DEADLIEST CATCH Cornelia Marie is not returning for Season 13

Cornelia Marie

Normally when I do a story about cast shake ups it is in reference to The Real Housewives or Love and Hip Hop, but today Captain Josh Harris officially announced that his boat the Cornelia Marie will not be filming for Deadliest Catch Season 13 after appearing in all 12 previous seasons.

The announcement came via a Facebook video on the Cornelia Marie’s Facebook page in which Josh read a written statement. He emphasizes that the decision to not include the Cornelia Marie next season was entirely that of Discovery and the production company in charge of Deadliest Catch and that it had nothing to do with money. Here is the full video followed by a transcript of the statement as read by Josh:

Thank you to all for your patience. I had a family matter to attend to, so I have had to leave the boat to come home and take care of a few things.

First and foremost, we want to thank everybody for all of your messages and wishes. The Cornelia Marie captains and crew really appreciate and are humbled by your outpouring of support.

I am here today to set things straight in regards to the filming of Season 13 of Deadliest Catch. The Cornelie Marie and her crew are making their way out to the fishing grounds today. We do not have a camera crew aboard this king crab season. This was not our decision, and it was not made by the owners nor the captains of the Cornelia. This was not a dispute over money, this was simply a decision made by production Discovery. They have creative control over pretty much everything that airs on Deadliest Catch, and we respect that.

We are fishermen and we will be doing what we love to do this king crab season, but we will be doing it alone. The film crew has been like a family to us, and their absence will weigh heavy in our hearts. It has been a pleasure to take you on my journey as I’ve grown — as a son, a grandson, a brother, a father, and a fisherman and a captain. Your support has meant the world to me and it’s been quite a ride having all of you right there by my side. You have been with me through some of the best times of my life, and you have been there for the absolute worst day of my life. I consider all of you part of my family, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cornelia Marie Josh Harris leaving Deadliest Catch

We will still be checking in with all of you right here on Facebook, and we still have plans on doing some other things that are real exciting in my near future. I personally have some new projects in the works [that] I am extremely excited about, and I hope all of you will continue to join us and watch me as they unfold.

Thanks again for the love and support, and stay tuned. And, to make this not such a serious note — my dad always told me I could be an astronaut if I wanted to — Well, giddy up! It’s gonna happen man! So stay tuned, and you know, things will unfold.

But, so no petitions are needed — none of that stuff. We love everybody and thank you very much to the world for watching me for the past decade here and we will be in touch, so keep in touch with our page and we’re going to do some amazing things!

Peace and love to everybody, and we’ll talk to you guys soon in the near future. Bye!

Wait, so Josh is going to be an astronaut?! Perhaps this is a new series titled Deadliest Launch? 😉

So what are your thoughts on Discovery essentially firing the Cornelia Marie crew? It’s unfortunate, but I completely understand from a business standpoint as production tries to keep things fresh on one of the longest running reality shows in television history. But still, I will certainly miss the captains and crew of the Cornelia Marie! It just won’t be the same without them.

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  • ShaneNunn

    Deadliest Catch probably has a new boat and Captain to film.

  • Michael

    That’s a shame Josh wont be back. The crew of the Cornelia Marie was one of the main reasons I watched the show. I wonder if Josh’s decision to venture into other things is why Discovery Channel decided not to have them back.

  • john west

    Big mistake…BIG…There is so much story to be told, he still has so much to learn and grow, we would love to continue watching his journey to greatness.Josh did such a good job last season…we are so proud and we’re waiting for the new season with the CM, Its one of the main boats…what next Northwestern, Time Bandits exclusion too? I fear we r on a steady decline now…and that would suck big time…are they gonna fire Jake on the Saga next…Come on Discovery channel…listen to the fans as we make up the ratings y’all need.

    • Amie Rolfes

      I agree 100percent! Big mistake

    • grimaldi

      I read elsewhere that there will be an all-black boat to replace the CM.

