually got a response from Justin himself. When one commenter suggested that “part of being a recovering addict is making amends to the people you hurt,” and hoped that Steven had “apologized to his dad, brother, Princess, nurses[,] and doctors at the hospital,” Justin stepped in to say that “[Steven’s] apology in part 2 was forced and I didn’t care.”

That Reddit thread also opened up a new front in the Assanti brothers’ ongoing feud. Another commenter offered that “at least it appears that Cupcake [Steven’s feline companion] is doing OK,” Justin again stepped in to suggest that Steven had been guilty of malnourishing the cat–and of generally neglectful ownership. Cupcake looks better, Justin asserted, “because the last time [he] was in Texas,” a friend of his who “knows about animals” and has a daughter who’s a “vet in training…brought Cupcake the proper food.

“[Cupcake] was missing some vitamins she that would have gotten outside,” Justin went on. “But because she is an indoor cat she was malnourished.”

Steven never directly responded to Justin’s accusations. A few days after Justin made them, though, Steven shared the following Cupcake-update (or “Cupdate,” if you like):

The most recent Steven Assanti update involving Justin came earlier this week, when Justin again took to Reddit to comment on a screencap from a video Steven had just shared. The Redditor who uploaded the image said Steven was “off his rocker again”; Justin’s response, which quickly became the most upvoted in the thread, was simply “Nothing new.”

Steven has since deleted the video whence the screencap came (though the image is still at the top of the Reddit thread). So the ball, it would seem, is back in Steven’s court. But he seems more devoted to sharing healthy recipes and / or photos of the healthy meals he’s having every day than engaging with Justin–for at least the time being.

(Photo credits: Steven Assanti update via Facebook)

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  • pmo

    #1 disgusting pig ever on the show.

  • DeeDeDee

    Yea. This guy’s attitude screams sociopath. If he could walk downstairs, he’d have body parts in a freezer. So check in the mini-fridge next to his bed. They’re probably in there.

    • Tina

      Thank you….thats EXACTLY WHAT HE IS….A SOCIOPATH…%100. He his narcotic and he has the addictions and has his head stuck up his own ass.

    • Rebecca Bee


  • Charla

    Something is wrong with both of the brothers. Steven is just more vocal. ??‍♀️

    • TheLulzyHunter

      Justin is clearly mentally scarred. He and his dad say that Steven made his life miserable all the time Steven was there. He seems distant and withdrawn……

    • Tina

      But Steven is a big baby and his actions are going to kill his poor father. Ì pity that man.

      • Jackie

        Yes I agree I pity him too. Steven needs Suboxone. Maybe it will help him.

        • Jackie

          Never mind That don’t help. WTF? He’s awful! Really awful!

          • Tina

            He is awful.

        • Tina

          He had the suboxone but he used the whole bottle. You cannot give addicts control over a narcotic and expect them to not use the whole thing unless they have been in treatment which he hasn’t. And his father God love him was enabling him because he couldn’t stand the torment the guy was putting him through. Ì did the math after the doc read out all his pills he was taking approximately 76 pain killers a day. His tolerance was off the charts. Ì have councelled drug addicts. It’s going to be a long time before he stars to feel normal. But he needs psychiatric help. No amount of weight loss will make him stop being a PRICK. I have never ever wanted to punch someone in the face while they were crying..except him.

  • Melonie Dawn Riggs

    Yes Steven has lost weight. And show cooking receipe. But why isn’t it post about the videos he made about two weeks ago? Talking non sense. Saying he on drugs. As for the receipes how can he afford organic food. Have different dishes. And counter top. Being on food stamps? He want to make videos all the time. Why not video him cooking? It because he screen shot the pictures.
    He may not be overweight. Does not change him on the inside.
    I found videos that surprise me. Why he even got fans
    Talking about black people. Talking about God and ripping the bible.
    Talking how he eats bm.
    Neighbor left note on his door to wash your ads.
    State needs to get power of attorney over him and have him mental evaluated. If he keeps on making hate videos. People are going to send him death threats

  • terrance

    Steven was the most frightening person i have ever had an opportunity to watch carefully. He will never change and will die as miserably as he lived. His Father needs to stop enabling him and needs to move away from Steven with no phone number or forwarding address given to Steven. If his brother has any brains he would do the same.

  • Sandi Pulk

    Obviously there was trauma in their childhood regarding their mother. My guess is there was abuse of some sort. That will affect children and it’s the father’s responsibility to get them the help they needed to get through it. That clearly didn’t happen and now it’s they’re responsibility to get help as adults. You can tell by looking at those boys that they are very very unhappy kids. Living with a lot of anger and issues that they really need to deal with. The sadness in their eyes is very painful and I’m sorry that they had to go through that