Joslyn James photos Tiger Woods mistress number 11

Tiger Woods mistress and adultery teacher Joslyn James

UPDATE March 18, 2010 – Joslyn releases full Tiger Woods sexting messages

UPDATE: Joslyn claims to have been pregnant by Tiger twice!

UPDATE: Joslyn sues Tiger mistress novelty golf ball maker!

Another day, another Tiger Woods mistress. The latest woman caught swinging Tiger’s club is Joslyn James, the second mistress who makes her living in the adult film industry. Joslyn joins fellow pro ho Holly Sampson on the not-so-shortlist, effectively lowering Tiger to just five degrees of sexual separation from 85% of the earth’s adult population.

Here is another photo of the lovely, and apparently well-educated Roslyn hard at work teaching adultery class:

Tiger Woods got an A in Adultery 101 from teacher and mistress Joslyn James

And here’s the cover from one of her many Oscar-nominated films:

Roslyn all dressed up for Tiger:

No doubt Roslyn put the first three letters in Titleist!

Be sure to check out the Starcasm Tiger Woods Mistress Scorecard with names, photos, ages and brief descriptions of all the mistresses we know anything about. It should be noted that Joslyn is Mistress #11 overall because there are three mistresses revealed by various sources who have managed to keep their identities secret so far. So, the Scorecard will continue to tabulate based on when the mistress identities were actually revealed.

Warning – don’t head over to Naughty America if your boss is looking over your shoulder!

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  • RagingBear

    I can`t believe this, her boob job shows. He actually was able to get it up for this? EWwwwww……I can`t stand fake boobs, especially when you can see the lines form the inplants. That`s just wrong.

    • RagingBEAVER

      agreed scroll up for my other comments

  • pete

    So double penatration for years and its Tiger who got her prego? Porn must not pay much.

    • RagingBEAVER

      Thank you people

  • Ragingboar

    I am agreed you bear about the fake boobs! But still theres 1 thing i am wondering about,Why would she want to go with tiger?except for that she’s getting loads of money…its just sick i tell (im from sweden as elin) to go pay to get laid when you got a wife + kids, just wait for the moment it will come for you to tiger!your very succsesd in golfing and continue with that instead of joining loads of scandals(ruining your reputation with your own fans and supporters)makes it very easy for media to get you down with you reputation!

  • RagingBEAVER

    @@@ Answer to Pete, Well yes he got her prego and duoble penatration for some years.. P0rn dosent have a Name for the scandals its taken, p0rns just a very welthy way to get money,intimate Disease’s,AND being showed when u get f*cked in a movie…. Thats just embarrasing for you,your family , your whole world will collapse!P0rn shouldent even be something u sell anymore!its just sick to watch other people f*ck eachother!!Thanks again

  • RagingBEAVER

    @@@ Answer to RagingBear,Well thats true about the boobs, i fully agree with you about that, but there still is 1thing why would a girl like her do it(i think she is pretty hot except for that you see her boob job,) she just ruins for herself!and thats something that i hate to see

  • my