Dave Turin quits Gold Rush, says he ‘can’t work with disrespect’

Dave Turin quits Gold Rush

Gold Rush‘s Todd Hoffman crew had a frustrating mining season, culminating in an epic, fist-throwing man brawl. It appears that the animosity and frustration was the last straw for Todd’s right hand man as Dave Turin has announced he is leaving the show.

Dave made the announcement to fans on Facebook:

I want to take the time to say thank you to all you true fans, especially those that have written me with encouraging, kind words. It’s definitely not how I had expected my run with Gold Rush to end, but it is clear to me that it is time to move on. I have some new opportunities, so you just might see me in the future – God willing. Keep the positive posts coming my way, they really mean a lot to me. God bless you and yours, Dozer Dave

The announcement inspired more than a thousand comments, with most wishing Dave well, and many wanting to know more about his reason for leaving as well as more details about what his plans are moving forward. The always gracious and appreciative Dave responded to LOTS of the comments, and I scrolled through to gather up those in which Dave’s responses offered some insight into his future and why he decided to leave Gold Rush.

We will start with questions about his departure, which all seems to stem from Dave’s unwillingness to work with the punch-loving Trey:

COMMENTER: How come your time on Gold Rush has come to an end?

DAVE: Can’t work with someone that uses his fist rather than words. It’s time for me to move on.

COMMENTER: Sounds like he was leaving the show anyway . Probably a staged fight.

DAVE: Nope, I enjoyed what I was doing, but no amount of money or gold is worth working with a disrespectful crew member. Time for me to move on and put this behind me.

COMMENTER: The ending of the show is just a cliffhanger. He will be back at some point. To much money to give up. Show just teases us till next season.

DAVE: Nope, can’t work with disrespect, never worth any amount of money. It’s time to move on.

COMMENTER: Hey Dave, I watch the show frequently and I’m pretty upset about you leaving… can’t you sit down and negotiate? I know I speak for many Americans when I say that you inspired us. We want to see you get the big gold and succeed, you can’t leave in the middle of trying.. tell the hoffmanns it’s you or Trey.

DAVE: I’ve already done the negotiating – and Trey is staying, so I am moving on. I will find a new adventure. Thanks for your support and God bless you buddy.

COMMENTER: Dave, it looked from the show that you actually started that fight, but maybe the show portrayed it incorrectly? Anyways, it looked like you and the guys had put it behind you pretty quickly and moved on…There wasn’t really an indication after the show that you were leaving? What happened?

DAVE: Watch the last episode, it explains. The one called War and Peace. I am leaving the show. Not sure what’s ahead but I know God’s got my back…and my future.

Dave sparked the hope among some fans that he night return to Gold Rush with his own crew after he posted this next photo with Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra:

Dave Turin Freddy Dodge Juan Ibarra

But alas, the “Dave Turin Crew” is not to be.

COMMENTER: So are you 3 going mining together next season on your own?

DAVE: No, just tagging these good men and the great companies they represent.

COMMENTER: Get your own crew & claim . . No reason why there can’t be another crew and mine added to this show. . It’s truly getting boring anyway with the same three mines followed. It’s time for another facet to be cut in this diamond ! ! ! Anyone else agree please reply to my comment! ! !

DAVE: It’s not going to happen as far as the show goes.

So if Dave Turin is not returning to Gold Rush, what are his plans? He drops a few hints, including the potential of being a mining consultant and the possibility of working with Mike Rowe!

COMMENTER: What about consultant for new miners?

DAVE: I’ve thought of that. Considering all my options. I want to keep doing what I love – and that involves leading men, which could mean being a consultant. We’ll see!

COMMENTER: Would like to see Dave team up with Mike Rowe and do a couple conferences or a show.

DAVE: He is a good man and I got the opportunity to meet with him last week. We do have similar passions.

COMMENTER: Hey Dave, we’ll miss you on the show, will you be working at Mt Hood Rock? Looks like a great company. Or is your future in mining?

DAVE: I don’t plan on it, but yes it’s a great company. How can it not be? – they are my 3 brothers:)

I’ve always liked Dave, and I’m excited to find out what his next project will be. Hopefully it will be something us fans can follow along with, but either way I’m sure it will be a big success — unless he partners with Todd down in South America for a Diamond Rush spin-off or something. ūüėČ

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  • Aussie cathie

    Todd Is a pig air a man who hides behind religion ….. Now leads us in prayer dad…..

    • Renato

      Religion doesn’t mean anything regarding the fact if a person has a good heart or not.
      Many mafioso are very religious.
      Many priests are ….loving children,,, the wrong way.

      Churches and religion are just a human thing. For the outside world. Ceremonial behavior.
      Have nothing to do with the higher spiritual powers.

      Watching your thoughts and thinking, this has way more effect here and ‘there’.

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  • pamorama_j

    There’s just no room for two leaders. Dave has always been unhappy not being in charge. Todd flies by the seat of his pants. Parker was right, Todd doesn’t do his due diligence before investing millions of dollars in sometimes fantasies. Dave gets understandably frustrated. It was bound to end up this way. It seemed at first Dave was to blame for the fight, but now that they showed how the other guy had baited him for months, Dave’s reaction is understandable. The other guy is sleazy. He would do stuff to Dave and smile a little smarmy, wicked smile. He knew what he was doing. Dave has an ego, but he is justified in saying it was him or the other guy. Can’t believe Todd chose the other guy.

    • Osama0bama

      Agree. Watching that recap show, that Trey guy is a scumbag. Todd is picking the wrong guy!

      • idella.shiner

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      • Renato

        Says a lot about Todd doesn’t it. It’s like a stab in the back the way Todd handled this.
        Awful guy. Has no loyalty towards a man who has done so much for him. And for such a long time.

        Dave is right leaving. And Trey… hope he’ll pick a fight with someone who doesn’t care for spending a few decades in prison. He’s a filthy scumbag .

  • Horshu

    This being reality TV, I’m guessing Dave Turin gets his own show, produced by Todd Hoffman. Hoffman is the man behind the show, and it would seem a gimme to tell Dave that there’s more money to be made by keeping Trey (whoever the hell he is…I barely recognized him) and splitting the show off, particularly since Hoffman’s doomsday prepper show never happened.

  • John Fritz

    I would LOVE to see Dave running his own Crew, however it wouldn’t be good television. If Dave Turin ran a crew there would be respect and professionalism between the moners, and they would not be kept from the gold by their own ineptness and infighting, like Todd’s crews. Not many opportunities for a full season TV show with a crew like that….

  • Michael Rocker

    At the start of this new season Todd wants to whomp on Parker by having 3 plants. From what I have seen so far it’s been a bust. Already Todd was shut down at one of the plants and was down to 2 because of a legal problem over the water. Parker on the otherhand focused on getting Ricks plant up and running while setting up Slucifer. In the end Parker hit 202 oz vs Todd with 212 using 2 plants. He needed 2 plants to produce 10 Oz more. LOSER

  • Dee-Dee DiLeo

    Dave I loved you on the show! You will be missed, they are getting shot at now,,talking about dodging a bullet. Take care Hottie

  • Jay

    The show is not the as before when you Dave was on it. I don’t feel like watching it anymore without Dave.