VIDEO Shoppers smash out window of hot Jeep to rescue crying kids

While a Texas mom was inside a strip mall getting her hair cut, her two children were trapped inside her hot vehicle crying out for help.

Shoppers noticed the children and decided to take matters into their own hands by busting out the windows of the vehicle to get the small boy and girl out.

Gabriel Del Valle, who was on hand and took video with his cell, told KHOU, “It was a crazy situation. The kids were in there crying. I mean you would understand. It’s real hot.”

In the clip you can see the window getting shattered by someone swinging a hammer. Del Valle added, “And even then they could barely open the doors because there was a child lock on.”

After several tense moments the two children were eventually freed. The mother had come out from the salon and told the shoppers that she had only left her son and daughter there temporarily so she could get her hair cut.

Surprisingly the police were never contacted after the mother was said to have pleaded with everyone at the scene – admitting that she made a terrible mistake.

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  • MoMo

    Hmm I bet the police were contacted now. If I were the shoppers I would have called 911 first and asked them if it was ok to smash the windows before doing so (although I definitely would have either way) because during these screwed up times we’re living in YOU could have maybe gotten arrested OR the mother probably could have sued you and won for breaking out her windows… even though your intentions were to save the lives of these innocent children.

    • Darren O

      Great points MoMo – before posting I double checked KHOU to see if there was an update on police involvement – nothing yet…

    • ren

      That’s exactly what I think. I would never be so bold as to automatically smash someone else’s window, unless I saw the kids in dire distress. The kids were crying and although I wasn’t there to see exactly what state they were in, it sounds like there would have been time to stand by and call 911 first just to cover my own butt.
      Had I been at this very scene, I would have called the police on this woman, regardless of her coming out and begging everyone not to. She’s an imbecile of a mother. How many stories have we heard of children dying in hot cars!? Seriously!

    • Lyra

      Isn’t it sad we all had the same thoughts about hesitating to break out the window because of the consequences.

      • Erica

        I wouldn’t have hesitated to break a window if I saw children sitting in a hot locked vehicle. Sue me, fight me, cuss me out whatever. A child is more important than your window.

      • CP

        I would have taken the charge Without regret. Those poor children’s lives are worth it.

    • Lyra

      I don’t see a 911 operator ever saying it’s okay. They could be held legally liable and will just say wait for the cops to show up. (There was a story of a 911 operator not telling a caller how to perform CPR because of legal liability.)

  • Jessika

    WTF is wrong with these people for not calling the police on her? This was not a dog she left in a hot car, it was her CHILDREN. You can’t be assured, promised to or convinced she wouldn’t do it again just by her begging you not to call the cops.

    • Samantha

      I would have called the cops even if it was a dog. I’m surprise no one was calling the cops while the others were trying to rescue these poor babies.

      • Sophie

        In many places it is not illegal to leave an animal in a hot car. Only if it dies are authorities involved.

    • Lyra

      I agree with you, but wonder if they were worried about her suing them for damage for the window.

      I hope between the public berating, the bill for the window, the fear of jail and most importantly her children’s safety she did have a wake up call.

    • Regina

      Dogs are just as important to save.

      • Roxiee

        I usually walk and one time I saw a dog in a car the window was more than slightly cracked and I didn’t have a phone and I wish I did that poor dog was really thirsty it with his tongue hanging trying to get out out the cracked window and I just stood their talking to the dog waiting for until someone came to the car it wasn’t until 5 minutes later so 2 lady came walking around the corner from a post office calmly talking and they stopped and looked at me and I asked if it was theirs and they said yes. I should’ve said something but I didn’t I just walked away. It makes me upset how people can leave anything living and breathing in car no matter the weather here in california and Im pretty sure other place has been hot even during winter, there was little rain.

  • LaLa84

    I live in Texas, it reached triple digits yesterday!! Screw being compassionate towards the mother, have compassion for the children, do the right thing and contact the police.
    It takes me 30-45 minutes to get a haircut, that doesn’t include wait time, getting in the chair and having a consultation, paying afterwards. Those children could have been in that car for an hour!!!

    • ren

      I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that the mother does this on a regular basis. If she thinks 40+ mins is no big deal, imagine how many other situations she must leave her kids in the car.

      • Murphy

        Yeah and for every one occasion we have of this in the news-there are hundreds out there doing it and not getting caught. It makes me wonder how often this happens in milder weather.

    • Texan

      Yep! I live in Texas too and it’s hot as hell here. I even leave my ac running for my dog when I run into Starbucks for 5 minutes. And even at that, I’m watching him the entire time from the window.

