MUG SHOT Buckwild’s Ashley Whitt arrested for grand larceny after allegedly stealing a trailer

Buckwild's Ashley Whitt mug shot July 2014

Former Buckwild star Ashley Whitt and another man were arrested Sunday after they were found inside a stolen trailer in Rockport, West Virginia with the keys to the trailer in their pocket.

According to The News Center, the trailer’s owner was staying in a hotel about 25 miles up the road from the Rockport General Store where the trailer was found. The owner was alerted to the Grand Theft Trailer caper when a tracking device indicated it was on the move. Police later used the tracking device to easily locate the trailer as well as Ashley Whitt and a man named Wade Mitchell (mug shot photo below) — both of whom were charged with grand larceny.

Wade Mitchell mug shot

“They had no reasonable story about why they had possession of these vehicles,” Wood County Chief Deputy Shawn Graham said. “I’m sure we didn’t get the whole story from them. But the bottom line was, they had the stolen property, they were transporting the stolen property.”

According to deputies, Ashley and Wade claimed that they didn’t know each other and that they were told to take the trailer by another person they couldn’t identify.

Bond was set at $50,000 for both. Ashley has paid hers, Wade has not.

* I feel I should mention that the “trailer” was never really described in detail, so I’m not sure exactly what it is. The only things I know are that it’s worth enough to qualify as grand larceny if you steal it, it’s portable, it locks, and it’s large enough for Ashley and Wade to fit inside of it. (I’m guessing it’s a camper trailer of some sort?)

UPDATE – The Herald-Dispatch has provided a little clarity as far as what was stolen. According to their report, Ashley and Wade reportedly took an all-terrain vehicle that was on a trailer by hitching the trailer to their vehicle. According to Chief Deputy Graham, the all-terrain vehicle is worth right around $12,000 and the trailer is valued at approximately $3,000. So, in summary, Ashley and Wade claim they were told by an as yet unnamed person to pick up the trailer with the ATV on it, which they did. They were later arrested because they were in possession of the stolen property.

Ashley has since posted on Twitter and Facebook, seemingly in reference to her arrest:

On Facebook she wrote, “Once again I don’t have a phone… lol.”

Ashley seemed to foreshadow her “bad luck” with this tweet on Saturday:

UPDATE – Ashley has since responded to the story on Twitter:

The trailer caper isn’t the only recent run-in with the law for Ashley Whitt, as she was apparently arrested back in May for driving while intoxicated. Here are her mug shot photos from that arrest:

Buckwild Ashley Whitt mugshot May 2014Buckwild Ashley Whitt arrested May 2014

Ashley, who was pretty much the buckwildest of the Buckwild cast, has been working as a bar tender at a bar called Whiskey River.

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  • Josie

    I always thought she was homely. Her hard life is taking a huge toll on her looks and she is worse now.

  • Geniya

    I love how her twitter picture and her mug shot look like two different people.

    • Lyra

      I know! Social media is so altered from real life it’s ridiculous. People cherry pick pictures and then photoshop them.

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      • Geniya

        LOL she looks like a lost oompa loompa in her twitter picture.

  • Bethany

    @Asshholee is her twitter name? Classy!

  • Bridge39

    “Bartender” Try stripper.

  • christee

    Meth is a hell of a drug.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Pure trash

  • Amber

    I live near the town where she stole the “trailer.” It was actually a side-by-side (a type of fourwheeler) being hauled on a trailer. I’m not sure how you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s embarrassing to share a state of residency with these people.

    • TheJuggler42

      I agree! It’s a shame that these people give us West Virginians a bad name. I live in Williamstown, just less than a mile away from the hotel. Those are usually oil and gas workers who have the trucks with trailers and ATV’s that stay at that hotel

  • wvresident_001

    actually she doesn’t work at Whiskey river as a bartender she works at Southern exposure in barbousville,wv as a stripper

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  • Renee L

    She looks like she was born with fetal alcohol syndrome.