PHOTOS Barbie Ferreira models Kylie Jenner Shop THICK clothes after anger over not-so-thick models

Kylie Jenner Thick clothes Barbie Ferreira

The HUGELY successful Kylie Jenner Shop is preparing to launch new merchandise on Valentine’s Day, including a line of clothing featuring the word “THICK” repeatedly. To promote the new merch, Kylie and her team have been sharing some teaser photos of the THICK line, but many fans were quick to criticize the not-so-thick models:

Kylie Jenner Shop THICK skinny model bikini top Kylie Jenner thick Kylie Jenner Shop THICK pants

It seems Kylie and her team were listening, and earlier today they silenced the critics by posting a new batch of pictures featuring curve model Barbie Ferreira:

Kylie Jenner Thick clothes Barbie Ferreira model Barbie Ferreira Thick model Barbie Ferreira

Actually, this is 2017 and we’re talking about the internet, so of course the critics weren’t completely silenced. Here’s one of the top comments on the Facebook post with the photos of Barbie:

These pictures look horrible & out of shape. Her makeup is poorly done, the outfit isn’t accustomed to her body frame or size. This is something a smaller person would wear, all for any size person. Beauty comes in all sizes but disappointing as yesterday Jordyn’s makeup looked horrible and the light whilst her shoot was happening made her face look too illuminated- you have millions of dollars why not hire a photographer that actually knows what there doing?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh well, you can’t make everyone happy!

If you want to get yourself some THICK duds, or perhaps even a Kylie Lip Kit silk bomber’s jacket, then make sure you are online on Valentine’s Day at 3PM PST! (You can visit the Kylie Jenner Shop website for an official countdown timer.) Actually, if you are going to be in New York City, the KJS is planning to do another pop up shop there to coincide with the new merchandise launch — so keep your eyes and ears out for location and time!

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  • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    Some tacky ass shit. Really couldn’t come up with something better than THICK!!!!!!!!!!

  • FR

    It’s basic crap – junk spandex, cheaply made, same as all the other ultra cheap black stretch undergarments and workout wear from slave labor in China or similar places. She adds a premium for a waistband that says “thick”. It’s pretty funny that people will pay just to make her wallet (and lips and other parts) so fat! Pass

  • LoLo

    Why would Kylie have a brand for “thick” women? She’s not thick. Her curves are bought & not what I consider thick at all.

  • WrongIdeaMofo

    People mistake the word curves for fatness. Just because you’re a bigger woman does not mean you have “curves”. Women like Bettie Page had curves, women like the above that’s being called “thick” is actually fat.

  • Noxy

    So Kylie found a fatter version of herself only to humiliate the poor girl with ill-fitting gear, bad lighting, and even worse makeup.

    Kylie. wants to be the new kim so bad it’s painful

  • Doll Parts

    why would anyone want this bullshit???

  • pmo

    well u know kylie is so hood now, she uses another black dialect word.