PHOTOS Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino ‘The Situation’ Myspace and high school yearbook pictures

All 8 cast members of The Jersey Shore reality show

Clearly the American television viewing audience was completely unprepared for the rawness of MTV’s Jersey Shore. Guido fever has swept through the media and the nation and though everything from rationality and moral decency have been tried as a vaccine, nothing seems to be working.

Spearheading the Giuseppidemic is self-proclaimed Guidette Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, whose wild antics and audacious personality led to the infamous “Snooki punch” cleverly used by MTV in commercials for the show, and then censored from the actual episode before airing.

Running a close second to Snooki is the Guidoest of the Guidos, the abtastic Italian Stallion known simply as “The Situation.” Michael Sorrentino is his real name and the 27-year-old juicer hails from West Brighton on Staten Island. He attended Manalapan High School, graduating in either 1999 or 2000. Here is his yearbook photo someone over at ONTD was able to dig up:

Manalapan High School annual photo of The Situation Mike Sorrentino of The Jersey Shore

I did some intense googlization and found three different myspace accounts for The Situation. The first one didn’t offer much info and only had this one picture of a young Mike Sorrentino, who apparently developed his six-pack in junior high:

Jersey Shore's The Situation as a young man already had his six pack

Though he had managed to perfect his abs, his nickname was apparently still a work in progress because at the time he referred to himself as “Serious Situation.”

The second myspace account had a few more nuggets, including a number of photos with a couple different blond hotties. At this point it appears as though The Situation has fully evolved, maintaining his physique and adding his head tilted forward/pouty lip pose. Click the thumbnails for larger images in the gallery:

The third myspace account is the post-Jersey Shore one, which you can see HERE. Most of the photos there are promotional photos from the show and from their public appearances since its premiere.

Don’t miss out on Mikey and his Jersey cast mates in the exclusive Top 5 Star Wars and Jersey Shore trading cards! Here’s a thumbnail sneak peek of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino as “The Sithuation” (In honor of Sith Lord Darth Maul).

Mike The Situation Sorrentino as The Sithuation

Click the image to see the full-sized picture as well as the rest of the Top 5!

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  • nyse

    hey mike i love the show!!!!! jersey shore is sweet!!!!!

  • nyse


  • Paz

    Hey, here’s the situation….you’re a friggin idiot!

  • haha

    aha, agreein with PAZ.

  • Madison

    Haha, I love him && Pulie D,
    Quit Haten on them you know da cute

  • carmine d

    jwows melons!

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  • gabrielle

    hey i love you so much we should hang out one day we should text back and forth on the cell phone

    • jenni

      well grabielle you a jerk because mike shouldnt even hook up with more than1 girl ok but pauly d and vinny are hot.

  • lala

    I gotta say that yes he (Mike) is easy to hate at first, but then as you get to know him more through the show, he is pretty funny and brutally honest, so he’s okay in my book.

  • Pauly R


    Mike and Pauly D are near 30. Do use gurls still like ’em?

    • Saydee

      Hellyeah !!!! They still look fine as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Barbe

      I’m 28. I think I’d be fine. 😉

    • AUDREY

      age aint nothing but a number luv!

  • precious

    mike iz super sexii!! im all about the situation!!! xoxo…but i love all the cast…all but one and thatz angelina. i cant believe she compared herself to kim lol i think da broad needz some telescopezz or somethin cuz she wuz waaayyy off!!!

  • FPM

    I haven’t seen “Jersey Shore”, but I have heard a lot about it. I don’t like Snooki! She’s so despicable! According to “Us Magazine”, for example, when she heard that Domino’s, Dell and UNICO were displeased with the show, her response was “I just have one thing to say to Domino’s, Dell, UNICO and all the other haters out there! F*** you! If you don’t want to watch, don’t watch! Just shut the hell up! I’m serious! F*** you!” She’s also not sexy. She’s too short, her hair poof looks silly, her eyes are weird, and her mouth has a strange shape. She looks like an Oompa-Loompa! The other women are more attractive. Snooki is coming to Philadelphia to make an appearance at the Wing Bowl on Friday, February 5. My response to her visit is like that of the woman in a commercial who hides in the back seat of a car to catch her daughter smoking: “WHY? WHY?” I also can’t believe that Pauly D spikes his hair and then slants it backwards. It looks ridiculous, and this is coming from a fellow hair gel user. By the way, I don’t know if anyone else sees this, but doesn’t “The Situation” look a little like Derek Jeter, especially in the top picture? It’s not a full resemblance, but it is present. Anyway, I don’t know if I’d like the show “Jersey Shore” if I saw it, but I do love the Jersey Shore itself. It’s a fantastic place for summertime fun!

    • AUDREY

      100% agree! well said! 🙂

    • MIKKI

      look here if you dont have anything nice to say SHUT THE F*CK UP!!

    • lMFAO

      I got one thing to tell u,”SHUT THE F**K UP BITCH!!!!”I mean,its Jersey Shore,BITCH!!!!

  • Rob

    manalapan is in NJ…i go to that hs

  • Lorraine S

    I am a photographer and would love to do a shoot with Mike, PD and Vinny. True hot Italians. Dont hate..

