Did Rehab Addict get canceled? Nicole Curtis offers new update on show status

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Thanks to what appears from the other side of the screen to be an extended hiatus, Nicole Curtis fans have been wondering for months whether the unthinkable has happened: Did Rehab Addict get canceled? Nicole alluded to the possibility several months ago, implying in a February update that Rehab Addict Season 7 constituted the last batch of episodes for the time being, and that neither DIY nor HGTV had yet to order more. And, nearly nine months later, neither of the networks has offered new information about when fans should expect to see Rehab Addict Season 8 hit the airwaves.

Fortunately, Nicole herself took the time to address the situation while dropping the list of dates for her ongoing book tour. According to her, the ball is pretty much in the networks’ court, as far as more episodes go. “Between DIY and HGTV (both owned by Scripps Network) Seasons 1-7 are on repeats until I kick out more projects,” Nicole explained. “Have you really seen every single episode? There’s over 100 now! With that being said, please direct any questions to HGTV directly regarding scheduling. Yes, believe it or not, your voice matters to what they put on your television. You want Rehab Addict? Squeaky Wheel always gets the oil.”

Seem pretty straightforward! If you’ve got a hunger for more Nicole Curtis on your television screens, contact the good people at both DIY and HGTV and let them know!

Oh, and before we overlook it any further: Nicole Curtis has a book out! Entitled Better Than New, the memoir offers a candid look at Nicole’s whole life, from her pre-Rehab Addict days right up to her life as a reality TV star. The book is available for purchase now, and, if you’re lucky enough to live in the Midwest (#MidwestIsBest) you can catch Nicole on her book tour this fall!

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  • LoLo

    I started out like the show because I am into restoration projects. But, her “pat on the back” attitude drives me nuts. Every episode she has to mention how she’s a girl doing this. Like women can’t design or tell contractors what to do. We know that she’s really not doing the work. A few paint strokes for the camera & then the crew takes over. She’s the boss. She constantly has to point out how great she is. Drives me nuts.

  • Addie

    Who? What?

  • moonpie

    Well, I sort of liked the show. She’s too much the show off to take at times and the later seasons tend to be about her not the projects.
    Seeing that she’s a little crazy and mean – (See her fight for custody)
    She had a kid with a man, tried to shut him out of the kids life, a court had to make her admit he was the father etc. That is some bull crap she’s pulling…

  • Rm

    Please put rehab addict back on tv. So love her.