SISTER WIVES Kody Brown no longer sleeps at Meri’s house at her request


Last night’s 2-hour premiere or Sister Wives gave viewers a raw and gritty insight to Kody and Meri’s fractured relationship and revealed a major bombshell between the couple.

In the last few moments of the show, Kody and Meri sit down to discuss the fallout from Meri’s catfish scandal. What began as an ordinary scene quickly morphed into a very real-life discussion.

Meri and Kody became vulnerable and divulged secrets within their marriage never before revealed including Meri asking Kody to move out of her home.

“You asked me to not be around you. You invited me away. You told me to go away,” Kody reminded Meri.

During an interview, Kody elaborated more.

Kody: Meri asked me to stop staying at the house.

Director: Her house?

Kody: Yeah.

Director: So, what’s going on here? I mean, I know you don’t want to talk about it, but is there anything you can talk about?

Kody: Nope.

Director: Are you hopeful about being able to sort this out?

Kody: I’m working very hard not to be hopeless.

During their conversation, the pair went back and forth about what they hope to gain from their relationship.

Kody and Meri Divorce

Meri: What do you want?

Kody: I know what I want. I think we have to…

Meri: You know what you want?!

Kody: Well, I think I know what I want.

Meri: What?

Kody: We will have to discuss that with Nancy.

Meri: You wont tell me right now what you want?!

Kody: Well Meri, there’s only one way to discuss this and that’s with Nancy because you’re already seeming antagonistic.

Meri: I’m not antagonistic. I just want to know. I’m tired of being in limbo.

Later, Kody revealed some more insights to their fractured dynamic.

“I’m not trying to be mean about this, but you said ‘Get out of my life.’ You said ‘Get out of my life’ to me,” Kody admitted.

Meri replied with her own hurt feelings when she reminded Kody, “You said ‘I’m not willing to cross a burning bridge for you anymore'”.

This conversation does not bode well for Meri and Kody’s future. It came across to viewers as though they had given up on their marriage but were afraid to pull the trigger on a divorce.

They ended the discussion by agreeing to visit their family counselor. Kody was adamant they needed the help of a third-party in order to work through these issues.

Meri took to Twitter to share her view of the heated conversation:

Kody also echoed his previous sentiments that some things just shouldn’t be filmed:

All in all, it’s too early to say for sure if the couple are planning to head their separate ways, but it’s not looking good.

According to Meri’s Instagram, she’s keeping very busy with her side gig and has begun to mend her relationship with Mariah.

Stay tuned to see how things shake out between Kody and Meri.

Don’t forget to catch new episodes of Sister Wives when it airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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  • Guest

    I bet he’s happy that he gets to spend an extra night at Robyn’s.

    • CheckeredPresent

      I doubt that, she looked miserable at the last tell all episode, something went sour with almost all of them. I feel bad for Christine who was the ‘true believer’ advocate and now she has only decided she is a diamond in the rough because the other three for one reason or another are not happy with the way things are going, or don’t care. I bet when he started his whole, ‘I’m gonna get me wife 5 and 6’ that the last one was like, oh the hell you are, uh-uh, I get to be the shiny new toy or I ain’t playin no more!

  • barbinop

    I hope Meri moves on with her life without Kody. She’s so miserable. She needs to do this for herself and be happy. Meri is probably kicking her self for ever encouraging Robin to join the family.

  • Stacey J

    This has been really obvious for a while now….she didn’t give him the divorce to make the adoption easier….she gave him the divorce cause she wanted to be free and I also kinda think she wanted to see how Kody would react. He doesn’t even seem to care…his “wife” cheats on him and he talks about it like it’s no big deal at all.

  • comment456

    Robin’s evil plan is working!! She is the devil

  • bree7702

    “Pull the trigger on their divorce”? They are already legally divorced. He divorced her to legally marry Robyn. I would assume at this point leaving Kody wouldn’t be that difficult. Legally anyway.

  • CasualObserver3

    Not legally married any longer. No longer sharing any intimacy. And grown man Kody using the term BFF on twitter like he is teenager again. Crazy over a younger woman. Welcome to middle age divorce, Meri. And to the other two wives for that matter. What is holding Meri there anymore? Time to get out there in the real world and not online and meet you some new friends and partner.

  • sadie87

    While I don’t see the value in polygamy, I had much respect for Cody during his convo with Mariah tonite.He handled it better than the majority of men would handle the situation. Mariah is understandably upset but is also at that stage in life where shell have to come to grips with the fact that parents are human. Meri would be better off coming clean with Mariah and saying yes I did have romantic feelings for my catfisher, your dad and i were worlds apart. I was horribly lonely and you won’t understand my feelings until you have more life experience. The whole Mykelti, Tony situation is ridiculous. I give the marriage 2 years, enough time for the sexual attraction to fade.