PHOTOS Briana DeJesus’ boyfriend Shoc was arrested with her ex Devoin Austin

Briana DeJesus and boyfriend Shoc together

Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus seems to have found true love with her current boyfriend (and rumored fiancé), who goes by the name Shoc. The two have been openly affectionate on social media (above), and they even went to war with Jenelle Evans together in a Twitter feud last month. (The ultimate Teen Mom bonding experience.) So how did Briana and Shoc meet? Apparently it was through Briana’s ex, and her daughter Nova’s father, Devoin Austin, as the two were arrested together back in September of 2013!

Teen Mom 3 Briana DeJesus' boyfriends Devoin and Shoc mug shots

As you may recall (if you have a photographic memory) from our post about Devoin’s arrest, he was booked along with several others after allegedly breaking into a house that they had been partying in the night before. When police arrived at the home, they saw Devoin and five others bolt out the back door in an attempt to get away. Wetpaint obtained the police report and reported, “The house was in complete disarray, according to the report, with alcohol bottles and a ‘green leafy substance’ scattered everywhere.”

Devoin was initially charged with four counts, including contributing to the delinquency of a minor, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, and unarmed burglary of an unoccupied dwelling. The “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” charge, which appears to have been dropped later, was because there were reportedly two 16-year-olds at the party.

Briana DeJesus boyfriend Shoc mugshot photo for 2013 arrest

Of all those arrested, Shoc (mug shot photo above) faced the most charges, including providing a false name or ID, battery of a law enforcement officer/firefighter/etc, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, probation violation, resisting an officer with violence, burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, possession of marijuana (under 20 grams), and possession/use of drug paraphernalia.

On September 21, Devoin tweeted this screen capped instagram photo of him (left), Shoc (middle) along with another pal and hashtagged it #FreeMyNi**a along with Shoc’s Twitter ID and an upraised fist emoji:

Devoin Austin Shoc together

And it appears as though Devoin and Shoc haven’t let Briana come between their friendship. Shoc sent out a tweet earlier this month asking Devoin for his phone number:

No word on what Shoc wanted to talk to Devoin about.

You might recall that Devoin’s arrest really upset Briana, who posted a screen cap of Devoin’s online arrest report online and wrote, “This is why I’m over protective when it comes to MY* child, ill be damned if she knew what jail even meant!”

Briana DeJesus boyfriend Shoc mug shot photo

In addition to Shoc’s alleged house crashing party gone awry last September, he has apparently had other run-ins with the law as well (that’s another of his mug shot photos above), which you may have ascertained by the fact that he was charged with a probation violation for his arrest alongside Devoin. For example, in June of 2012 he was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and presenting a false name or ID.

It should be noted that it appears as though Shoc has stayed out of trouble since his September, 2013 arrest.

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  • Guest

    She sure knows how to pick them.

    • spottedgiraffe

      All of the teen mom girls do. Where do they find these princes?

      • cassie

        Usually they sneak in your bedroom window under

        • GardenofEden

          Hey girl. Smh. My high school bf used to sneak in through my window every night. Thank god my mom talked to me about safe sex. I dodged a bullet because at that age I sure couldn’t pick ’em.

  • Randy

    Briana obviously isn’t as overprotecting as she claims to be if she’s dating a criminal.

    • spottedgiraffe

      He’s more of a criminal than Devon too.

  • Snarky

    You forgot to add that he is her most recent baby daddy; They are expecting.

    She is such trash.

    • savannah

      Whaaaaa? SMH…

    • Brandy Nicole

      Where did you find this info?

    • cassie

      Good lord, I thought the idea was education about protected sex! The show should only help them finish high school,and teach girls in this situation how to get a skill that pays the bills. I dont know teen mom 3 but girls on 2 are driving nice cars, buying a big house and that’s the last thing a teen girl should think might happen for her if she has an unplanned pregnancy!

    • Allison

      Allegedly pregnant. They keep hinting over twitter however she just got his name tattooed on her (which you can’t safely do pregnant) and her mother said “god I hope she’s not pregnant. He’d probably love that to happen. When he should be taking care his other baby mommas” on the 21st over twitter.

      • Dani

        One isn’t suppose to be tattooed while pregnant, but less than reputable tattoo artists do it anyway and mothers that are irresponsible and can still hide the pregnancy will get tattooed anyway.

  • bambiglanville

    Briana sure knows how to pick ’em. And those colored contact lenses… HAAHAHA

    • Mimi Clipped Butterfly Wing

      Thank you! Not only are both of these boys lacking in the looks department, but WHO DATES BOYS WHO WEAR COLORED CONTACTS IN 2014. Have more respect for yourself girl. Bleh.

  • A.C.C

    Awhh. It’s a loser match made in heaven. So much for being over-protective of your daughter.

  • yes i said it

    She smashed the homie such a HOE I can only imagine how long this relationship is gonna last……

    • Brandy Nicole

      So much for bro code.

  • Dani

    B!tches above about daughter’s father getting arrested.
    Gets with criminal ex was busted with.
    Yeah, okay then.

  • spottedgiraffe

    1. Lmfao is he wearing colored contacts?
    2. So they had a party at an abandoned house? I’m sorry but I don’t see the big deal. The drugs & underaged drinking is a different story
    3. Shoc is a trash friend for dating his friend’s baby mama, and briana has no self respect. But we already knew that.

  • Erica Denise Hunt

    Well this is just sad on soo many levels . First of all a real parent shouldnt find the need to bash their child’s father in the media , she let her emotions controll her . Her child should never have the abilty to see a parent bashed in the media , and they both have done that. Second , after the way she bashed Janelle for her misteps , I seriously hope she evaluates her relationship with this guy. Hes shaping up to look like a real Loser ( notice my capital L ). Your daughter deserves a role model and if you wont allow her father to be one , then at least give her someone who can show her …how a real man is . How can she strive to be a strong , educated woman seeking the same in a man if she has no idea what that looks like ? Find a man who will help you step your game up the right way or ,simply be independent and do it yourself , the right way.

    • Guest

      I second that! She’s a lost cause though.

  • cassie

    Is the show back on? I thought it was just teen mom 2 and 3 got cxled

  • LoLo

    Good choice Brianna. Your mother must be so proud. Way to bring a positive man around your daughter. I wonder how many men we will witness coming in & out of Nova’s life in the future.

  • Queen Mitchem

    Wow!!! She sure knows how to pick them don’t she. She went from bad to worse and got the nerve to post on Twitter that this is why she’s overprotective of her daughter. It appears as though Shoc is way worse than Devoin what and maybe a bad influence on Devoin. I hope she’s not still with him. I was just telling my neighbor that I wondered how they were doing. I was upset that they didn’t continue with Teen Mom 3 but continue with Teen Mom 2 and my neighbor informed me that Briana and her sister Brittany where on a TV show called Family Therapy. I just hope that they are doing good and eventually her child is able to have a father or at least a male role model. ~Queen Mitchem~