PHOTO Are Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp back together!?

Jenelle Evans Kieffer Delp together 2015

The Teen Mom blogiverse is rampant with “I seen ya with Kieffuh!!” quotes, after Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was photographed with her ex Kieffer Delp at a South Carolina bar Friday night.

The photo above is making the rounds on social media. In it, you can clearly see Jenelle and Kieffer waiting for drinks at a bar. According to The Ashley’s Reality roundup,”Jenelle and Kieffer apparently had a ‘la dee dah’ time drinking and bar-hopping by the beach, as they were spotted at numerous bars throughout the night.”

In addition to meeting up with Kieffer, Jenelle also reportedly reached out to exes Courtland Rogers and Gary Head after her most recent split from fiancée Nathan Griffith. According to the report, Gary tweeted and deleted a screen cap of an alleged conversation with Jenelle from last week–in which she asked him to come stay with her.

Meanwhile, Courtland Rogers shared this tweet after the Kieffer Delp photo began circulating online:


The rather diligent anti-Jenelle researchers have put together quite the narrative for the Jenieffer reconciliation. It includes Jenelle paying for Kieffer’s bus ticket to South Carolina, and an altercation between Nathan and Kieffer–after Nathan found Jenelle and Kieffer together at Jenelle’s house Saturday morning, that is. Nathan reportedly left and Kieffer stayed. (Note that none of this has been confirmed.)

Jenelle and Kieffer have remained relatively silent on social media over the last couple days. Kieffer has only tweeted lyrics from the Taking Back Sunday song “Sink Into Me:”


Jenelle, meanwhile, did tweet a lyrics video for Jasmine Thompson’s “Almost Lover”, and post this hot hip selfie on Instagram:


A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

Jenelle recently spoke about Kieffer in a radio interview on WKZL’s “Jared and Katie in the Morning.” “We talk every once in a while. He’s doing fine,” Jenelle revealed. “He has a job and his own apartment and stuff now. I’m really happy that he’s got his life sorted out.” I guess it might be time to fire up the ol’ Jeniefferometer!

Let’s see what it says: Are Jenelle and Kieffer dating or not?


Well–there you have it!

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  • nita

    For the love of god this girl can not seem to be by herself. Sad

  • KatieKat

    Wait for it…. she will be arrested in the next 60 days. She is a train wreck.

    • Bruja

      If she hasn’t OD’ed by then.

      • Yep!

        Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Pattipandi

    These two must really needle each other.

    • KatieKat

      Needle hahah that’s awful.

    • DoogieHowser

      Omg, I love it.

    • Fern Maness

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    • Red

      I’m sure they will weed through all their problems

      • awoman

        Puns are winning the internet today.

  • Amber

    She’s changed dude!! She just wants her son back!

    Lol. This chick is a joke.

    • savannah


  • Brandy Nicole

    This is insanely sad. This girl needs to learn to live for her children not the D.

    • Pattipandi

      she says she was going to focus on Jace and Kai, but I think she’s JK

      • Brandy Nicole

        For real!

  • DanaD

    I really think she has borderline personality disorder(The main feature of borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a pervasive pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image and emotions. People with borderline personality disorder are also usually very impulsive, oftentimes demonstrating self-injurious behaviors). She has two VERY young boys who would love to spend time with her. Instead she’s out with the got that supposedly got her hooked on heroin! Is Plenty of Fish not around anymore?

    • Alex

      Sounds like half the girls on the show :/

    • jackie

      She does have BPD, she is a classic case.

  • SeasonedBackdoor

    Even though her got her started on heroin and his palpable lack of hygiene is incredible off putting, I still prefer watching Kieffa to Nathan, Courtland, Gary, Josh, and Andrew.

    • Chewy

      Sad but so true

    • Red

      I was actually hoping for a Courtland/Jenelle reunion. Not only do they deserve one another but that was one hell of a trainwreck.

    • Frieda Claxton

      I agree. Keiffah being back on would mean more Barb blurbs. A win win for everyone.

  • Lilbita Honeydust

    I pray for the babies sake Nathan, took him with him! cause barb sure doesn’t need to take on another child .and yes she says she wants Jace back .. what for ?

    • Alex

      Word on the street is little Kaiser is being watched by Nathan’s mom.

      • Lilbita Honeydust

        good :)

  • Tamtam

    Called it haha.


    “It ain’t illegal being a felon”

  • Bec

    She thinks she’s so hot. Lmao
    Nice. Guess who we nevah see her with? Her two kids.

  • Guest

    Bring on the drugs!

  • Guest

    She’ll never get custody of Jace now. Maybe that’s in his favor though.

  • Truth

    Where’s Lala to blame this on Babs?

    • Guest

      Who’s Lala?

      • Spectator

        One of Jenelle’s many defender that puts the blame on Jenelle’s mom.

        • cinder

          None of Jenelle’s defenders EVER show up when she makes them all look stupid for defending her and shows she’s the same crappy person she always was despite her many “I’ve chaaanged!!” speeches. That’s why I never take anything they say seriously. They’ll all flock to a random pic of her with Kaiser as some flimsy ‘proof’ “she’s a good mom” but they all bail the second there’s another arrest mugshot or she goes back to a deadbeat ex.

  • shebee

    Oh good Lord no…..

  • Mrs C.

    This scrap can never be without a man! The only man you should be chasing is your little man!

