BOTCHED’s Martina BIG transitions to a black woman

Martina Adam aka Martina BIG is now a black woman

On this season of Botched, viewers met Germany’s Martina Adam (aka Martina BIG). At the time that she visited Dr. Paul and Dr. Terry, Martina had the largest breast implants in Europe, and she was looking for the booty to match. It appears that grabbing attention via implants has gotten a bit blasΓ© for Martina, though, as her most recent headline-grabbing transformation is her transition from a white woman to a black woman.

Here is a video of the good docs meeting Martina and her boyfriend for the first time. The encounter defies description:

At the time of the video, Martina had 3,700cc in each breast — I think that number has since increased to 4,750cc each. But HUGE boobs are so boring, let’s get back to her racial transition!

Judging from her Facebook timeline, the transformation began as merely tanning — but eventually Martina decided that she wanted to become a black woman. In a lengthy post explaining the process, Martina reveals that the notion of a complete transformation came about when she donned a black wig over her signature blonde hair. She also wants us to know that she will use the media attention she receives to bring awareness to the fact that “there are still very many people who see coloured people as bad people or second-class people.”

From Martina on April 30 (full post included in the timeline below):

A lot of my fans wrote to me: “I really like your new look. However, your light blonde hair does not fit at all.” At first, I did not believe my fans. But then I bought myself a black wig, with African curls. With the wig I took a photo shoot. When I saw the photos, I was just excited because it fits so perfectly to my new look πŸ™‚ And it makes me very happy to be a black woman πŸ™‚

Therefore, I will support my body in the transformation πŸ™‚ I will stop bleaching my hair, but colouring back to the black original colour. Furthermore, I want to have little African curls in my hair. Also the other physical characteristics of a black woman I would like to take, such as larger lips and larger buttocks πŸ™‚

BOTCHED Martina BIG is transitioning into a black woman

I’m now very happy and excited because of my changes πŸ™‚

Of course, I also noticed the changed reactions of the people, such as the suspicious looks of the people on the street. Unfortunately, there are still very many people who see coloured people as bad people or second-class people.

This is absolutely unfair! But dismantling such deep-rooted prejudices is not easy.
But I will definitely use the media attention, which I have at the time, to point out these grievances. Of course, I can not make miracles, but perhaps I can at least build a bridge between white and black people. I think every human should try to make the world a little better by his life!

It’s good to know the bridge between white and black people is currently under construction! Thanks Martina! (How long before she changes her name to Martina Luther King?)

But enough from me. I will let Martina her tell her own story with a series of photos, videos, and written posts from her Facebook page over the last few months:

H/T Daily Dot and The Root

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  • kate

    I can’t

  • Stacey J

    Wow….as someone who was born black and doesn’t get to don her skin color as a fashion accessory…I can’t even find the words to describe how crazy and offensive this is.

    • FYO

      There’s nothing stopping you from changing your skin color. Melanin production, the thing responsible for your skin color, can be increased or decreased simply by taking medication.

      Do you prefer someone like this mental case increasing her melanin, or someone like Iggy Azalea who only wants to be as black as it takes to sell her rap music and fake persona?

      • FR

        That’s not entirely true. Melanin blockers such as hydroquinone have serious side effects in certain populations, especially people from African origin (it’s genetic). The side effect is actually a blackening of the skin and other really bad things. Some people can safely lighten, but not to the extent this woman darkened herself and certainly not “simply by taking medication”. It’s not really that safe or simple.

        • FYO

          Altering your natural body chemistry is never “safe”. There is always risk and there is always a segment of people who suffer bad reactions. Aside of that, yes a black person can lighten/whiten their skin pigment to the same extent she darkened hers. And yes it can be done “simply by taking medication”. The aforementioned risks don’t change those facts.

      • Stacey J

        I prefer neither – skin color is not an accessory and this discussion totally misses my larger point.

        • FYO

          Skin color is merely that and it’s fairly easily manipulated. A natural white woman can take on a black appearance. A natural black woman can take on a white appearance. For this mentally crippled woman, this is about appearance, nothing more. So what is your larger point? That for people born black, and choose to remain that way, life is hard or unfair or something? If so, that’s not the subject matter.

    • Mihaela Radu

      Idiocracy. Circus.

  • Yikess

    I’m not black, and I’m offended. This lady needs a different type of surgery, like a brain transplant.

    • FYO

      Same question I asked FrontDoorMom, are you offended when black people bleach their skin white?

      • Yikes

        I’m offended by the way she describes black people, not all black people have big lips,big butts and big breast. Just like, not all white people are blonde with blue eyes.

