NeNe Leakes responds to Kenya Moore’s ‘backstabber’ comment

NeNe Leakes Kenya Moore backstabbing

The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s OG Diva NeNe Leakes is back, and she is once again doing what she does best: clapping back with flair! After co-star Kenya Moore accused her of backstabbing, NeNe took to Instagram and #BloopBlooped Kenya a new one:

SAY WHAT! YOU CALLING ME A BACKSTABBER?? I don’t address issues usually but this Backstabber comment coming from Miss Twirl herself @thekenyamoore must be address NOW! I challenge you to ask anyone I have ever been friends with and those I am currently friends with and that includes you asking @kimzolciakbiermann @shereewhitfield @CynthiaBailey10 etc the one thing they will all say about me is that I am a fun girl and I have a heart! In order to back stab a person you have to intentionally set out to do harm to someone and that ain’t me! When and if we fall out! I will read you, fall out and move on! You don’t have to worry about me because I’m not worrying about you. With that said, I have been back stabbed by those I loved, cared for and supported! I am not in the business of harming people and I am not evil. NOW TWIRL ON THAT

So far the Queen of Twirl has remained silent on social media, but I am sure we will have a response by tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, the reignited feud between NeNe and Kenya seems to quell rumors that the two had made nice last month after NeNe shared this photo and caption on Instagram:

I think we can officially start the countdown on that photo getting deleted.


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  • kim

    Honey Cynthia was so wrong, although I don’t agree with Kenya all the time playing ‘victim’, Cynthia was just plain desperate, and her behavior was very kiddie when NeNe came back, kenya was there when NeNe kicked her to the curve and for her to say that Kenya and her are still getting to know each other was so foul

    • quashi

      You are so right…thought Cynthia was such a loser tonight! Kenya may not be perfect but she stood by her and consoled her when Moose was stomping all over her. What goes around comes around. Even Phaedra and Porsha were perplexed.
      Cynthia acted like biblical Peter when they were taking Jesus as prisoner.

      • Linda Blansky

        Please Toxic Trick is a viper. Loyal to no one. It was shady Cynthia that back stabbed the Queen. Look at confused Cindy she can not even speak without waving her confised hands all over the place. Kenya thought nothing of not showing up to submit her ideas to dummy. If Cynthia had not called Kenya she would not have known Kenya the no talent liar was busy not coming.

        • quashi

          Relax…you sure are wound tighter than a baptist minister wife’s girdle at an all you can eat buffet.
          It’s a reality show…pure entertainment.
          They are all back stabbers…especially Moose!

    • Charla

      But after the way Kenya behaved at dinner with Cynthia and Kim, I don’t blame Cynthia for not claiming crazy Kenya. If Kim would have done what Kenya did to her at dinner, Kenya would be screaming that she was attacked and would have probably even called the police because someone moved/touched her chair.

      • Linda Blansky

        Agreed that phony apology after the fact means nothing. Toxic Yrick should apologize to both Cynthia and Kim. But that’s right she has no class.

  • Betty B.

    Kenya was truly hurt by Cynthia’s actions.

  • cookie

    They’re all losers….so sick of the Real Housewives franchise

  • FarrahsCryFace

    I haven’t watched I forever but Nene is unrecognizable! Way to much surgery.