We’re flipping out over Jeff Lewis’ adorable daughter


Well hello there Miss Monroe!

Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis, and his partner Gage Edward, are in the process of undertaking the most important project of their lives. Her name is Monroe Christine and we can see how she has both dads wrapped around her tiny finger!

Here’s Monroe and her doting dad on the cover of parentingOC:


Jeff welcomed his daughter 7 months ago, and now he says everything about his life is centered around her. “I’m obsessed. I used to be very Jeff-centric, now it is all about Monroe. And I love it that way,” the Bravolebrity told parentingOC.

I think we should avoid sugar.

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Lewis also reflected on his success and how he hopes that Monroe might be able to have the same kind of career satisfaction one day. “I grew up trailing my dad on the job. I expect Monroe will be doing the same thing. It would be great if she wanted to be a designer or developer, but I want her to choose her own path. I just hope that Monroe is as lucky as I am, in that I was able to make my hobby my career. I would love for her to have that same amazing life. Because it doesn’t feel like work to me,” he said.

My new intern.

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For anyone who assumes that Jeff and Gage are just handing off their parenting responsibility to a nanny, he made it clear that’s not the case:

“I didn’t go through all this and wait all this time just to pass off my baby to a nanny. I love walking in the room and have my kid look at me and smile and recognize me and be happy that I appeared. I’m fortunate that I have my own business and can structure it in a way where I can do both. There are people out there that do not have those options, so I’m certainly going to take advantage of it. The flip side is that we do have a business that requires a lot of my time. But that’s simply not working for me anymore. I can’t choose a job because it creatively inspires me or I want to work with some celebrity. I used to do it all, but what’s important to me now is Monroe.”

Oh yeah, in case you missed it, here’s what Monroe’s digs look like courtesy of her interior designer dad:

All we need now is the baby. #40weeks #babycountdown #babywatch2016 #hurryupalready

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Bravo has verified that Flipping Out has been renewed for a 10th season.

Top Photo: parentingOC

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  • melinehclassy

    I met him at my lighting showroom and he was very nice; his entire team is super professional and sweet.

  • DIDI

    Adorable baby! I am so happy for him. I hope that Frederik from MDLNY finds the same happiness.

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  • Che

    Ooommmmg. So adorable…. she reminds me of his ex baby. I’m sure jeff will be an amazing dad. Although those tables aren’t baby proof.

    • Nancyann

      Square edges aren’t the best when she starts running. Just a thought….

      • LoLo

        I’m sure he will remove them when she becomes more mobile. This was for a photo.

        • Nancyann

          You’re absolutely right! He probably will. You can tell they both adore that baby girl and she’s such a cutie! Hugs

  • LoLo

    She’s adorable. I for sure see Jeff in her.