Dwight Eubanks got a new nose because his old one didn’t work

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Reality star Dwight Eubanks has always the perfect picture of southern charm since he came on the scene. He came to doctors Nassif and Dubrow on Botched to help fix his nose, which has not been functional for him for years.

Instead of breathing through his nose, Dwight has compensated by mouth breathing, and he was ready to life live against with a functional nose. He was so pleased with the results that he held a funeral for his old nose. “The old nose is dead, we have bury it. But, not in joy, but in joy,” he told a gathering of his friends dressed in black.

“Now that I’ve had the surgery done, I can breath, I can smell, I taste things differently. I can feel a difference, and that one difference was not physical appearance, but the ability to breath,” Dwight said of his experience. “The Lord taught me a lesson, and boy, did he give me an ass-whoopin. I’m forever grateful for this whole process, and it has changed my life.”

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  • Mel

    “But not in joy, but in joy” what?

    • Tamara2589


  • Wtf

    As always, the proofreading on this article is just fantastic.

  • Nose Inserts

    Which one is the new nose? it appears to be the one on the left.
    Good for him! this is a good reason t get a nose job otherwise a pair of nose enhancer nosesecret would’ve helped.

    • DIDI

      Actually, the new one is the slightly larger one on the right. It looks so much better than the old one!!

  • whatinblazes

    I would be glad to breathe, smell and taste. That had to be a real miserable way to live. Thank goodness, he could breathe through his butt hehehehehehehe