PHOTOS Jill cuts off Derick Dillard’s long hair

Derick Dillard haircut

The Duggar family is man-bunless once again! Jill and Derick Dillard are currently back in Central America on another mission trip, but prior to leaving, Jill got out the trimmer and gave her hairy hubby a SERIOUS haircut.

TLC posted a series of photos of Derick’s dehairing in which we can see pregnant Jill show off some rather impressive barber skills as Derick donned a leopard print barber cloth and made a few funny facial expressions:

Derick Dillard ponytail Derick_Dillard_haircut___2 Derick Dillard long hair cut Derick Dillard hair Jill cuts Derick Dillard's hair Derick Dillard haircut 6 Derick Dillard gets a haircut Derick Dillard haircut 2017 Derick Dillard short hair again Derick Dillard new haircut

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes that is a framed photo of a young Michelle Duggar necking with a young (and very happy) Jim Bob Duggar hanging on the wall:

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar necking

So what do you think – do you prefer Derick with long or short hair?


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  • SciLife

    Why’s he sick, though? Did they ever explain that?

    • barbinop

      He wasn’t sick. He had major dental surgery and that made it hard to eat anything except soft foods

      • SciLife

        oh ok. He looks better. Nice haircut, too.

        • Texas Girl

          Right!?! Too bad the females of the “tribe” aren’t allowed to go to college. If she does this well without any training just think what she would be able to do with the proper classes.

  • Amanda_56

    She did a pretty good job cutting his hair! They’re all so handy!

  • Beth

    He looks much better. Hoping his heath and yours stays good until you return to the U.S.A. God Bless Your Family.

  • igotplans2

    He looks great, and those Duggar girls are great barbers.

  • Aussie cathie

    Creep !! Wouldn’t trust him or his grifting missus …. Get a real job you bludgers

    • LRW

      That’s rude. A real job? So, those in ministry are lazy? My dad was a pastor for 45 years, so I take offense to that. They are far from being lazy!

      • Aussie cathie

        RUDE? What is rude is the money they grifted and stole of their brainwashed to Followeres to fund their numerous flights back and forth and to fund their lifestyles !!! Google it !! Whilst I commend your father this is not about him! I’m he is a honest hard working man , more that can be said about this disgusting family !! Would your parents sacrifice their daughters to protect a child abuser? Would your father pimp his family out ? All cut from the same cloth!! Pastor my arse!!

  • barbinop

    He looks much better with short hair

  • Stacy

    Oh dear lord THAT PICTURE!? WHY?

    • shebee

      And in the bathroom no less.

  • Brenda Partee Peterson

    Looks much better with short hair!

  • Sharon Penner

    I think his wife gave him an excellent haircut. I like both styles but I really think the short style flatters his facial lines. So I pick short. Sweet couple. I pray God blesses their sweet family❤

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Are you lost?

  • Guest

    He looked way better with long hair.

  • tina

    at first I was going to say whyyyyyyy in my best nancy kerrigan voice are they making us look at this but I have to say he looks healthier if that is possible from a haircut. I still think they are scammers, disgusting and very selfish and careless taking a pregnant woman over there

  • Alisson Leech

    That photo in their bathroom is really weird!

    • LRW

      Where else would you cut hair? In the kitchen? Seriously, come on.

      • Alisson Leech

        What does cutting hair have to do with that awkward photo of her parents in the bathroom?

      • Murphy

        Learn to read. She didn’t comment on WHERE the haircut took place

  • Pounds Delectables

    Short for sure

  • Darla Little

    Love it, looks so much better.

  • Cathy Leonard-Chase

    If he is going to thump his bible at others, he should be true to what it says himself, right? . I Corinthians 11:14. (“Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him.”)

  • Lisha Miller Montelongo

    The man bun is ok for some guys.. such as teens or early 20’s and when u have the older man thinning hair make it look like more thing going on.. however when you are in a young adult shoes still growing up taking responsibility for a family, educated, and wants to move forward with his career and life yes the new short hair cut “grown up look ” serves him well.. Even as a missionary you need to be taking seriously!

  • Tammi Doreauk Cartwright

    Yeah!!!!! He is handsome with short hair!!!

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    What the hell is with all the Duggar leg humpers on here??? Are they lost??

  • Stacey J

    Now how about that thing on his face that’s supposed to be a beard.