Tori Spelling posts then deletes bare baby bump bra photo

Deleted Tori Spelling baby bump bra photo

Tori Spelling is currently 8 months pregnant with her fifth child, and the 43-year-old reality star mom took to Instagram Sunday to share a very revealing photo of her burgeoning baby bump (above) — only to delete it shortly after.

“Just #kickinit couchside with my bump and my furboo watching the #superbowl, Tori captioned the photo, in which she can be seen relaxing on the couch in just a black bra and jeans. She added: “#SoReady #LadyGagaBUMPEDItUp2AWholeNewLevel #believe photo by my beautiful friend Xanthia #CapturingItLikeItIs”

Tori revealed back in October that she and husband Dean McDermott are curretnly expecting their fifth child, and she later revealed that she is having a boy and he is due in March.

Throughout her pregnancy, Tori has been sharing numerous baby bump pics on social media, including this one from just one week ago in which she promotes 21Bundles:

Prior to that was this #bumpproud selfie:

Pregnant Tori Spelling selfie

“Can’t wait to meet you little man… my little Pisces,” Tori captioned the photo along with the hash tags #6weekstogo #littleman and #number5.

The newest addition to the McDermott clan will join older siblings Liam, 9, Stella, 8, Hattie, 5, and Finn, 4. He will also have an older half brother, Dean’s 18-year-old son Jack from a previous marriage.

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  • Guest

    Is she having twins?

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Good lord she’s huge!

  • Noxy

    She needs to NOT have another baby.

    Ain’t they like… Dead broke?

    • Guest

      I know, right? And her older kids always look unhappy.

      • Noxy

        They all always look miserable imo.

    • barbinop

      I have to really question the fact that her and Dean aren’t broke. Its probably only for publicity. They couldn’t lead the lifestyle they do if they were truly broke.

      • Noxy

        The only income they have, to my knowledge, is from whatever idiotic reality show they’re doing at the time, and royalties from Tori’s book sales. Candy Spelling only left her like $800k and she blew through that in 2 seconds. Tori is a notorious big spender.

      • Noxy

        Also, I can definitely see the being broke claim to be a publicity stunt (much like Dean’s supposed cheating scandal)… But even if it IS that, you would think they’d be smart enough to not pop out another crotch fruit. Yanno, cuz it damn near totally goes against that claim and makes them look like hypocritical liars.

        I mean, obviously they aren’t anywhere close to totally being in the poorhouse or to the point of them needing to go apply for food stamps and section 8 and whatnot, but if they’re as broke as Tori has been saying they are for the past 75 years, you’d think that they would think thrice about getting pregnant again.

        Aside from all of that, I just think it’s incredibly selfish for -anyone- to get pregnant and have a baby past like 38. And even that is pushing it. Not even because of potential health risks to mom and baby. It just severely limits the time your child has in life with you. My mom had me at 39 (she turned 40 a few months after). I wasn’t planned. My mom’s birth control failed, but I was a very wanted and welcome surprise (my dad used to call me “Oops” as a joke nickname). Even still, I didn’t even get 30 years with my mom (I just turned 32, and my mom died 3 years ago this past Dec 11). My siblings are 10 & 12 years older than me, so I was basically raised as an only child even though my sister was pretty much the one who raised me. And given that my childhood was largely in the 90s, when home pcs and internet started becoming a thing and some other stuff, my parents really had no clue as to how to be able to relate to me. Pretty much everything I’ve learned in life, I’ve had to figure out for myself.

        I get that times are different and that my experience is probably not how it is with most children who have older parents, but still. I think it’s incredibly selfish to have a baby at such a late stage in life knowing that your overall time together is going to be cut that much shorter simply because of age.

        • GardeningGirl

          Grandma gives them money to maintain the children. So like deadbeats they are having another baby to bump up the allowance. Shameful.

        • Jojo

          Sorry about losing your mom at your age. I get it, my dad died when I was 18, and it was rough.

          • Noxy

            I’m so sorry for your loss as well! ;-; <3 Lots of love and big hugs!!

            As much as I love my mom and as hard as it was to lose her, I just cannot imagine losing my dad. He's kinda been trying to mentally prep me for it for a good amount of years now, but… There really IS no being prepared for that.

            I'm a -major- Daddy's Girl and we've always been really super tight. He's my hero and absolutely everything to me. It's no secret at all that A.) I'm my daddy's favorite and B.) He much prefers having me around over either of my older siblings. My daughter is also his favorite grandkid by far out of the 4 he has.. He loves all 3 of us kids and all of the grandkids, of course, but my daughter and I are really the only ones he genuinely -likes- and really cares about having around and being home with him for Christmas (seriously. My fiancé and I weren't able to make it to TX from NYC for the holidays this year and he was so upset he wouldn't talk to me for 2 weeks. My daughter was there, but yeah. Long story).

            Annnnd of course, I'm the one he'll be moving in with so that I can take care of him when my fiancé and I finally move back to Nashville and buy a house. My brother is a thieving, conniving, broke, drug-addled homeless (he lives in his big truck with his wife) piece of shit, and my sister is an overachieving stuck up bitch. So that leaves me. I've always promised that I would take care of him, though, ever since I was little. It makes me so ridiculously happy that I'm finally going to be able to make good on that promise and that my fiancé is totally down for all of that.

            TL;DR My dad is the best dad and I know I won't be able to handle losing him. I'm so sorry for your loss, again. <3
            (lol Im kinda tipsy. I apologize )

  • Leah’s Fidgety Legs

    She needed another baby like we need another hole in our heads

  • Chris

    She is disgusting. You can’t take care of your other kids. Muchless another one and not to mention the pig you just got. I guess you can always eat it when your mom stops paying your bills. You & Dean are pathetic and need to get real jobs, cause it’s not acting. And it’s pitiful that you are 43 and Dean is 50ish and your mom has to pay your bills. What a joke!

  • cleveland girl

    Is that a wart on her hand? Asking for a friend.

  • Aussie cathie

    Like her and Mcslimy need another kid

  • selfpotato

    Jesus woman take those implants out ready!

  • Paige Cummings

    Does she really think people care?

  • Sarah

    She gets $100,000 from Candy everytime she has a baby. It is known.