VIDEO Kate Gosselin’s teen daughters seem unhappy in special sneak-peek

Kate Gosselin - Mady Gosselin - TLC Special

Mother-of-eight Kate Gosselin always make a point of saying how excited her kids are to appear on television.

“I never would have agreed without asking them,” she said on GMA this morning of their TLC two-part special. “I checked with them. They absolutely agreed to do it. [They were] xcited, screamed and wanted to know immediately, ‘When’s the crew getting here?'”

But, if actions speak louder than words, then I’m less than convinced: In a new clip from tonight’s show, 13-year-old Mady Gosselin complains she’s “so over” her mom’s gimmicks.

“This is stupid. This isn’t fun. I don’t want to be a part of it,” Mady said while her mom was making plans for the sextuplets’ 10th birthday party.

Even more disconcerting is twin Cara Gosselin, who’s seemed afraid to say more than two words during any recent interview. (Who can forget their “most uncomfortable interview ever” on Today?)

Kate Gosselin - Cara Gosselin

Of course, one key note with Mady and Cara’s reactions is that they are 13. Opposing anything your parents say or do is natural at that age… But, most teens don’t have their angst moments broadcast on national television against their will.

Do you think the Gosselin kids wanted to participate in the new TLC special?

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  • sanoga

    These people are train wrecks. I don’t even know where to begin with that “sneak peek.”

  • SS

    If any of the 8 didn’t want to film the show, that wouldn’t stop Kate. She’s so fame-hungry.

    • kt

      I don’t think she’s as fame-hungry as she is money-hungry. She wants that paycheck. $$$

  • xo

    Cara looks so mortified and anxious and Mady is just making a fool out of herself in my opinion.

  • jebuz

    The teen twins seem annoying as heck but then again they’re mom is fame seeking nut job. Can’t wait til a tell all book from one of her kids comes out 🙂 it will be epic.

  • Voyavoda

    No offense, but there’s too many hens in that chicken coop.
    I feel for the lads that have to suffer through it. They sit there all polite and get overshadowed by the screaming banshees. Can’t be good for their own development.

    • linda

      You’re imagining things

  • Sweet Venom

    Was Mady saying she doesn’t want to be apart of filming or the sextuplets’ birthday party?

    Bottom line is, Mady was always outspoken and a bit annoying, and Cara was always shy.

    Not defending their mother though. Who’s the bigger fame wh*re, Kate or Farrah?

    • SmrtLikeStik

      I also remember that about the twins and I knew mady was going to be a difficult teenager lol

  • Sophie

    Is there supposed to be a video??

    • KK

      Came here to ask the same thing… Title says video but there isn’t one attached…

    • heyBale

      the video is the pic of kate looking upward.
      hover your mouse over it and a play button should appear

    • anjealka

      The clip they are talking about is on the TLC website if it won’t play here.

  • Renee L

    When Kate said “this will be a memory they will never, ever, ever, EVER forget…” I pictured her at the kids party when guest kids are leaving forcing in their face, “You will never, ever, ever, EVER forget this!” with her teeth clenched.

  • anjealka

    Unlike other reality tv kids, the Gosselins are the most isolated (even moreso then the Duggars). Even though filming is at in minimal, these girls get up do chores go to school come home do chores and go to bed. They live remote, no friends, no sports. While I understand it is hard to make all 8 kids happy, it is sad these 13 year olds can’t have a friend over or join a school club. It must be very confusing to live so isolated and then have mom say we are being filmed doing activites they normally do not do. I think that is the source of the twins anger Kate/TLC is making them film and pretend they are showing everyday life when they are not. I would be pissed too.

    • Minnie

      Cara plays soccer and Mady takes voice lessons, so I don’t think they’re too isolated.

  • Erica

    Those girls have always seemed like little brats always throwing tantrums even now that they are teens are still throwing tantrums and acting like babies!

  • Rob Ford (CRACK MAYOR)

    aren’t all teenagers unhappy at some point? I think Kate is funny but I don’t HAVE to live with her

  • MPmom

    Those girls were full of angst and teen attitude five years ago, how is this any different?

  • JHA

    I just laughed out loud at Maddy. Kates SOOOO out of touch and in her own “i want what I want” world. I don’t doubt these kdis are miserable, but Maddy is downright hilarious.

  • Irish

    Mady is a major brat. O M G!!!

  • WetNWild_1974

    Arrest her and shut down that network!

  • Yolanda Martinez

    Cara and Mady are totally acting out like teenagers. The sextuplets are just mimicking the twins behavior. Kate should’ve put them in some sort of sport so their stress levels would go down some.

  • Jana Dickey

    I wish people would stop being so hard on Kate. Sure she has faults like all of us but I admire her stamina, strength, and discipline. The father doesn’t seem that ambitious in their raising or futures. He just ridicules Kate. That really gets tiring. She does seem to have a problem with terms right now being bratty. That’s just teens, plus probably a little brainwashing

  • LaLa84

    Mady and Cara are complete brats.

  • Jonas

    I almost feel sorry for Cara……you can just tell she is miserable. I see NO smiles from her or any of them really. They all look bored when getting interviewed and I don’t think the twins really care for any of the sextups……I never see them showing love to or for each other. The boys might just come out okay. They seem to have each other’s backs. The girls, all 5 of them, are gonna be nothing but drama, drama, drama. Kate needs to realize in 3 years she will have 8 TEENAGERS under her roof. I hope they all get separate therapists when that happens.