Jeremiah Raber kicks Carmela out, marriage is officially over

Jeremiah Raber Carmela Raber divorce

It’s officially over between Return To Amish couple Jeremiah Raber and Carmela Raber. Jeremiah posted a video today in which he reveals that he “finally got smart” and kicked Carmela out, ending a tumultuous 15-month marriage that included Jeremiah’s domestic violence arrest in April and numerous public scuffles on social media.

Jeremiah live streamed the announcement on Periscope in a video he titled “I finally did it.”

“I finally, finally got smart,” Jeremiah says at the beginning of the video. “I will no longer be told that I cannot have Periscope, I cannot have Peeks, Instagram, Snapchat, my fan page — AND, you will not disrespect my kids,” he continues emphatically. “As of today, half an hour ago, I am single as f**k. I told her to get the f**k out of the house. I’m done with her! No more! We’re going through a divorce, I’m proud to say. I stood up and kicked her out. I can no longer deal with it.”

Jeremiah Raber divorced single

Jeremiah then brings up his arrest. “As far as this court sh!t, where me laying my hands on her? A lot of that was — well, I mean some of it was — I was wrong for doing some of it, but some of it was not true…I have pictures, I have video of her hitting me. I have pictures of her destroying the house. I never put it out there. There’s a lot of sh!t that I did not put out.”

Jeremiah also goes into how Carmela has claimed he is no good with finances and that he is blowing his money on lottery tickets. Jeremiah explains that he is the one with the money and he shares a couple stories of how Carmela is the one who is careless with money — including her most recent car trip from Washington state to Florida with her kid, which cost $1,100 dollars (according to Jeremiah).

According to Jeremiah, Carmela arrived back in Florida eight days ago, and during the time that she was back she left twice. That was before Jeremiah kicked her out.

There is some more discussion about Carmela’s $11,000 engagement ring, the couple’s other property currently listed for sale at $25,000, and their 35-foot camper. You’ll have to watch the video for all of that.

Amazingly, Carmela has not posted anything on social media in response to Jeremiah’s video. I’m guessing it is only a matter of time before we get her side of the story, so stay tuned.

UPDATE – Here is Carmela’s response from Facebook:

I’m hurt no lies but I will never put myself through what I’ve been through these few years..
It was a living nightmare.
I lost everything my home my belongings, my self esteem, I wanted a family I wanted to grow old with someone..
I did the best I could and my self esteem got so low as it was beat out of me.. I will no longer speak in the past but move forward because remembering is so painful and why relive it.
I’ve even had to lie to cover stuff up and smiled through the pain and when people ask me how I am, I hope god forgives me..
I’ve watched everything that I worked hard for be burned, broken, ripped, sold..
Even my body???

I feel so beyond tired but will try my best to get back my strength.. Thank you for praying for me and my family.
I will no longer talk about this situation because there is no point..

More from Carmela:

I treated those kids how I’d want mine treated.. took them on walks, made them meals, did their hair, made sure they got showers all the while daddy is on his phone doing His thing. I did ask him to put his phone down because I just assumed most people would want to spend every minute with their kids since they barely see them. The 600 dollars he spent at Walmart he failed to mention he bought himself a generator and we got clothes for the kids and food for the house so I can make actual meals instead of kids fending for themselves.

I don’t like traveling long distance trips with kids in the car with jer because if I make wrong turns he yells at me and calls me names .. last time he yelled go die you c*nt b!tch.. and when I don’t listen to how he wants me to drive out of nowhere he puts it in neutral.. so scary! I just don’t want to deal with that I don’t want the kids to hear that either.

I was so happy to have the kids come there I can’t get over him saying that I didn’t want the kids there I just wanted to fix the house that is all I wanted the kids to come and be proud.

The tv was mine that That I bought I had two tvs the other he kicked and broke like everything else I owned, I did take the tv because I spent it all with him to fix our home. And I have no money to get back to my home state. I did put a lock on my phone because jeremiah erased all my kids pictures and our convo history between us. He’s done it many times and erased my boys fathers pictures who is dead now. I had nothing to hide.. I was completely faithful and I truly loved and love him not sure why because I know he didn’t love me.. he wanted me to buy the property and belittle and break me down so I either not make it or do whatever he wants so I get peace.

I’m so upset with him saying I disrespected his kids.. I could say way more but I’m not as I’m f**king tired of the games and manipulation and lies..

Carmela also posted the lyrics video for the song “Bed of Lies” by Nicki Minaj (featuring Skylar Grey)

Carmela’s son Malachi commented on the Nicki Minaj video by writing “So what jeremiah raber is saying is that his kids not getting a phone call is mental abuse but me waking up to jeremiah raber yelling and strangling my mom isnt, than i dont know what that is.”

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  • DVM

    Some stars just burn too bright *sarcasm*

  • Alisson Leech

    They will be back together in a matter of days.

  • Tammy McKee

    Good luck

  • Trash TV

    Ah no, she gave up, she gave him the keys to the house and left. A lot of her money was in that house. I think getting rid of him would be more important to me than money too so I can’t blame her.
    Poor kids stuck between always lying Jer (never his fault) and.. I don’t know for sure what she is like.
    I’m afraid we will hear more about his kids later. I hope CPS is on him like bees on honey to make sure his kids are safe and well cared for. The need to stay on it for years, he is really good at pretending.

    • pmo

      she came from some sheltered religious cult, but not amish.

    • therealevilqueen

      I’m surprised he was ever allowed unsupervised visits with his kids to begin with considering his history. Now one of Carmela’s son is speaking up on what he saw. I seriously hope CPS is keeping an eye on him as well because he is beyond delusional on what is abuse or not and why it has happened. He seems to have an excuse for everything that happens and why he behaves as he does…which is of course NEVER his fault. SMH Hopefully they are done for good. To bad though he still has people praising his every move and not seeing the truth that this guy is nothing but scum and will abuse anyone he feels like that is in his life.
      That screenshot from his video. LMAO It brings out the crazy in his face.

  • ????

    The marriage has been “officially over” several times before, so how do we know this is the official official time and they aren’t going to get back together in a continuous loop of toxic relationship?

  • Shaunna Weber

    Hot Mess part of 2, your table is ready.

  • pmo

    who is the next lucky lady to get her a z z beat?

  • Trash TV

    Horrible, what her son has to say.
    I applaud her for her decision to not talk about it anymore and try to leave this behind her.
    Jeremy is a manipulative lying douche and a violent one.
    I wasn’t there in their home, I don’t know who is telling the truth about the abuse. However, since I watched his behavior on the show, I am very easily persuaded he used his hands.

  • tina

    sorry they are both messed up and her ring was no where close to 10 grand

  • discoatnine

    Wow. The sons comment really bothers me. I have never liked Jeremiah ever since the very first episode of that stupid show and now I wish I could strangle him myself. Mostly I’d like to smack that smug ass look off his face in that picture.

  • Melody Lema

    This is as phony as the show. As a parent, I would never allow my child to get involved in their adult issues. I can see her behind the steering wheel of her van, ranting and raving as they drive done the strret. Thank goodness that she never had his child! Meanwhile, Jeremy is ranting and raving to anyone and everyome who will losten about their problems, especially his children. Dont hold your breath, this maybe just fodder for the next season. Rebecca is the most together of the group, besides the New York fashion designer. But she is no longer on the show.