        • FYO

          So it’s not that she’s controlling her skin pigment, it’s her stereotypical description of a black person. Gotcha. I would propose not investing in what stereotypes people observe. Like you pointed out, no group of people can be completely defined by stereotypes.

    • Mihaela Radu

      I hope u feel offended at the way Lil’ Kim and Tiny Harris look nowadays. Lets say the truth: self hating black women.

  • FrontDoorMom

    I am offended and im not even black.

    • FYO

      Are you offended when black people bleach their skin white?

      • Guest


  • jeff

    People were staring at her in the streets and she wants to play the race card? Jesus, woman, they’re looking at you because you’re a freak show.

    This woman needs mental help, not surgeries.

  • Jen

    Lol @ those getting offended by someone with an obvious mental-health disorder. Lol. What a way to live! Snowflake triggering/nasty reply in 3…2…1…

    • jeff

      There’s nothing more cringy than someone who accuses people on the internet of being overly-sensitive in advance. Like you think if you say something like that it negates any one else’s reply. Lol, Dude, it only makes you seem like you’re the special snowflaik who can’t take an inch of critism by getting pre-offended by something that hasn’t even happened yet.

      • FYO

        I agree with Jen. Far too many people act hyper-sensitive these days. For some nonsensical reason, people feel the need to be `politically correct` with everything they do and say in public. To acknowledge the expectation that some people are going to be butthurt is not “cringy”, it’s simply an observation of reality. Jen doesn’t come off like a snowflake at all, but you sure do. And by doing so you validate the very claim you dislike.

  • twelfthnight

    The last photo… she looks like a blackface ‘black mammy’ stereotype…

    I don’t find her particularly offensive. She’s just clearly crazy and delusional and needs some help.

  • FYO

    I don’t find what she is doing as offensive. Dumb, yes, but worth getting upset over? No. She’s just a kook treating her skin color like a trend. Taking a prescription to increase your own melanin production is no more offensive than blacks who do the same to decrease theirs for lighter & whiter skin.

    If `you’re` set on being “offended”, I recommend Rachel Dolezal.. Oh sorry, I meant to say Nkechi Amare Diallo, her new `African` name.

    • Mihaela Radu

      Perhaps she drank water after Dolezal, hence her “black” mindset.

  • ImBackBeaches

    Now, to top this we need to see a white man transition to a black female! Lol. She should do it before that idea gets taken. And I dont think people were staring at her b/c of her skin color. Im pretty sure it was those HUGE ta-tas!!! And the fact that she looks like a freak… & white! I could care less that she wants to be black. Heck, men become women & vice versa. Who cares!? They’re all in need of mental help.

  • DanaD

    I love how she keeps saying she’s “black” now. You’re not black sweetie. Not when you can choose to go back to being pale and blonde when the media grows tired of current stunt. If her husband loved her he would admit her to a mental hospital.

    • FYO

      Appearance-wise, she is what’s considered “black”, and something tells me she never wanted to her `blackness` to be more than skin deep. And, naturally dark people can take medication to control their melanin production to become lighter/whiter, just like she did to become darker. You, DanaD, can become a white woman by appearance, all you need is the right prescription.

      • DanaD

        I’m sorry but skin colour doesn’t define your race. Sure I can lighten my skin but I’m still black. Just as man or woman can change genders the insides such as a prostate gland show your real gender. I respect and believe transgender people are born in the wrong body and will use whatever pronoun they choose to be indentified as but this is ridiculous. She has a mental problem and needs help. Besides she looks more like tan mom than a black woman.

        • FYO

          Race has nothing to do with any of this so I’m not sure why you’re bringing it up. It seems this is nothing more than a surface appearance thing for this lady. Skin color denotes nothing more than simply that. It’s not about altering her racial identity.

          • S.B.

            She said repeatedly in an TV interview that she’s wants to visit different parts of Africa to learn the culture of black people so that she can identify more. Its more than skin deep. She wants the whole experience. Even though this is old you can check it out on YouTube. It is on a show called “This Morning”. Type in Martina Big.

  • Guest

    Mental illness certainly comes in all shapes and colors.

  • ImBackBeaches

    I posted earlier. Wat happened to my post????

  • Eddie

    White or black, she’s still hideous.

  • Mihaela Radu

    Of course shes nuts, but heres a very simple and logic truth: a race will never be another. No matter how many sick ideologies will try, they will fail. Blacks will never be white and whites will never be black.

  • Mihaela Radu

    Shes an offence to the human race, skin color is irrelevant.