    • Renee L

      I do too LaLa and it was 104 yesterday (I’m 30 minutes from this area). I get in my car at the end of the day to drive home and it can’t cool down quick enough. It’s hard to breathe, I have to open the windows a little to let heat out until the AC completely cools the car. You turn it off and almost immediately it starts roasting inside. Horrible lady.

      • yvonnerchandler

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        • Renee L

          Can $8694 buy you a course in remedial spelling?


      I know, what they hell are people thinking?
      Let’s see her see sit in the car.. Makes my blood boil.. This is not ignorance either.. this was inconvenience to the mother.

  • Gah

    I live in Texas and it’s freaking hot. When it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s easily 110 or higher in the car with no air. I wouldn’t think twice if I saw children in a car like that – I would bust the window out, call 911 and CPS. That’s disgusting to leave your child in a car that hot. You know better. TXDoT shouldn’t have to put billboards up along the highways saying in Texas “Never leave a child alone in the car”. YOU SHOULD JUST KNOW THAT.

    • Bethany

      Exactly! I live in Texas and just made the round trip between San Antonio to Dallas on Saturday. The whole way, I was reading these signs. I was telling my dad, “why is that even necessary?”

      • Renee L

        That’s funny, I was driving between San Antonio and Houston this weekend and saw the signs. I first thought, why do they have to tell people this via highway signage? But then it said, if you see a child in a car…get help. Get help? For what? So now there can be 2 people looking at the kids? How about…call authorities instead?

  • bambiglanville

    let’s not contact the police so this woman can do it again… sounds about right… smfh.

    • Brandy Nicole

      Sadly the kids may not be so lucky next time.

  • Erica

    I hope the police see this find and charge her with endangering the welfare of minor children, child abuse and anything else they can get to stick. LEAVING YOUR CHILD(REN) in a hot ass car is NEVER OKAY! Uh, this mother deserves to be punched.

  • Valerie

    WTF is wrong with people?! It’s called leaving your kids at home with a babysitter! I swear some people are not meant to be parents!

  • LLCoolDay

    …yeah until the lady went to get her windows repaired and turned it around on them to pay. They should have called the police not only to help the children but for documentation to save their @sses, but thankfully was recording all this on tape.

  • KKKawKayzhun15

    wow, lots of people here from Texas.. Howdy neighbors!! with the guy in georgia in the news of late, I don’t know how this woman thought this would go unnoticed.. it’s way too hot for kids and pets in cars.. this woman should have been charged with endangering a child..

    • Renee L

      Another one in our neck of the woods, huh KKK?

      • KKKawKayzhun15

        yeah.. Texas is represented fairly well here..

  • savannah

    Not sure on state laws, but here in Canada, our police force has given the okay to smash windows to get pets out, damn sure you can smash them for kids. While doing so, authorities should be called as well. Charges should be laid in any case where children are left unattended in a vehicle like that. The stupidity of some humans still astounds me.

  • twelfthnight

    If she had left her kids for moments so she could run inside a gas station to pay for the gas she was going to get, that’s one thing. But a HAIRCUT? That can take over an hour!

    I can’t believe nobody called the police or medics. How can they know the kids were unharmed? Heat stroke doesn’t always show up immediately.

  • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    She left them there “only temporarily”? We’ll good thing she didn’t plan on leaving them there permanently I guess?!?! Wtf.

    • ChristophersPinkPlastic

      You may think it’s homophobic to state facts but I do not. Christopher loves shoving pink plastic peen inside of his backside. That is why he and you insult people first instead of just arguing your point. But you can’t handle it when others do the same back to you.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh get a life. If you’re so unbothered by being banned, why you acting so bothered, hmmm?

        • ChristophersPinkPlastic

          I’m not bothered by that but I am demonstrating a point!

          Lol. You don’t run this. You keep trying to tell me what to do. What is it with you fat ugly white women where you always think you can command others?

          You get a life! You are the one who supposedly celebrates Christmas but you are online arguing with me. Lol.

          • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

            You do know today isn’t *actually* Christmas, right?

            • ChristophersPinkPlastic

              It’s Christmas Eve. And here you are instead of celebrating your holiday with your loved ones. Why? Did you eat them too?

        • ChristophersPinkPlastic

          What is it with you fat ugly white women where you always think you can command others?

  • txforever

    The news has now updated the story, stating the initial report that the mother was in a salon getting her hair done, was incorrect.

    The updated story is reporting that she accidentally locked her keys in the car while strapping her kids into their car seats. When she called her insurance, they told her it would be two hours before a locksmith arrived, so the mother asked for help and found the man with the hammer to help her knock out the window. The mother is the woman seen crawling into the Jeep through the broken back window.

    I was so happy to read that the original story was wrong because the thought that someone could do this to their children in the 100° heat was unconscionable.