  • JT

    Don’t hate da playa, hate da game…its ma f*ckin motto n yo no homo I luv da situation n pauly D. Ima only 18 but just watchin da show makes me wanna pumpp iron n be in ma mid 30’zzz. Yaa digggg:))

  • JT

    **I meant mid 20zz ma bad:p

  • Chelsea LeAnn

    Okay Mike, honestly…you rock my world! If I had your number we could deffenitley hang out sometime. I love you on the show. & your so damn attractive, makes me melt! Look me up on myspace or something, leave a comment.

    Lots of love <3

    _Chelsea LeAnn Anderson.

  • anyone on this page who is talking sh!t are just straight HATERS, ya’ll so jelous u cant help but talk about people you want to have the lives of… its quite cute honestly lol jersey shores the sh!t, italians REPRESENT!!!!!! and if anyone from jersey shore happens to look at this, whhighly ou HOLLA AT CHA GIRL!!! .. with ZERO 😉 xoxoxo

  • Joe says:
    August 19,2010 at 8:08pm
    Hey you guys in Jersey Shore! I am a gay male that absolutely love
    your show. Snooki,jwoww,and Sammi are realy sweet to see……..
    but I only watch your show for 2 people. I watch for
    Mike”the Situation”Sorrentino,and big Ronnie the 1 hitter quitter.
    No disrespect intended. I know you guys are straight but you’re
    still very attractive inside and out. Stay cool and stay sweet.
    Like I said you’re what really make Jersey Shore what it is.

  • manolo

    much love to all js cast props to snook,i bitch got some huevos!! angelina ur wack for reals!

  • lovelylizzy

    Mike totally reminds me of my Mikey,10 years ago, same cocky attitude hot as hell, a real ladies man. I bet underneath that “cool” exterior is a sensitive, caring man that isn’t always happy with the DTF. I hope you “situation” meet the girl of your dreams as my Mikey met his. Thanks for reminding me of how special and hot my guy is. Keep it real.

  • liz

    this stupid guy the situation or whatever shit you want to call him he is such and asswhole he doesnt knows how to treat womens and he thinks like a f!cking dog likes to insult girls becouse of whatever they do but he can act like a idiot having sex with any wh0re that he mets in any corner, and he speaks about angelina for having sex, you know what mike piece of sh!t probably you have gonorrhea

  • TV

    Mike is terrible, awful person. All he cares for is to get some and thats it! He don’t treat anyone else with respect, but himself. He’s a trash talker, and thinks he can get any girl and that he is all that! Please looks, cuteness, muscles…lol….he’s a jerk!..that’s it! Mike the situation…replace him with someone else..better please….tired of his big fantasize thoughts of him being whatever!…sure mike sure….

  • Long

    Montgomery Triangle is Awesome!! The best area to live in the entire city of Calgary!!

  • Bryan

    listin here everyone you all think mikes a bad person but you dont know the truth about him leave him alone you haters let him be hes a nice guy he loved going to school and everything and mike is like 29 28 now! hes not gonna change he loves what he is hes just haveing fun with hes life no one is perfect realy leave him alone

  • Dong

    Montgomery Triangle is Awesome!! The real estate there is going through the roof!!!

    Mike is a cool dude. Takes care of himself and loves life and loves the ladies. Oooooohhhh yeah!!!

  • the truth

    Mike is a cool guy. Any guy whose been with a lot of women will tell you Mike knows what he’s doing. I don’t understand why guys would hate on him, unless they’re jealous…

  • Ronaldo

    Mike es da shit!! He knows what its all about–youse guys are just jealous

    Montgomery Triangle is awesome

  • angie

    soy admiradora numero uno de mike…pero me asusta el cambio que esta dando… paso de ser un chico amistoso y adorable…a un chico un poco problematico y arrogante…pero no importa al igual sigo admirandolo por su gran capacidad de enfrentarse a una “situation”




  • nandorish

    i defo not aggree with most here exept the ones that like to watch it first off all the people here that speak bad are the same way or done shit way worse then that whole house can do together i mean comon mike can be a backstaber sometimes, viny and pauly d hook up every night snooky haves here things but thats what i like about it keeps it alive atleast some people doing what ever they want to i bet most peeps here hatin just cant do it like they do it or even worse aint geting none at all. enjoyed the show:) situation

  • Punk

    Like them or hate them they made it big so you have to give them props at least for that but the funny thing is if these guys weren’t built then the girls wouldn’t be as into them as they are. Guess I should start hitting again!

  • ManUp

    He is soooo gay…

  • Tony

    These people are a disgrace to their people, their classmates, and humanity itself. But then again, they will be here today and gone tomorrow. Like most, they will have a run for their money, and be in the headlines for dropping dead of a drug overdose, or something like it. Always befitting people like this. So I will tune in when they are talking about their having passed on. Always want to pay my respects then.

  • Baloney

    Tony, u es jus jealous Bro. Suck it up butter cup!!

    Kikin it og in Montgomery triangle!! Cus Montgomery triangle is awesome and Montgomery es awesome!!

    seen Mike, hangin there, jus kikin it!!


  • Drew Peacock

    Mike is cool-he gots it going on!!

    true Montgomery is awesome!

    Montgomery triangle is awesome!!

  • cody

    all ya hatin best be stupid casue u watch the show and see the ppl so u have some intrest in this show just sayin mike jenni and sammi all the way