Jenelle Evans calls Randy Houska a fat f**k after he tweeted about her parenting skills

Jenelle Evans and Randy Houska feud on Twitter

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans filled the Twitter streets with uppercut last night after co-star Chelsea Houska’s dad Dr. Randy Houska was a bit critical of Jenelle’s parenting skills while live tweeting the new episode.

The heated exchange began (I assume) after a scene in which Jenelle and fiancé David Eason confronted her mom Barbara Evans at a restaurant where they saw her drinking from a wine glass before then driving away with Jace and his two young cousins. As you might expect, Jenelle and Babs’ discussion was at a high decibel level as Babs tried to get the three children in her vehicle to leave.

“It is good to scream at each other in front of kids, it teaches them great things,” Dr. Randy tweeted. Cue: Ron Burgundy…

“Hey fat f**k,” Jenelle responded, “I am so sick of you commenting on my life. Go tend to your own family. You don’t know a f**king thing I’ve been through.” She added a middle finger emoji to round out the response.

A Twitter user responded to Jenelle by letting her know “Love you but that is unnecessary Jenelle.”

“I don’t give two sh!ts anymore,” Jenelle wrote. “Not any other parent comments about me negatively except Randy. Nothing positive, EVER.” Jenelle then explained that the heightened decibel level was thanks to Babs. “If my mom wasn’t involved then there wouldn’t be issues, anger, or tension. The love and compassion would the vibes.” She finished that tweet with the #Truth and #TeenMom2 hashtags as well as the ? emoji.

Dr. Randy didn’t respond.

Here are the visual receipts:

Jenelle Evans Randy Houska tweets

Jenelle would later delete her tweets, but one still remains that looks to be a message for Randy as well as any one else looking to offer up their constructive criticism of Jenelle’s parenting skills:

Something tells me there will be more show fans than usual keeping an eye on Dr. Randy’s Twitter account when the next episode of Teen Mom 2 airs Monday night at 9/8c on MTV!

UPDATE – Jenelle has since doubled down on her criticism of Randy in a new interview. She says he ignores Aubree and calls him a “creepy Teen Mom troll.” Click the link for all the latest!

In case you were curious, this isn’t the first time Jenelle and Randy have clashed on Twitter — you might recall the spat involving Chelsea’s website announcement that also brought Kail Lowry and Jenelle’s former manager Johnny Donovan into the fray.

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  • Loisa

    Randy was purposely stirring the pot as usual. I guess he got tired of baiting Adam and went for another easy target.

    • LoLo

      Or he’s fed up like many of us here are. He did nothing more than we are doing now.

      • Baby Hooker

        No, Randy needs to mind his damn business and stay out of the drama of women half his age. Doesn’t he have a career to tend to. Id be embarrassed if my dad was snarking about women my age and making bitchy mean girl comments on social media.

        • LoLo

          I don’t have an issue with a parent who is involved on the show & with these moms making a comment or giving advice. It’s not like he posted a comment to a random mom, that would be different. He been involved with these moms for 8 yrs. I did take it as being drama or bashing. Telling someone you know not to fight in front of the kids is not that big of a deal. He could have said much worse.

  • barbinop

    Seriously Randy???? Come on now. Why are YOU sticking your nose in something that doesn’t concern you? Grow up middle aged bullie.

    • DIDI

      Nice retort, David. But learn how to spell, please.

      • barbinop

        Excuse me teacher

    • Guest

      I actually second this. A grown-ass grandpa shouldn’t be talking trash online.

  • Lynn

    I actually agree w jenelle …Yes randy we ALL know your family is perfect..but damn..if you can’t anything Nice…don’t say anything at all. It’s getting old

    • Laura Christine

      he wasn’t mean, just saying it like it is. they were terrible with each other in front of that child. they really should be ashamed. he and heard it all at a very young age and until he got older

      • Laura Christine

        he saw and heard it all… oppps lol

    • Guest

      My thoughts exactly. He’s embarrassing himself.

      • NJJuls

        No he’s not! He’s right! SHE is the one embarrassing herself!

    • NJJuls

      He was not mean at all. He told the truth! Why is the truth such a terrible thing?

    • LoLo

      Where was he mean? Saying she shouldn’t fight in front of the kids is not being mean. She needs to start being a mother & stop behaving like a brat in front of the kids. She’s such a bad example of what not to do as a mother.

  • cali

    Janelle needs to learn to be passive aggressive like Randy, lashing out like that just makes her look crazy.

  • Laura Christine

    Sorry but there was wayyyyy too much yelling and cursing between her and her Mom in front of that child!!! I could not believe the way they yelled in front of him!!! Then they wonder why he would go to school and hit other kids, well there ya go.

  • Laura Christine

    she needs an outsider to tell her how horrible it was to yell and curse at each other in front of Jace!! it was despicable

  • Laura Christine

    im not even upset she was a heroin addict. you should not scream like the way they did and curse in front of very young children!! duhhhhh any dummy should know that lol

  • LA79

    Jenelle = films a TV show, acts like a nasty b*tch to anyone who comments on it. Logical.

    Also, if I was Chelsea, I would be DONE with her.

  • joaniepoo

    that poor kid is going to be so f’cked up with all the bullshit between those two he’ll be on drugs or worse by the time he’s 14. this is all televised. i cant believe no one has stepped in to get that kid out of this situation

  • sysmjp

    Randy obviously has child rearing skills above and beyond both Jenelle and Babs. They both need to listen and take notes.

  • TA

    I’m tired of these girls claiming nobody knows anything about their lives, and for everyone to mind their own business.
    You sign a contract season after season to let cameras film your life for a reality TV show. If you don’t want anyone commenting about your life, get a real job and get off TV. It’s pretty simple.
    And after that exchange, all 3 of those adults should have been arrested and charged with child abuse.