  • ughhhh

    “I’M HIS MOM!!!!” cue the sad cut to commercial teen mom 2 music. Jace calls Barb “mom” for a reason. You care so much about Jace that you will chase every d88ick you’ve been with in the past 10 years just because the recent one gave up on you?
    Get yourself to real rehab (not an MTV one, it did you and Amber no good. It’s probably Passages. The resort/”rehab”) and a therapist that will call you out on your own shi-t which none the counselors/therapists for Farrah,Catelynn/Tyler,Maci, Kail, Amber did. Where do I get a degree for nodding and saying “hmm, you’re right. But how to YOU feel?” Over and over again. K where my $200 MTV?”.At some point you have to own up to your own s-hit, otherwise you’ll never change.
    Poor Jace and Kaiser.

  • ughhhh

    Real talk, she’s probably super manic and needs to be checked into a psych ward for 72 hrs to get her evaluated and her meds in check. Jenelle said she thought she didn’t need her meds for her Bipolar disorder years ago. Classic Bipolar talk but it always back fires. Trust me. Barb admitted her once before but it’s harder unless there’s a threat of suicide. She’s just gonna keep spiraling. WTF are Gary and Courtland ( esp him. dude she was your wife on TV aborting your baby with Nathan around, who she met on the internet like a week before…. I’m Pro Choice but WTF) even communicating with her for? She accused both of them of really bad s-it and kinda ruined their lives. And all of this piss off Nathan. Sigh.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      great post!

    • jackie

      She isn’t bipolar she is borderline which unfortunately is much harder to treat.

    • rhobee

      I’ve thought that (bipolar disorder) for some time. Even if she is prescribed long term drugs, she probably won’t take them. Sad.

  • BreBreezieBre

    If these two are back together or even friends is but good for either one of them or her kids you don’t always have to be with a man sometimes it’s best to be single to learn to love yourself

  • libby

    She is something else…. How is it she is trying so hard to get custody of her son if she is taking steps back n fall into some bull***t….she needs to get together. She must be desperate to go back and use drugs again.

  • Red


    • SeasonedBackdoor


  • ameliaBedelia76

    so this b*tch is BACK out at a bar? Where are her kids? I thought she didn’t like to drink & was a recovering addict?

  • FLgirl

    One would think she gets tired of being called a bad mother, & actually do something about it(change).
    In a way I felt bad for her when watching teen mom how her mom won’t let her talk or give her opinion, then Nathan always will an attitude and yells at her if something don’t go his way. She needs help, that’s not healthy being around Nathan. I can see her frustration, & it looks like her children are happy when they’re with her.
    Her fall back is men!! She can’t stay away from them. She needs help. She needs to see a doctor as to why men are her #1 priority. Obviously there is something wrong with her. I think she would become a good mother if she stayed away from all the loser men in her life and focused more on her boys.

  • Cara

    She could bar hop every night with whoever she wanted and I wouldn’t care if she would just sign over permanent custody of both her kids and stay out of their lives. It’s just not fair to them.

  • Regina

    That is one of my most favourite Taking Back Sunday songs and I am now extremely upset about this. Oh god.

  • Regina

    Is there a legal way to sterilize her? I’m being completely serious… like there has to be SOMETHING that can be done to ensure she doesn’t bring any more children into her f***ed up world, right?

  • GeorgieD.

    Does anyone REALLY think that all she and Keiffer were “scoring” that night — were a few drinks at a bar?
    Dudes, get ready to see this little gotta-have-a-man nitwit sucking heroin up her nose and nodding off in front of the MTV cameras again in 5..4…3…2…

  • Babs

    “Well ya know Janelle, I seeyou been hanging round with kefah again.”

  • Mimi

    Why is it so hard for her to be without a man?!? Like, I get it, the disconnect from a relationship is hard. I’m dealing with it right now. After being married for 4.5 years, it sucks being alone. But that’s when you use that time to reevaluate yourself and spend that extra time with your children.

  • LoLo

    Barb needs to take Jace & cut off Jenelle’s contact with him if she’s back with this drug user. Funny how Jenelle claims that she’s doing everything right & wants her son but does nothing to support those statements. Going back to school does not make you a mother. What makes you a mother is choosing your son over yourself & men.

  • Stacy Ward

    The best comment besides the two below….😄this prob was when someone commented on kieffers hoodie saying he wore it so much it prob smelled like big foots d!ck lmao😄😂

  • Demona

    I get that ads fund Starcasm and all but you people have so many video ads on one page it crashes out the reader’s browser. Might want to rethink that layout

  • Demona

    I get that ads support Starcasm, but you need to fix your layout. You have so many video’s auto streaming at once on one page your crashing the reader’s browser and I’m just going to start going to Ashley’s more and here less.

  • BC_CollegeGirLivin

    Someone on another comment thread called this last week, oh wait that was me lol! While reading this story every time I got to Keiffer’s name I had to say like Jenelle’s mom lol. Whos does Courtland think he’s better than, they’ve all had the same issues with this girl!

  • Mary Buchman

    This really disgusts me. Seriously. How the hell do you think you are going to work in the medical field when you post trash all over your page. And you are back with a known user. You have to be clean to work in the health care field. They drug test you before your job. I thought she was growing up and improving herself but guess that wasn’t true.

  • Alice Wolfson

    Nothing’s sweeter than seeing two losers reunited. My only wish is that they both be sterilized before they doom another fetus to life.