VIDEO Bring It’s Miss D holds boot camp in the sun with ‘no breaks,’ says ‘Water is for suckas’

Bring It Miss D boot camp in the sun

Bring It dance instructor Dianna “Miss D” Williams is in a bit of hot water after she shared a Facebook video of her new students at Dollhouse Dance Factory boot camp practicing in the hot sun. Dianna, who was relaxed in a chair in the shade during the live broadcast, later replied to commenters concerned about the health of the girls by stating “they get no breaks” and adding “water is for suckas.”

Here’s the full broadcast:

In the video you can clearly see the young girls practicing in the hot sun, while the dance captain instructs them from the other side of a very defined shade line.

A commenter named Becky replied to the video by throwing some more shade at the already well-shaded Miss D: “Why are those girls practicing in the hot sun, while you are in the shade WITH an umbrella?”

“Bc they are and Bc I can!!!!!!!!!!!!” replied Dianna. “Soldiers train in the naturalness of the weather!!! Ain’t no suckas on this team!!!! Maybe you need to come stand in the sun and out of the shade since you trying to throw it! I got DD4L you handle you BECKY WOULD THE GOOD HAIR! ✌?️✌?✌?✌?”

“Well it was just a question,” Becky responded. “Not trying to throw anything. My daughter and I watch your show religiously and support you and the dolls as fans of the show. I figure it must be pretty brutal out there in the sun. I just figure you could get more out of them if they were in the shade. Assuming they get many breaks and lots of hydration.”

“Becky they get no breaks,” Dianna clarified. “Water is for suckas…. Thanks for watching the show! #DD4L!”

Miss D Dollhouse Dance Factory boot camp

In a separate thread, Becky also called out Dianna for the way she talked to the young dancers. “Really? YOU talk to a child like that? Good lord why would anyone let you be anywhere near their child?”

Dianna was not thrilled about that comment either. “Becky I tried to let your ass make it but you came back on another post talking sh!t!” wrote Dianna. “Now don’t make me dig deep and rip out your guts and shove them down your throat! Fall back miss thing!”

Another commenter named Brael also expressed concern over the dancers holding boot camp in the sun:

im honestly surprised you even have a team at this point with how you treat them. hah. jesus, be careful hun that none of your dancers get heat stroke because of your idiocy. bc rip to you if that were to happen. ?

Dianna remained unfazed:

❤️????? 14 years and counting and no one is hurt yet! You cane speak negativity over a team covered by GOD. U are here to lurk bc obviously you Aren’t a supporter of DIANNA. Guess what? Who cares! ??

Bring It Miss D face

So what do you think? Is Miss D forcing the girls to suffer in the hot sun an unnecessary health risk, or is it an integral part in the character and stamina building process?

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  • BabyDoll0984

    Ain’t no suckas bc they’ll all die from heat stroke. I’m in south Texas and the weather can and will kill you.

  • dev

    Shame on her childishness! I live in Jackson and the heat index today was over a hundred!! We’ve had at least two major cases of teenagers dying of heat related injuries while playing sports in the past couples years. The local high school football teams have been scrutinized since then, so should she. So ignorant. It disappoints me how she bickers like a child over a rational concern, likely taking it as somebody knows more than her. News flash: nutritionists, nurses, doctors, EMT’S, medical students, and even med techs know more than you about heat related injuries in the summer.

  • Mazda023

    I was at a dance camp one year with temps well over 100 degrees. I was out in the sun and the camp directors/teachers only allowed a 10 minute water break every 2 hours. After 2 days of these conditions, I became very ill and kept passing out. The workers kept feeding me bananas and flat coke telling me that I would start to feel better soon and that I should continue with the dance camp. Long story short, I ended up taking an ambulance ride to the ER with sever heat stroke. It was so bad that I had small blisters in my throat. I cringe now when I hear of these kind of situations. Water is not for suckas … water is to keep people alive. Please don’t deny someone water or make fun of them when they need a water break. Ugh. I sure hope she changes her ways.

    • Leesa

      I wish someone would press charges against her.

  • bambiglanville

    She is sick. Heat stress is no joke. People die from it?!!

  • Kmarie

    That is one ugly bit*h !! I have seen her on tv, i dont watch it i was just channel surfing. Her and her big ass mouth and nasty teeth,. She is very mean and way too demanding she acts like she is running a prison instead of a dance squad. I would absolutely love to put her in her place.

  • Rayne

    She looks exactly like the Platypus I saw at the zoo the other day !!

  • brioniman

    How does so many black women look like dudes, wow !

  • Angela

    If I was there, I would be willing to do it because she is building there stamina. Not trying to be mean