Sheree Whitfield shades Delta Airlines on Twitter, Southwest responds perfectly ?

Sheree Whitfield Southwest Airlines tweet check me boo

We have a contender for most shady corporate tweet of 2017 as Southwest Airlines responds to Sheree Whitfield’s beef with Delta Airlines on Twitter with Real Housewives of Atlantastic sass.

Sheree is currently during a lot of traveling while on a promotional tour for her new novel Wives, Fiancées and Side Chicks of Hotlanta, and she apparently had some issues with her recent Delta flight:

Southwest, which famously offers free checked bags, must monitor complaints against other airlines (or perhaps they are just fans of Sheree) because they were quick to respond with perfection:

As you might imagine, Sheree’s tweet and Southwest’s sure-to-be viral response had Delta scrambling:

Sheree Whitfield Delta Airlines tweet

Something tells me Sheree isn’t going to have to worry about paying for checked bags with Delta for the rest of her life.

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  • truckproductions

    It seems so entitled and melodramatic to me that one bad experience warrants someone with a following as large as sheree’s to trash them online publicly. If this were habitual maybe.. but come on.. u’ll live.

  • mission blue

    Thanks for exposing these airlines for overcharging for bags. More people should do it. Subpar Spirit and Frontier airlines are the worst

  • theStevieJBus

    LMAO @ Southwest’s response. Unfortunately for She by Shebroke she probably thinks she is too good to fly SW.