Blac Chyna’s sues Tyga for full custody of their child; her mother slams the entire Jenner family

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Tyga might think Kylie is mature for her age, but his baby mama respectfully disagrees. Blac Chyna continued her ongoing feud with the Jenner daughters this weekend, and decided to broaden her focus to the entire Jenner family. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni went off on the “dysfunctional” clan, ripping into them and making clear that she doesn’t approve of with Tyga’s associations at all.

This all got started when Tyga’s grandmother said that Blac “[isn’t] a very nice person,” and that “Kylie comes from a much nicer family.” Toni responded with a litany of protests against pretty much every Jenner. And, of course, the post was captured before she could delete it. Here’s what the baby mama’s mama had to say:


They are talking Kylie comes from a better family… how? Her parents are divorced, her dad wants to be a woman while her mom is out messing with some young black dude with birthing hips. Her sister has 3 kids out of wedlock by a guy who has a drinking problem. She’s 17 and has already had lip injections. Her older sister got famous from a sextape. They are no better than anybody.


Chyna herself reportedly can’t stand the fact that little King Cairo is shuttling back and forth between so many different homes. And she really doesn’t like that his potential step-mom is a minor–which, according to her, reflects poorly on Tyga’s parental decision-making. She’s hired an attorney, and intends to file for primary custody rights. Tyga can have the occasional weekend, but no more.


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  • Jess

    Well, she’s not entirely wrong is she?

  • JustSomeGirl

    I can’t stand any of the karkrashians or the Jenners,… But that whole wedlock shit is just ignorant, and trying to use Bruce’s sex change as an insult is just as ignorant and slightly homophobic. Blac Chyna had her baby out of wedlock too, so it must not be that frowned upon in her family. No shit Scott drinks, I would too.

    • MsAwesomePants

      Plus, she points out Kris, who is divorced and free to date whomever she wants, is dating someone, and then makes fun of his appearance.

      Blac Chyna sounds like a classy lady.

    • jennifer

      lol how is it homophobic? It’;s not untrue. It’s an upstable environment. We have a man that was married more than once, has adult and minor children, and he decides its the best for him, rather than them that he change himself to become a different gender. If he was confused about himself, he should have never have children. It’s putting a strain on the whole family.
      Not only that, the mother is a wack job, and the father is dating a girl who will not have any adult knowledge or experience to take care of child.

      Chyna isn’t perfect and i’m not fan of hers, but she’s being real.

      How much shaming do you LGBT supporters have to be to anyone who has their own opinion on the matter and is calling out there facts? You guys want your cake and to eat it too, noone else is allowed their lifestyle and their opinion.

      How phobic of you. Shame on you.

      You guys need a wake up call. Would you be happy and in perfect pieces if your father or mother decided after knowing them you’re whole life that it was their time to change themselves and do what they want when they are in a messed up family home already? and not considering what you thought about it atall?

      People who are unsure of themselves and their sexuality should not have kids. It’s ungodly selfish to put them in this situation no matter how old.

      Noone allowed to call it like it is anymore. Noone allowed to call out the gay or trans community for what they are and are doing without “shaming” but trans and gays are allowed to be NAZIS and shame straights and others who want to live how they want.

      LGBT and supporters need a wake up call. Man, a sad world when gays and trans cant see anything but past the big picture, if you were born a man or are gay, people are allowed to say you WERE AND ARE, AND PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO NOT AGREE WITH IT.

      • JustSomeGirl

        “INSULT” was a keyword. If you can’t figure it out that’s not my problem. You are a HYPOCRITE. That was my MY OPINION. I’m not reading your shit, so Please take your speech somewhere else.

    • Jennifer

      What they were trying to say is that they’re not better than anybody so have no room to talk

      • JustSomeGirl

        Yeah, I know what she’s trying to say, She doesn’t have the right to say anything, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black, if you’re not perfect then you have zero right pointing out flaws of others.

  • BreBreezieBre

    Chyna should have been filed for full custody of their child from the get go of learning that Tyga and Kylie are an item

  • Nicole Juarez

    whoo…you can pay for school but you can’t buy class, huh? None of these morons have any room to talk. Poor baby to be stuck in the middle of all this crap

  • guest

    Cute kid. Hopefully Blacc Chyna can get over this hurt she is feeling. Its too bad her heartbreak is public.

    • Vegasmomma

      I agree. No matter how you feel about the new person in your ex’s life, it’s not fair to use your child as a pawn. My parents divorced when I was young and my brother and I lucky to have our step-dad and his family love and accept us. That’s the most important. That no matter the situation, the child is being loved.

  • Murphy

    Wait wait wait….her mom’s name is Tokyo Toni? I love these two already.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Her mom didn’t tell a single lie, but black chyna didn’t say anything her mom did. Why are you dragging her in to it? Tyga’s grandma is delusional. Black will be awarded custody hands down, since legally tyga is a sex offender and pedophile for being with Kylie. He doesn’t deserve to be around their adorable son. He would just corrupt him.

  • kat

    All she said was that the family is NICER…not that it’s more traditional.
    And I suspect she’s right…given that she’s clearly trans-phobic and racist for mocking Bruce and Kris for dating a black man?!