  • David Thomas

    I know my household will not be watching Deadliest Catch now… maybe not Discovery Channel at all…

  • Mike

    That’s terrible, leave it to the suits to mess a good thing up, we love the Cornnelia , y’all should leave a good thing alone , it doesn’t need fixing !!!

  • Lindzee

    Cornelia crew is why I watched. I’ve been waiting for the moment Jake got his addiction under control & was back on the boat.

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    • Gerry

      I agree so very disappointed, the old man gave his all for his sons and this show, he was the star, he never gave up till the very end, what a shame discovery gave up on them. I am shocked

  • abcayemich

    Makes me sad.

  • Susan Stahl-Hawley

    I wil not be watching Deadliest Catch. I think the decision not to have Cornelia Marie on the show is a choice that shouldn’t have been made. I am finished with with Deadliest Catch and can safely say that if Phil Harris was still with the boat just not in spirit Deadliest Catch has lost me as a viewer and I have NEVER missed an episode..

  • Linda Breuning

    I am so sorry to see the Cornelia Marie leave the Show. We followed her colors and her crew for a long time. Always have missed Capt Phil whom we all loved .

  • Brandon Couvillon

    I will no longer watch Deadliest Catch now. Thanks for ruining a good thing. #BRINGBACKCORNIELIAMARIE

  • Brandon Couvillon

    Boycott Discovery Channel if you want Cornelia Marie Back…#BRINGBACKCORNELIAMARIE

  • Carlos Hester

    WTG Discovery you sure know how to ruin a wonderful show. We have seen Josh and his brother Jake though thick and thin and now you just pull the plug on the Cornelia Marie and it’s wonderful story. WOW…who is next in the fleet? You know you will start to loose thousands if not hundreds of thousands of fans over this decision (which personally I think isn’t a smart one). Listen to your fans and bring the Cornelia Marie back before the show tanks cause no one wants to watch it due to the poor decisions made by Discovery.

  • catc

    Big mistake – huge!

  • Teta

    I love Cornelia Marie. This breaks my heart to here this. I watch Deadliest catch because of Cornelia Marie.Josh I pray that God give you strength.

  • Craig

    Nothing against those guys, and I enjoyed watching the Cornelia in the past, but I also accept this change. I have no idea whether the producers got tired of Josh and crew, they feel their attentions are needed elsewhere, there is something they don’t want to hide anymore, or there is some other reason. Josh is essentially going out on a high note, and I certainly don’t need to see Jake return to crash and burn again. Maybe the show will have something else great in store for us.

    • Pretrica Wheeler

      The station is about making money . Watch and see it will work out

  • John Pease

    too bad! i guess i won t be watching anymore!i would like to know the real reason they won t be back i know there s more to it!we move on to the next!

  • Dave

    This is ridiculous the Cornelia has been there from the beginning wake up discovery

  • Michael Hume

    I am interested in seeing what comes next with Josh. As far as Jake goes I am sure many of us have wondered about him and hoping for the best. With all the stories we have seen off the boat they should have let us know if he was doing better.

  • Jean A Chaffee

    big mistake taken by discovery I watched because I loved the cornelia marie and josh and jake and the entire crew casey too….very upset.

    • debbie ayers

      I will miss them very much ! been watching every single season. hope that something can be worked out next season

  • Steve

    I have watched this boat and crew from the beginning. You can’t just stop filming. Not good at all. Their is much more to be told on this boat and crew. Discovery, I am upset. If you need a new boat and crew to expand, I get it, but still include Cornelia Maria boat. Not good at all. Ratings will go down.

  • Dawn Wysocki

    thats sad i liked this crew. youd be lucky if id sit down and watch this show

  • Kelli Ann

    Josh sold 50% of his boat to investors not too long ago, so he doesn’t have majority control. It could have something to do with with contract negotiations with the network maybe. IDK. also heard a rumor that Discovery was an investor, but it’s prob just a rumor. Don’t quote me on it. Just something I heard.

