Former 16 & Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun defends viral dinner date post


Nikkole Paulun has responded to critics of her viral Facebook post about her 6-year-old son Lyle taking her on dinner dates.

Paulun shared her parenting practice of having Lyle treat her to dinner dates once a month in hopes of teaching him the value of money and the respect of others. The post received millions of likes and hundreds of thousands of shares after ABC News picked it up.

Being a veteran of 16 & Pregnant and having built social media accounts with large numbers of followers, Paulun knows that there’s always going to be negative feedback on anything she shares. While she was surprised by how popular her post became, she wasn’t shocked at how many people threw shade at her over it.

Paulun explained for reporter Cristina Mutchler at WTOL:


I think nobody should really judge another person’s parenting… I guess because there’s so many people who are so negative, it’s made me a person where I don’t listen to anything negative anymore. I know who I am, I know what I do with my life. So when people try to bring me down and say all those mean things about me, I know it’s not true. I don’t let it get to me like a lot of other people do.


Paulun also had some advice for other parents who might find themselves in the same kind of situation: “Focus on what you want for your kids’ future. Make sure they’re brought up better and just focus on making things the best they can be for them. That’s really what motivates me,” she said.

It should be noted that the vast majority of responses have been positive. “I’m just happy that a lot of people are taking it and being inspired by it and saying, ‘Oh, I want to do this with my son or my daughter,'” Paulun added.

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  • LaLa84

    There are so many awful things that people teach their children these days, or actually what they don’t teach their children, such as kindness, humility, respect, manners, compassion, responsibility, value of life, etc
    But yet we find ourselves trashing this girl because of her trying to teach her son the value of money and to respect women.
    With so many things being taught to children in our society these days, maybe many of us parents could learn something from her example. I’m not saying I like or don’t like what she she is doing, but at least she’s actually spending quality time with her children, nurturing a valuable bond between a mother and son.

    • ren24

      I really like what you’re saying, and I completely agree with you.
      But for me, the only reason I thought her post was BS was because of who she is. Had it come from someone else I might have taken it more seriously.

      For people who have never watched Teen Mom and have no clue who this girl is, I completely understand how one would totally agree and like her post. It’s an adorable picture and a worthy morals lesson to share with others. : )

      • LaLa84

        I’ve watched the show, I don’t follow her, don’t really care to. My husband mentioned seeing this on facebook before I read the first article. It’s not that I agree or disagree with her or like her as a person. As a parent, I think that there are so many bigger issues with what we’re teaching (or what we aren’t) our children that no matter if we agree with her particular actions, no matter who this lesson came from, we can all take something from it and apply it in our relationships with our own children.

    • Truth

      Are you aware of the fact that she doesn’t even have custody of Lyle? What is she teaching him by having lost custody of him in he first place?

    • Jane

      I don’t think the problem is so much with the lesson, as it is with Nikkole being a horrible person. Among her achievements are faking a stillbirth and selling the story to radar to buy fake t*tties, losing custody of her son, being arrested multiple times, and neglecting her children to drink and party. With that record it’s no wonder people are questioning her motives.

      • FarrahsCryFace

        You’re not supposed to do these things? Shoot!

      • LaLa84

        Right. Well I was more referring to the actual post, I couldn’t really care less about her.

      • Cait

        I also remember the story about her getting the logo of a local tanning salon tattooed on her so she can have free tanning for life.. Lol such an idiot

      • snarkysharky

        She stole the post from a New York mother and wrote her post which was nearly identical and included a photo of Lyle because she wanted attention. She didn’t even credit the person she got the idea from typical nikkole.

        • ren24

          How do you know this? Where is the original post? Just curious! 🙂

          • snarkysharky

            It was on Instagram nikkole saw it and put it on fb but changed it to her. I can’t find it sadly but it was a black mom in New York

  • good job mom!!

    I think it’s sad people are bashing her saying, oh he spends his money… I don’t think a little boy of five years old is doing so many chores he can afford to do this. She clearly states that she gives him extra money for this… I’m sure she will teach her daughter as well to respect men and women… I say good for her!

