REPORT Tyga proposed to Kylie Jenner, then paid off (some of) his debts to prove he’s serious

Tyga proposed to Kylie 2

Kylie spent $200,000 to keep Tyga out of jail on her birthday this year, so it’s fitting that apparently Tyga proposed to Kylie on his birthday–and, in an unexpected show of good faith, paid off some of his own debt to try and prove that he’s serious.

Kylie has been wearing Tyga’s diamond promise ring ever since fourth period for a few months now, and is apparently receptive to the general idea of marriage. Tyga, meanwhile, has battled creditors and landlords in a series of civil lawsuits stretching back several years, and apparently even needed Kylie to step in with $200,000 in back rent and legal fees to settle one particularly nasty case this past August 18th (which is Kylie’s birthday).

So it’s perhaps fitting that the newest rumors about the couple claim that Tyga proposed to Kylie on his birthday. OK Magazine has it on good authority that the Tygster popped the question last week, after Kylie surprised him with a trip to the gun range. (Not a metaphor.) According to OK’s source, “Kylie asked Tyga what he wanted for his birthday, and he said, ‘I want you and no one else.’ And then he asked her to be his wife!”

Kylie’s reaction? “[She] was just blown away,” said the source. “She absolutely adores Tyga and wants nothing more than to build a life with him. She’s always felt they were soul mates. So of course she said yes.”

Plus, TMZ has since reported that Tyga–possibly in an effort to make himself more palatable to the skeptics in the Kardashian family–paid $100,000 plus undisclosed interest to a Beverly Hills jeweler who recently won a legal judgment against him. Tyga apparently really did use his own money to pay the man–and, as TMZ put it, the “best part” is that “it can’t be repossessed.” (TMZ, doing unusually good work in the snark department, also called the payment a “gift to Kylie,” since Tyga saved her from having to use her money to bail him out yet again.)

Kylie was most recently in headlines for her encounter with known pornographers Pornhub, who trolled her on social media following her upload of topless shots as a (for some reason public) birthday present for Tyga, who is now 27 years old. Pornhub has been after Kylie to star in her own sex tape ever since she turned 18, and even offered her $10 million on her 18th birthday to feature in a production for them.

(Photo credits: Tyga proposed to Kylie via Instagram)

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  • Victoria

    Oh look a bird?

  • Harper

    Who keeps leasing vehicles to him? His credit score has got to be in the low 200’s (if that) yet I still see him driving around in fancy cars. Kylie can’t be filling out forms to him all the time….that’s just pathetic.

  • Aussie cathie

    Suddenly that interior looks filthy dirty

  • Alisson Leech

    Kylie weighs more than Tyga. He is way too small…

  • LoLo

    I don’t see anything attractive about Tyga. Not his looks, his behavior, his music. He found him a Suga Mama.

  • Karina

    I can’t wait for the shitshow that will be them having children (and the subsequent end of relationship). Kylie will be so disappointed if the baby looks anything like her old self 😛

  • PhooPhan

    It amazes me to no end that a family with absolutely no talent makes the money they do. And people actually follow these people. And Kylee, she has to be one of the stupidest people in the entire world. What in the freakin world does she see in this low life Tyga? He’s a complete bum and punk! I actually feel sorry for her as I firmly believe she is acting out the fact she isn’t as pretty or popular as her sister. Can you imagine if she gets pregnant from Tyga? What a way to ruin your life. I hope she wakes up sooner than later!