  • Marcia Lynn

    Several crew members from the CM quit at the end of last season & moved to the Pacific Northwest. They are now featured on Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove. I wonder if that made a difference since it would again be new guys to get to know?

  • SharonJoy

    The entire show is evolving; I have no problem with Discovery’s decision. If Josh wants to do something else with his life, that’s his right as a human being. I pray Jake has a change of will and determination before the drugs end his life. I wish the Harris boys well. God willing, I’ll keep tuning in with my family because I enjoy ALL the captains and their stories.

  • Shannon Marie Conley

    God said. “It’s enough.”

  • Rita Gentry

    I won’t be watching it now….sooo that’s that. Josh Harris and that crew were the only reason I loved it. Yes, I love Sig too, but Josh’s whole story is what drew me to it and being with him and praying for his success in bringing it back. Big Uh Oh Discovery. BOOO

  • Kevin s

    Well its been a decade, now its a shame that dicovery is pulling the plug on the cornelia marie. Because he is trying to continue on the legacy of his father i do understand an have experienced the same job.

  • FixGrim

    They did this once before. Wait for Opis!

  • Andy

    Well this is reason to boycott upcoming season. I won’t be watching it now. Thanks discovery for ruining my spring tv viewing on you channel. You lost a loyal viewer. Cornelia Marie was only reason I watch the show.

  • Ray Shaffer

    I have watched deadliest catch every season, this will be the first season i will not watch.
    Of course one person will not make a difference, but that was a poor decision not bringing the young captain.
    He by most part made last season most interesting, i was certainly was glad when he made criticle decisions on his own and worked out.
    The joy and laughter Josh had in those moments showed his fathers legacy continued.

  • AceUSMCVet Haskill

    Well this suxs. Get rid of the Saga and that whiny ass Jake Anderson. Every other word out of his mouth is Oh my God. Without the CM I may not be watching again.

    • Kelly Price Carnahan

      I didn’t read any other posts until after I posted mine and I posted the same exact wording about a certain whiney captain! Great minds and he def needs to go!

    • tammyabbott

      Exactly my words° Saga Sux

  • bird

    this means, they don’t get enough good footage to pay the camera crew. some of us like the Cornelia and its crew. watch that boat have major problems and they will have no footage of it, well see who has the last laugh when the boat sinks.

  • Ann Moore

    Very sad as Jake and his family were involved from the start 🙁

  • MistaHMimE

    Josh is and always was a lazy liar so don’t trust discovery decided this. Phil’s last wish was to continue following this story. Josh always wanted to continue the Harris legacy, but never wanted to actualy work hard for it. And IF and only IF Discovery Channel decided this it is because the Cornelia Marie is just not safe to go around for cam crews.

  • John Gomez Delgado

    Man it won’t be the same if you guys and the Cornelia are not there!

  • Kservatius

    The Cornelia Marie has been struggling since Capt Phil passed and Josh deserves our respect for fighting to get her back into the swing of things. We also have to realize Phil WAS/IS the
    “Persona/Heart” of the Cornelia Marie and with his passing the dynamics of the boat and show changed. No one can fill his shoes, not even Josh. I wish Josh all the best and maybe one day he and the Cornelia Marie will return to Deadliest Catch……

  • Schnauzer

    Josh,,I hope you see this,we were all right along with you during your ride and all of the struggles you have gone thru I for one will no longer watching the show,,you will be missed hang in young man. Prayers to your ship ?. ????

  • Ese7enR

    Well….. that certainly sucks! They were the number one reason I watched, they need to bring them back next year.

  • Cynthia Quinn

    This sucks !! The Cornelia Marie and The Northwestern were my favorites !!! Come on Discovery !!!! You will lose alot of viewers if you do not have the crew of the Cornelia Marie on !!!!! That FV was one of the originals when Phil was alive !!! You can’t fire them, that is just wrong !!!!

