90 DAY FIANCE Chelsea and Yamir split, file for dissolution of marriage

90 Day Fiance Chelsea and Yamir split up

The roller coaster ride of recent 90 Day Fiance Season 2 cast news continues. Earlier this week we reported that Cassia Tavares has moved out on Jason Hitch as they continue to struggle to make their relationship work, and then we got the joyful news that Amy and Danny Frishmuth are expecting their second child together! Unfortunately, the good news/bad news roller coaster is going back down again as we have just learned that Chelsea Macek and Yamir Castillo have apparently split.

According to online court records, the couple filed for a dissolution of marriage on November 30, 2016 and it was disposed on December 9. That would mean they were officially married for just over two years since they tied the knot in or around September of 2014.

I’m not too up on my immigration law, but I believe two years is the amount of time you need to remain married in order to divorce and retain citizenship, is that right? (I think I remember that after researching one of our hundreds of articles about Danielle and Mohamed.)

Fans have speculated that Yamir and Chelsea broke up because there are no recent photos of them together. Chelsea shred this photo with her pals on New Year’s Eve — and you’ll notice there is no Yamir:

A photo this lovely must be borrowed. These beautiful beings make my heart sing. #nye2017

A photo posted by Chelsea Rose (@rosethewanderer) on

And just in case you wanted a better look at Chelsea, here she is showing off a couple new [GREAT] looks:

90 Day Fiance Chelsea recent photos 2017

Meanwhile, all of Yamir’s recent photos are also all sans Chelsea — but still in the US:

#Happy #New #year!🙌🙌😆 2017

A photo posted by Yamir (@yamirmusic) on

Yamir looks to still be working on his music career, but he might be paying his bills by other means as there is a photo making the rounds online that purports to be Yamir working at a Target store in the Chicago area. However, that photo has not been confirmed.

Just like a lot of 90 Day Fiance fans, I am bummed by the break up news. Chelsea and Yamir had quite the odd and unlikely origin story, and they were both so positive and enthusiastic that I was rooting for them in a big way.

UPDATE – Chelsea and Yamir issued a joint statement after we broke the story of their split: “I’m sorry, but we are not interested in giving details of our personal lives,” they said. “We thank you so much for thinking of us.”

***SIGH*** Let’s all take a moment to remember the good times — in the form of Yamir’s music video for the song “Party Love,” which stars Chelsea of course:

* More on the music video for “Party Love” here.

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  • Ray Haluska

    You can’t apply for citizenship until you are married at least three years. To keep the green card if you divorce the immigrant has to prove they were in some way fouled in the relationship. The USA citizen is financially responsible for the immigrant for 10 years regardless of state of the marriage. Not sure Yamir would be allowed to stay unless she abused him (physically or emotionally if unfaithful) unless his music career evolved to the point where he could get a special talent visa used by athletes, musicians and scientists, etc.

  • Pascual

    Her friends look so needy lol

    • Noneya

      Creepy, too

  • Pascual


  • Lean

    Of all the couples, I thought they would definitely make it. Very sad news

  • melinehclassy

    WOW she has def changed her look.
    She looks gay I think? As per the tattoos on her fingers, Doesnt the triangle and equal sign mean homosexual? Im not being mean just curious.

    • Christina Fritz CCD

      Her tag on her pics says #andro, and when you pull it up it shows androgynous, and lesbian tags. Another pic says girlfriend. So not sure, and not an issue for me at all, but sure looks that way. She’s beautiful.

      • melinehclassy

        Agree. Me neither just curious. Thanks!

  • Josie

    Hmmmm, for some reason I can’t remember this couple. They must have been relatively normal.

    • Hyacinth

      She’s the one who actually bothered to learn and to speak fluently her fiancé’s language.

  • Jo

    I hate that Yamir sacrificed his career as one of the most famous pop stars in Nicaragua(?) to move to the states and work at Target, all for the marriage to not even work out. I also hate that Chelsea encouraged him to move to the states knowing that he would still try to pursue a music career and that he would never be as successful in America. Really irresponsible. Then again I’m biased because I couldn’t stand Chelsea’s voice/vocal fry.

    • OatmealFreakout

      Holy shit you are making a LOT of assumptions about someone you don’t know based off of what you have seen on a reality show.

      First of all, Chelsea and Yamir were already planing on moving to the states. The show found this out and contacted HER asking if they would like to do the show. She decided to SOLELY on the fact that she thought being on the show would help Yamir’s music career.

      I could go on but this is really no one’s business so I just would suggest thinking twice before you assume you know facts about someone you have seen on TV. Pathetic.

