Danielle Staub inserts herself in RHONJ drama with cast member critiques

RHONJ Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 cast Danielle Staub

One of the biggest Bravo villains (Bravillain?) of all time is looking to get back in the game! Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is openly courting Bravo and fans to get her back on the show, and she has even come up with a clever way to insert herself into all the drama without actually appearing on camera.

After the season premiere on Sunday, Danielle took to Instagram and Facebook to offer up her take on the cast this season — and as you would imagine, she didn’t have a lot of nice things to say. (Danielle reveals that her original post had some unpleasant things about Siggy Flicker, but those comments were later deleted and Danielle apologized. I tired to figure out what it was Danielle had said, but could find no reference to it.)

I’m venting …..
My opinion on ‪#‎RHONJ‬ cast S7
Andy Cohen

Delores was an extra (no pay) since S1
Not interesting enough until until 7 years later….
They are grasping at straws to hold it together

Jac has lost her mind completely from what I hear on social media
And wow pregnant out of wedlock daughter …. Nice like mom like daughter
Now able to pay off the debt she and hubby owe from their own fraudulent living … Glorified by #rhonj

Meanwhile Teresa continues to gain sympathy for ripping off the world and the government yet still gets glorified and a pay check
Teresa never wanted Kathy or Melissa on the show she was firm about that to all of the cast Bc she hated sharing the stage with anyone and knew she was going to get called out for faking this “rich girl” act

Melissa tore at her sister in law trying to get me to help in S1&2 Bc she wanted me to know about all Teresa’s dirt and fraud .. I did not play along but she wanted ‪#‎fame‬ over ‪#‎family‬ so I let Andy Cohen and producers know by sending them the emails she wrote me … Why else did she get cast on S3 after sitting as an extra for 2 seasons waiting for her chance …. I put her on there or she’d still be sitting begging for attention!

Danielle Staub and her daughters December 2015

Compared to me
…. Raised one daughter summa cum laude in psychology
College grad
And another on her way to law school

F**king insane part is I didn’t even mention Caroline and Dina
Let’s save that part

Btw yes I had a colorful past 30 years before the show ever aired … I still think they all need to apologize for hiding their fake lives behind my past then own up to how they made it impossible for my daughters and I

***** my comment on Siggy has been removed She isn’t the problem and I apologize for including her.

Danielle also explained why she has had a change of heart about returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey in the comments section:

COMMENTER: PLEASE come back to RHONJ!! Life would be complete! You just walking in the room with Chanel sunglasses on, would SLAY those other b!tches! No one has been talked about or speculated about as much as you. That franchise is so successful because of you, the original OG. They have tried and failed with so many boring housewives. I can just see the promos of you walking in the room! “The b!tch is back”. I get chills thinking about it!! It would be like Bethany’s return to New York….the ratings would be HUGE.

DANIELLE: aww thank you so much … I was asked in the past but was still not ready mainly due to making my kids a priority and letting them stay out of that mess until they both graduated May and June #2016 marked both HS and college graduations for my girls .,, I’m ready to Go now!!!!!

So what do you think — should Bravo bring Danielle back? Of course, she would have to promise not to sing any more…

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  • pmo

    no dont bring her back, with her past she has no room to criticize anyone.

  • Mama Fry

    How about just canceling that show. That would work for me.

  • Natalie

    I’d rather watch her crazy ass than the lames they have on now. Wacky Jacky and Tre are probably the only thing entertaining about this dead ass show.

  • Kyriological

    She has nothing better in her life to do rather than continue to dwell on the show. Girl, you left years ago. Please do something else with your life. She is a vile human being. She’s filed for bankruptcy and had an abortion so I do not understand why she’s trying to lash out at the current cast. Remember when the nude, stripper photos of her came out too? Danielle….get a grip, get a life, and get over it! Grow up!

  • disqus_LQmjCZP25F

    She was toxic on the show when she was on and not that I watch it, but not sure if that would be good for entertainment. I like pizzaz but not with so much toxicity.

  • ❤️??✌?️Miss Breezie❤️??✌?️

    Shes talking about Delores but what is she doing still trying to remain relevant and hold on to being a housewife. Smh just go on with your life and be proud of your daughters accomplishments no need to bash other’s

  • Angel Grace

    Bring back Danielle! The realest woman in Franklin Lakes!

  • TBD

    I never watched the show when Danielle was on it and I’ve only seen old re-runs of her. Just judging from those, I’m happy to say that I don’t ever want to have to look at her or hear her on this show. The others are hard enough to take but Danielle would be a hard pill to swallow.

  • J.P. Vandiver

    She should have been brought back a long time ago. Dina and Jacqueline but not Danielle? There would be no NJ without Danielle and Teresa G owes Danielle het career.

  • marilynr8

    NO WAY!! That chick was a nut case!! She gave me the creeps. The others are dramatic, but she is OUT THERE! I won’t watch it if she comes back!!

  • Liane Blanco

    They are idiots if they don’t bring her back. This show is about drama – Danielle brings that in spades.