  • Keith Horn

    Discovery I respect your decision to screw up Deadliest Catch. No one crew was essential to the success of the show. I was the sum of them together.
    I hope you’ll respect my decision to not tune in on Season 13. I feels unlucky.

  • iwundr

    My favorite the “Cornelia Marie.” I would rather watch a young captain struggling to learn and lead than those older greedy captains who will drive/work their crew to death forcing them to take many risks. I suffered through the time the Cornelia Marie was left sitting. Revived when she finally got back to fishing. Now we need to hear how the producers justify this obvious cut.

  • Lala Plouchart

    This really sucks …the Cornelia Marie should be on there! If you want to kick someone it should be the idiot, Jake, on the Saga!

  • Steve Morrison

    Well I don’t think I will be watching season 13. The C.M. is the main reason that I watch the show. The shows ratings are going to plummet. It’s sad that they would do away with one of the original boats on the show. Oh well they made their decision and they will realize it was a bad one.

  • K Jepson

    Cornelia Marie contributed a completely saturated story of the lives of a fishing family. The element of visualizing the struggles of this tough industry and the glorious moments of success formed a personal bond. We felt the pain and grief of loss of our Capt. Phil. We prayed for Josh to switch gears undeniably fast, leave youth behind and follow his destiny. Last year it fell into place. Your dad is giving you strength and direction. Jake is always present in spirit, truly I hope he finds his way. I will miss following you on your journey. Keep your head and faith strong. You can do it all. Calm waters and bountiful hauls to you.

    • Raina Quaid

      I too am a huge fan of CM. I had to look on the web to see why the camera crew wasn’t on CM. Josh I have never seen a young boy have so much drive in him to become a man. Your story with losing your dad, then fighting to keep the boat, and having a younger brother who couldn’t cope touched mine and many others hearts. You will be missed.

  • Jaime Blackwell

    Yeah this is sad. They are one of the reasons i have stuck to the show as long as i have. As many other have I’ sure. Discovery, Sometimes its not about the total highest cash flow but the people who got you there. I would rather see the Cornelia Marie than watch Jake Anderson cry about how his crew is so bad.Maybe if he knew how to lead, he would do better. dump him bring back Josh and the crew.

  • Cole Thorn10

    I still remember Phil catching Keith stealing his pots. Also, they should have got rid of Jake. He is always calling Sign, who he abandoned, looking for help.

  • Cole Thorn10

    I wonder where Elliot Neece is

    • Joanie MacConnell Waidelich

      He’s taking a year off after his rehab…he was bought out on The SAGA.

  • Rebecca Lengquist

    I started watching Deadliest Catch the first season. Captain Phil was the best captain on the show. No he wasn’t perfect, he was real. His whole life was open on the show and he owned it. He loved his sons. He was criticized by the other captains for not teaching them everything. He did instill the most important thing in Josh, what it is to be a man. Josh has grown into a man, a captain, into his own. We who have watched feel robbed. Not to see his progress any longer will be missed as well as the legacy of the Cornila Marie. Most viewers are still praying for Jake and his return. Now with Jonathan leaving there is no reason to watch. BTW I am sick of Captain Jake and his Saga saga.

  • Maria Beltran

    I am so very upset over this! The Cornelia cannot be cut from the show! Her and her crew are a quintessential part of this show and it will not be the same without her!

  • Chlowhee Ashton

    noooooooo, i really will miss u guys. i can’t believe they don’t have u on anymore. u’re the reason i watch the show 🙁 best of luck, u will b missed

  • rescue

    The crew probably voted for Trump and Discovery did not like that.

  • Beth Stubblefield

    Maybe Josh took Jake back, and Discovery wouldn’t support that. If that’s the case, which I hope it is! …then I fully support Josh’s decision. Somehow, I doubt this is a terrible thing, as no matter what, family comes first, and Josh has to do what’s right for his family FIRST.