  • Mothership3

    Bravo to her!! I think this is a great idea..I have 3 boys and raised them with the same values of how to treat a girl/woman.. if more parents did things like this maybe the world wouldn’t have so many bad men.

    • penny

      tired out cliche thinking its all the guys fault.
      ever think perhaps its the females that keep bad men in the game? after all nikkole, the nasty tramp you are praising, had babies with 2 bad guys.
      so as long as chicks reward that type of behavior with sex why should bad guys go away?

    • sigh

      Please also raise them to stay away from girls like Nikkole that fake stillbirths and then go partying, sell the story for money to a tabloid and then use that money to get a boob job a month later.
      That would also be a great lesson for your boys.

  • Marian Hossa

    It’s depressing how people seem to forget Nikkole is a pathological liar who literally faked a stillbirth.

    • savannah

      I think that’s why I judged her for it. If it was a random person doing this I wouldn’t have even commented. But she’s disgusting and obviously something is mentally wrong with her..

      • ren24

        I agree with you Savannah. I just posted a similar comment in reply to Lala.
        I scoffed at the post simply because of who she is. To me, reading Nikkole’s post was like reading parenting advice from Farrah Abraham.
        But many people don’t know who the Teen Moms are and I can understand how these people would agree with what she said.

  • Face palm

    This “mother” faked a stillbirth, included her innocent son in on the charade (probably scarring him from thinking his baby sibling died). Sold the fake story to pay for breast implants. And is praised for this?! Don’t you all think that when her son is older he will find out the truth about his mother and that will destroy whatever she is “teaching” him with this story?

    • Marian Hossa

      adding to it, whose money is Lyle spending? cause Nikkole doesn’t even have custody of him.

      • Cait

        Who does? Isn’t his dad in jail?

        • Marian Hossa

          Nikkole’s mom

  • Jane

    ‘Nobody should really judge another persons parenting…?”

    This is coming from the woman who faked a stillbirth, and lost custody of her first child, then conceived a trap baby with an abusive dbag she barely knew. She’s manipulative and evil, this isn’t about teaching Lyle respect so much as it is to get her hands on her moms money.

  • FarrahsCryFace

    Maybe she’s changed. Maybe she hasn’t. Nobody knows. I think it’s awesome she does this but I still think in general she’s a disgusting human being. She’s Janelle level.

  • penny

    … biiiich you stole this off another person. dont act like you thought this up on your own.
    i cant stand people who jack other’s ideas as their own. not only pathetic but downright mean all because you are boring with no class.

    and this broad wouldnt even date a nice guy like she thinks she is raising. she went for the bad boys

  • twelfthnight

    It’s always the crappy parents who say people shouldn’t judge other people’s parenting. It’s never outstanding parents who go the extra mile for their kids.

    She’s basically just another Farrah. She faked a stillbirth and then had an actual pregnancy resulting in a living, breathing, human life (who I’m sure has no father because she probably intentionally got pregnant behind his back) out of SPITE to the people who doubted her.

    I mean, think about that. She got pregnant to show internet ‘haters’ that she actually could be pregnant.

    Teaching your child the value of money, budgeting and how to be a decent human being is common sense for people who are also decent human beings with brains. Nikkole wants a pat on the back for doing what a normal parent should be doing.

  • Desiree Hall

    She is a liar because this post isn’t even originally hers. She took it word for word from another post that was made on Instagram by an African American mother. I wish I could find it, but I remember reading it. She getting all this attention for an idea she didn’t even come up with.

  • snarkysharky

    Nikkole you aren’t a mother to lyle since you don’t have custody. You also aren’t a mother to your fake stillborn you used for a boob job (should have gotten that nose done instead). Getting arrested while pregnant with your daughter isn’t good mother material either. Taking sick hospital photos of your baby for attention is also sad. Loser.

  • Cristina

    FYI – Nikkole did not tell FOX10, she told WTOL. Please update.