  • Aussie cathie

    If she spent more time being a mother to Jace instead of satisfying her vagina she wouldn’t be in the situation she is in !! Selfish cow !!

  • bree7702

    Your family is everyone’s business dumbass. That’s how you make your living and it’s given you a nice life. How about you don’t make an ass out of yourself while being filmed and no one would see what a disaster you are and comment on it.

  • TinaBelchersGroan

    Don’t get pissed with Randy for simply stating the truth ??‍♀️ You’ve put it all out there Jenelle. No one else. Yourself is all you have to blame.

  • FatFckFan

    I agree with the fat f!ck. Jenelle is beyond immature and I’m to the point that I don’t think Babs is any better. its no wonder Jase has anger issues.

  • Jenelle Nellz

    David Eason is a disgusting low life ! No one likes him or Jenelle ! They both looked like shit at the VMAs! He is so ugly that I want to puke whenever I see him ! I hope Randy Houska beats Davids ass at the Reunion!

  • Shaina Destine

    I’m still trying to understand under what circumstances Jenelle, with her past issues, feels its ok to check Babs for drinking wine with her dinner. The levels of irony are ridiculous.

    • HLB

      WAY ridiculous. If you look up IRONY in dictionary -its this

  • Ali.P

    Jenelle is a miserable being so whether Barbara was around or not her life would be a dramatic, miserable crap show. However, randy is an insufferable, immature moron. He thinks that he is above everyone else. I’ve read more than a few times that he and Chelsea are snobby to fans, wait staff, etc and I can totally see that just from watching them on the show.

  • savannah

    Duh-Nelle…not only do you film your life for a TV show, you give us all a play by play of all the behind the scenes drama with screen shots, Twitter posts and FB rants…so, yeah, we do know about your life as you seem to make it your life’s mission to tell it all to the world. Maybe spend your MTV money on taking a parenting course, thank your Mom for raising your child while you’re busy popping out more you can’t seem to manage. Truth hurts.

  • Lauren

    And this is Jenelle’s problem. She shows no respect to older adults & instead of ignoring it she goes on Twitter & has a temper tantrum. It’s not like Randy is lying. Both Babs & Jenelle are screwing up Jace with all their fighting & yelling. Poor Jace with the family he was born into. He deserves so much better. I kinda want Chelsea to rip into Jenelle for talking about her dad like that but she has class.

  • truckproductions

    she’s delusional if she thinks her mother is the only reason she’s incapable of handling herself as a human/parent. The problems are inside her, not external. she needs years of long term talk therapy. she loves pointing the finger at everyone but herself

    • LoLo

      Every time Kaiser cries she yells at him or calls David. We never see her play with him, read to him or try to calm him down. She likes the idea of family & kids but doesn’t really seem to care about the actual parenting part. Giving kids video games or 4 wheelers is not parenting. Hell, she was planning her vacation without the kids right before the last baby was even born. Most mothers (myself included) never want to leave their newborn.

  • Wendy

    Umm her mom is the problem??

    If she is such a good mother then why can’t she handle Kaiser?
    This girl is never the problem *eye roll* and Babs obviously is getting to old to handle young kids anymore but she rather keep Jace then hand him over to her good for nothing daughter
    They’re both a hot mess

    • LoLo

      Bab’s is a mess but is the better of the 2 for Jace. If she kept Jace away from Jenelle he might be more stable. But, as she’s said in the past she wonders what damage it would cause to keep him out of her life completely. She’s stuck in a hard spot. No matter what happens she loves Jenelle & always will. Jenelle knows this & knows she can abuse her & that Barb will still be there at the end. She wants what is best for Jace & she knows Jenelle is not it as long as she chooses losers over her kids.

      I bet if the court told her she could have Jace back if she dumped David she would choose David over Jace.

  • theStevieJBus

    I can’t believe I’m doing this but I’m with Janelle on this one. Randy has no right to judge Janelle. Chelsea has her own set of issues, like taking 5 years to get a GED, or Aubrey not being able to read till this year. Janelle was able to graduate high school and Jace doesn’t know seem behind like Aubrey does even given his chaotic upbringing.

    • LoLo

      Chelsea never lost custody, was never arrested, never in jail, didn’t have more kids with 2 guys who don’t have custody of their other children. There really isn’t a comparison here. Jenelle (not Janelle) has done nothing but spit out kids with losers. Buying a house does not make you a mom. I don’t understand what “Jace doesn’t know seem behind” means. If Aubrey has learning issues that’s nothing to make fun of or blame a mother for. Plenty of kids are slow readers & she’s doing well in school so I don’t see that point.

  • FYO

    Regarding Jenelle… When you’re a paid cast member of a reality tv show, you are choosing to put yourself on display to the world. Judgment by others comes with the territory. Deal with it or stop signing up to have your life filmed for public consumption.

    Regarding Randy… Him criticizing Jenelle on social media is technically no different than what I am doing right now to the both of them. However, because Jenelle obviously reads what Randy posts online, it would be a lot more mature of him to offer encouragement to better herself rather than bashing her. A lot of people look at Randy as kind of a d*ckish bully when he goes after these young girls and I’m honestly not inclinced to disagree at times.

    • LoLo

      Where did he bash her?

  • LoLo

    She’s on a reality show & makes her living off of her life being our business. I’m not a fan of Randy but he’s 100% right. Jenelle never looks at herself & what she’s done & continues to do. She blames everything on everyone. We’ve heard her for years say how she wants Jace back but does nothing to make it happen. Getting a house & going a year without being arrested does not make you a good mom.

    The fact that she fought like that in front of Jace & the other kids was sad & sick to watch. She said she wants Jace back before his childhood is screwed up. Does she not even know he’s 8 & his childhood is already screwed up because of her?