    • Eagleboy

      It’s sad they are not going to be on the show but the show will go on. There’s nothing stopping Discovery bringing them back. I guess Discovery are trying to stop the show becoming stall, even if it is the wrong choice of crew to ditch. A lot of folks will moan and complain about this decision but it will be all forgotten when the show gets going. It won’t stop me or most fans from watching.

  • John Reed

    Without the Cornelia Marie there is no Deadliest Catch bring it back production company

  • Chris B

    Bring dack the cornelia marie and get rid of that mad skipper on the Saga

    • Jim Cedarstrand

      I agree. Get rid of the Saga and jake. He’s not a bad guy but he’s always so f’n negative, and OMG this and OMG that. Dude life is not really that terrible- you’re making tons of money. Relax!

  • Jenni

    Big mistake!!! Huge!! They should have pulled the plug on Jake Anderson not the CM. Jake is nothing but a screaming cry baby that doesn’t know what he’s doing, he has no business being a captain. Can’t believe you picked Saga over the CM, very disappointed in the discovery channel. Big mistake discovery, huge!

    • BayouBabe

      I agree. Jake Anderson is the reason that I DVR the show so I can fast-forward through his scenes. He is so damn annoying.

  • BayouBabe

    I looked forward to seeing Josh and Casey again. Every season, it was more than entertainment to watch Josh and Casey’s ups and down, successes and mistakes. It was a real desire to see Josh succeed. I watched Josh grow, I cheered him on. I wanted to know what is next for Josh. Instead, I’m left with whiny little b*tch Jake Anderson. Big mistake, Discovery.

  • Melissa Ferlitsch

    My favorite boat and crew. This sucks. I will miss you guys and wish you all the best with your fishing. Just know you and you crew Josh, will truely be missed. Discovery me a bad decision by not having your boat and crew on the season.

  • debbie ayers

    dear josh and crew ! miss seeing yall on deadliest catch,but wish you the best! love ya to the moon and back LOL

  • ted119

    This kind of sucks they have been there since the first show.I like Jake but he got boat just because Elliot was a junkie and Josh worked for his.In my mind josh should be on before Jake but Jake has a temper and him yelling and bitching is better for tv I guess.

  • Me

    Just finding out why I haven’t seen Josh and crew this season and that explains why this season is so boring. Took the show off of my recording list after the second episode.

  • Kelly Price Carnahan

    Why can’t we keep the CM and lose the Saga with that whiney added two year old Jake Anderson. I can’t stomach him anymore!

  • Bobbie Anderson

    It brakes my heart that they gave Josh the boot I have been watching the new episode it feels like someone cut off my right arm. I keep waiting to see Josh and he just is not there the show is lacking its hard enough when one of the boats sink but to give another boat the boot because they think its best for ratings wrong I already don’t like it with out Josh and his crew all of the captains made it feel like they were all family. and now they broke the family up I’m done watching it and my husband feels the same way we for one are done shame on you discovery channel once again you had a good thing going on and you just had to ruin it.

  • jaxon

    I agree totally, Josh was one of the more interesting, young captains we were rooting for to succeed. Bad move!

  • jude

    Josh, you & the crew are very much missed this season. We have rooted for you & cried with you; hope things work out as you hope.

  • Cole Thorn10

    I read some of the comments and the fans get it. Dump Whiney Jake who is crying all the time and always has to call Sig looking for help.

  • Jeanne

    That is and always will be my favorite boat and family. They are adding nothing but new idiots to the show with stupid drama. What an enormous mistake for taking away that boat and family! But I’m sure the Cornelia Marie and her crew will show them all!❤️❤️❤️???

