PHOTOS Nikkole Paulun gets logo tattoo in exchange for free tanning for life

Nikkole Paulun gets tattoo in exchange for free tanning for life

16 & Pregnant alum Nikkole Paulun is no stranger to stirring up controversy, and the now-20-year-old mom has the Twitterverse choosing sides in a heated debate after she revealed that she recently got a tattoo of a tanning salon on her thigh in exchange for free tanning for life.

Here’s the tweet that started the whole thing:

We spoke with Nikkole about her decision to offer up her body for advertising and she says, “Well it’s the tanning salon that I’ve always gone to.” She reveals that the tanning salon, Electrik Beach, posted the “Tatts & Tans 4Ever” offer on Facebook last month:


Nikkole says she was one of ten chosen to get the tatvertising, which was done by Kings & Queens Tattoo Studio in Monroe, Michigan.

As you can tell in the photo at the top of this post, Nikkole get her tattoo on her upper right thigh. “You can’t see it unless I’m in undies,” the now-20-year-old mother of one says, adding, “It’s only 2 x 2 inches.” Here’s another photo of Nikkole actually getting the tattoo:

Nikkole Paulun tanning salon tattoo

Nikkole also tells us that free tanning for a lifetime wasn’t the only thing the Electrik Studios “lifers” got in exchange for the tattoos. “We got free tshirts and lotion and stuff too,” she says.

Some commenters on Twitter pointed out that the tanning studio may only have been offering the promotion because it was soon going out of business, but Nikkole isn’t worried. “It’s actually a big chain around here and has a lot of locations all over so I don’t think it will close anytime soon,” Nikkole says confidently. “It was actually done on the opening day of their new location,” she adds.

Electrik Beach got a lot of positive feedback on and questions about the promotion, and they responded on Facebook with the specifics of the offer and dropped the hint that they may be doing it again soon:

It was a super fun event. It was one day, we scheduled in advance, the #lifers got Real, EB logo tattoos and got free tanning in our system 5000 for life! 🙂 we have been open 23 years and have opened 6 locations this far and will continue to grow! We are also the only tanning studio in south eastern michigan to have a wide area network. Which means no matter which location you go to for your purchase, you can still go to any location to use it! Thank you again #lifers for participating.

Everyone who has been asking if we will do the tattoos again… Just keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook, twitter, and Instagram for new specials, upcoming events, freebies, sales, and giveaways!! We will always have new and exciting things going on!!

So would you have gotten a tattoo of a tanning studio logo in exchange for free tanning for life? How about the logo of a different company? I’m not much for tanning, but I’d have to seriously think about getting a “DD” tat if it meant getting free Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for life!

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  • Jess

    Dumb a$s

  • xo

    What a head case.

  • Bri

    Free cancer!

  • gross.

    Really starcasm? This is someone that got away scot free from these teen mom/ 16 and preg. sites for FAKING a pregnancy and stillbirth. People talked about it for awhile and then stopped, as if it didn’t happen. She used the money that she got paid for that fake story (from radaronline) to buy breast implants. Because one month after having a stillborn child, at 9 months, that’s the first thing I’m worried about! New boobs! What disgusting joke and huge insult to women that have actually endured miscarriages and stillbirths. Why even feature such a delusional, sick piece of trash? She is worse than Jenelle, and I really wish you guys would stop given her attention.

    Good luck Nikkole with your free tanning. Have fun with the cancer that comes with it. I’d rather it be you than an innocent person that doesn’t pretend to have delivered a stillborn baby for money. And let’s not forget how she brought Lyle into the entire thing, her actual living, breathing son. It’s sick, and in a perfect world I’d hope DCF would keep her far away from him.
    Get psychiatric help/rehab soon Nikkole. And Rikki/all of Nikkole’s friends that know that she’s nuts, you are just as bad for enabling this insanity.

    • Samantha


    • Lola

      How did the “father” of the child she faked let her get away with that? It’s so sick I want to throw up.

      • spottedgiraffe

        Because legal fees aren’t cheap and there aren’t any laws against girls lying about being pregnant, or even lying about who the dad is and having a random guy support a kid that isn’t his. The only thing he could press charges for is pain and suffering or emotional distress, and there’s a chance she wouldn’t even be convicted of that. It wasn’t worth it.

  • Sweet Venom

    lol This is so funny, but sad too. She looks older than she actually is and must really be desperate.

  • Minnie

    Please stop writing about this fugly piece of trash.

  • Ashley

    You know tattoos get faded when people tan right? That’ll look great in your 50’s Nicole. Good decision making, as always.

  • justsayno

    Only wh0res can be bought. Hope the company goes under and her dumb@ss is left with a horrible tattoo for nothing.

  • storm

    This girl is absolute trash. This, combined with the fake pregnancy and stillbirth, combined with the fact that she no longer has custody of her son and constantly uses hard drugs…. she disgusts me. I thought she seemed okay on the show, but she is a totally different person with no morals at all.

    • blah

      Who & how did she loose custody to?

      • blah

        *To who

    • Braelynne

      Why doesn’t she have custody of Lyle?

      • spottedgiraffe

        Nikkole’s mom has custody. And nikkole never really took care of Lyle anyway she was basically a Jenelle that always dumped him off on her mother. She was never a mom, now it’s just legal that she’s not a mom. She’s disgusting. She’s off living with her trashy boyfriend

        • ameliaBedelia76

          wow, I didn’t know that! I was pretty disgusted about her fake pregnancy & stillborn. This chic obviously has mental issues.

  • Cait

    What an idiot. I have tattoos and I occasionally tan, but never would I even consider getting a logo tattoo just to get free tanning for life lol is this girl THAT desperate for attention?! And does anyone else think she looks like a drug addict in the first picture?

    • spottedgiraffe

      Not gonna lie I would consider it for endless Taco Bell. I’d ultimately say no but I would consider it.

  • TA

    she finally told the truth about something when she said “no shame.”

  • Red

    Is it just me or is she looking…. Much worse than she did not even a year ago??

    • Yea

      She’s a butterface.

    • Renee L

      I was just getting ready to say that. A good part of these 16&P girls were a little on the unfortunate side, but over the past few years grew into their looks. She just looks haggard.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Her leg and shorts look like an ice cream come in the first photo.

  • Renee L

    What does she do for a living besides lying and whoring herself out for money? Does she just kind of blindly go through life?

  • Lauren

    Keeping it classy Nikkole. But then again this is the same girl that faked a pregnancy for 9 months & then a stillborn birth only to cry wolf when her lie was discovered.

  • Demona

    Brilliant marketing. Tattoo our logo to play Cancer Roulette free for life. They should advance the game for Round 2 and add “Pick the Stick” with a pile of used needles.

  • Jenn

    They gonna pay for chemo when you get skin cancer? Idiot.

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