      Source: Chelsea is one of my best friends.

      • barbinop

        Have they tried marriage counseling? I love these two together

        • OatmealFreakout

          None of your business. Their marriage is over and it’s up to them when and if they divulge the details. They are still friends — I met Yamir recently and he is lovely. This is for the best for both of them and Yamir is loving living in Chicago.

          Sometimes things just don’t work out. Doesn’t mean that either of them are terrible people or that Chelsea snaked him along into getting him to move here and I’m sick of seeing all of these lies and accusations about my friend.

          • Lean

            Thank you for sharing updates on a couple many of us loved. Do you have any idea if Yamir will stay in the US?

          • boomdeyay

            Did she ever get a job or is she still sponging off of her parents and living in the basement?

          • Hyacinth

            I’m sorry that they divorced, but divorce does happen. Tell Chelsea and Yamir that they do have admirers. I wish them all the best.

            • Gabie Aldrich

              She doesn’t know them.. She’s trying to get attention..

              • Lean

                actually if you google her username you will find her instagram page which has pictures of her with Chelsea. She does know them.

          • Fake Lawyer

            You’re a fraud! Please stop saying you’re her friend when you’re clearly not. Until you can prove otherwise, you’re asking for a lawsuit.

            • OatmealFreakout

              Ahahaha you’re more than welcome to find my Instagram and search for the pictures I have of her and I. Do some internet sleuthing, Fake Lawyer!

        • barbinop

          At ease there oatmeal. Take a Prozac and settle down.

        • Hyacinth

          They did seem so in love

      • Gabie Aldrich

        Did she ask you to be her mouthpiece?! They said that they wanted privacy & You as her”Friend” are spilling their tea on Disqus for attention.. A GOOD friend STFU& honors theiR “Friends” wishes for privacy.. Maybe you should follow your own advice & Mind your business..Go have several seats… pfftt some friend

        • OatmealFreakout

          Actually, yes. She knows I posted all of these comments and thanked me. I’m giving out no detailed information other than clearing up falsehoods people are assuming based off of the show. I would never say anything they didn’t want me to say and wouldn’t say anything AT ALL without speaking with her first. Thanks.

          • Gabie Aldrich

            Nope.. What you are doing is Uness..& You look really thirsty for attention by writing folks back.. Let me guess you “showed” her after you already posted on her.. The thirst to be relevant is strong with you..

            • melinehclassy

              Can someone please tell me if shes gay now?? Her tattoos on her fingers are symbols of being gay.

            • barbinop

              I doubt (now) this chick really knows Chelsea. Chelsea seems to cool and laid back to be “friends” ? with someone who has a temperament like this oatmeal chick…..lol

              • Gabie Aldrich

                Exactly!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 This oatmeal person sounds hella thirsty for attention..

              • OatmealFreakout

                Look at her Instagram and look for me. Why would I lie about being her friend lol.

        • Hyacinth

          I don’t think that it’s unreasonable to give this information. I appreciate the inside knowledge, too.

          • Gabie Aldrich

            I get it.. But I honestly think she’s lying to get disqus attention.. She gave zero info.. She just wanted to say that she’s “Friends” with her..I find it very sad..

      • Jo

        LOL okay simmer down. Have fun wasting your time ranting all over the internet :)

    • boomdeyay

      She never supported him and appeared to be content letting her parents support them. She had no business encouraging him to give up his career to move when they ended up in her parents basement.

  • barbinop

    That’s so sad to hear😭 I had always thought that out of all the couple’s that these two would always be together. I liked them both. So sorry for them both.

  • Kari

    Sad, I liked them.

  • boomdeyay

    Is she trying to model? Get a job for chrissakes!

    Yamir is adorable – I hope that he can revive his career.

  • mus lima

    Just because a couple divorces during the two year conditional green card does not mean the immigrant has to leave the USA. As long as the marriage had a legitimate intention from the start. Divorce does not mean deport.

  • Mrs.K

    I think they have been separated a lot longer. She just stuck it through so that he can get a greencard. The last time any one of them posted pics of each other were beginning of 2016 and then never again.

  • America

    Chelsea always reminded me of the lazy, unhygienic type. You know — just laying around, watching Netflix, eating Ramen and mooching off her parents. I can’t imagine the stank. Yamir clearly saw the writing on the wall once their puppy love stage fizzled. I don’t blame him as I wouldn’t have stuck around either.

  • Allergic2dumbstuff

    Just seen the “Party Love” video. I like it!