  • Beny

    I think discovery channel is chipping away at the popular stars of the show. They are watching the money. If, they can lower ratings, they have an excuse to cancel the show. Deadliest Catch is more of a documentry and pricy to maintain. It’s easier (and cheaper) to drop one camera crew in the jungle with naked people, than to wire up 5 boats. Have you looked at their fall shows. Pathetic! These people are gutting this network like a fish. Back 13 years ago discovery channel had a reputation for quality entertainment…now I only watch this one. They’re riding on their reputation and now it’s gone. Corporate greed. No integrity. When Jonathan leaves, that will be another blow..miss you already, Jon.

    • Pretrica Wheeler

      Yes. Of course it’s about money. What isn’t in life

  • Michael Corderoy

    I have watched since day 1 and the show won’t be the same. Hope now and again they can make a guest apperance on the bait or what ever comes next. Best wishes to u all, josh owners and crew may you forever prosper..

  • Steve

    what a hick in the ass to capt. phil and his boat to cancel it out. I will never watch the show again

  • To5m

    Come on Discovery Channel. We’ve watched this family and seen all the kids grow up after their Dad passed. To just drop them off is awful. This show for those of us that watch it every year is like watching our family go out to fish. The Harris family has had its moments but its all what we love about this show. Seeing the good and bad. We love what Josh did to keep his boat. Jake is going through hell and one day will either grow up or fall bad. But its all of us that love Deadliest Catch why we love the show. We pray for them and want the best. Please put a camera crew back on their boat and bring one of the family members back home.

  • Santa

    If I remember correctly, Sig Hanson made a comment about Jake Anderson in season 12 that he in no way felt, Jake was ready to be in command of a fishing boat ( Saga ) because he strongly felt he had no leadership skills and that his crew would never follow his orders or at least something along them lines.
    I have myself been wondering where Josh Harris has been ? I just found out moments ago threw a simple Google search.
    I to have been a huge fan of this show since season one. I to as well as many as yous have had this show set up on my DVR to record this show, so I was able to watch Deadliest catch on my time schedule.

    Without Josh Harris and his crew now been giving the ax I am giving the Discovery channel the middle finger and I will be giving yous the ax as well, by taking the show off my DVR line up of show to record.

    I like so many here have been a big fan of this show since the beginning of season one and I loved Phil Harris. I think of Phil Harris often. Phil was a hard worker. He worried a lot about his crew as well as the crews family making enough money fishing to support there families etc.
    Phil really cared about his crew staff as he treated everyone like family.
    Phil Harris is and will always be a stand up guy who would give the shirt off his back to help a fellow crew member get threw anything.
    I personally always wanted to meet and shake Phil Harris hand and maybe even have a beer or two with him.
    R.I.P. Phil. You may be gone from this earth or as I see it, God needed Phil Harris more then any person or person/s here on earth.
    Phil Harris may be gone, but I promise you, Phil will never be forgotten. EVER !!!
    And to Josh Harris, keep up the good hard fight. Your Father would be very proud of you.
    One thing I will never understand about the Discovery channel is…….. The why ??? What made you feel you needed to reinvent the wheel ?? If it’s your intention to kill this show, then I would say, you’ve done a good job of Blanking destroying the show.

  • Mary

    To finally hear why CM wasn’t in season 13 was really upsetting n sad. When I didbt see them on the first episode I was like where they at. I am going to miss them. Josh n his crew made this show interesting.

  • Clint Mehling

    Really miss Cornelia Marie and crew from Deadliest Catch. Please bring them back Discovery

  • Clint Mehling

    Please bring Cornelia Marie back Discovery!!!

  • Mike Hanson

    That is why I stopped watching…I watched for the personal side….Not the freakin crab.I was always rooting for Josh…Now I have no reason to watch.

  • Brenda Linker

    I am very disappointed that the Cornelia won’t be on the show I think u made a very bad and costly mistake I just hope Josh forgives u and agrees to come back next year,so until next year good luck w ur decision

  • Beny

    No josh…no show….Jonathan gone..capt Sig on home shopping show..crab for triple the price

  • Darla Shoultz

    God be with you Josh, we hope you and Jake all this world has to offer. Hope to see you on season 14 if that is your wish!