Cover art for Farrah Abraham’s erotic romance novel, Celebrity Sex Tape: In The Making

Farrah Abraham - Celebrity Sex Tape In the Making Cover

Farrah Abraham has collected her thoughts, composed complete sentences and authored a brand new book. Amazingly, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.

The infamous Teen Mom star is set to publish the first ebook in her erotic romance novel trilogy. Titled Celebrity Sex Tape: In The Making, the future bargain bin book is loosely based on Farrah’s own life. Here’s the description from the publisher, Ellora’s Cave…

The journey: Hot sex. A few thrills. A lot of tips and tricks. There has to be more to life than this, and I’m going to find it.

The woman: I’m like every other person out there. I want to be loved and I want to be happy. But in the words of my best friend, I have to kiss a few frogs along the way. That’s okay, I know what I want and I’m not afraid to go after it, to hell with what other people think. My name is Fallon Opal, and I’m not who everyone thinks I am.

The star: To the world I’m another starlet gone crazy. Always traveling, clubbing non-stop, and juggling drug problems and alcohol issues. The truth couldn’t be further from that. I’m on a journey to find myself and I’m going to do it without shame — my way. Sometimes it feels like the world is against me but that won’t stop me from getting mine.

Even if we are to disregard the run-on sentences, the book seems to have another thing working against it: predictability. As in, if you want the advance copy, just read through our Farrah Abraham archives from the past year.


Nonetheless, Ellora’s Cave apparently has enough confidence in Farrah’s torrid tale to sign her on for two sequels.

“Her reaction to public scrutiny reveals the person she truly is, rather than what the media have made her out to be,” Ellora’s Cave CEO Patty Marks said in a press release, apparently not realizing that isn’t a compliment. “She’s tough and she’s determined but she has vulnerabilities like the rest of us, whether or not she lets them show. I think readers will be surprised to find out who Farrah really is and what a great character she has developed with Fallon Opal… It’s great to have another independent woman like Farrah in our publishing house celebrating her sexuality.”

Farrah further blurred the line between her and Fallon Opalham by saying the writing process was therapeutic.

“Fallon’s story follows what I’ve gone through recently, much of it witnessed and misunderstood by the public,” Farrah said. “Book One is an entertaining and sexually charged novel, but it’s also an inside look at the underside of being a reality TV star that everyone else can relate to.”

Initially I was pretty amazed at how close our guess as to what the cover might look like way back in August, but I suppose it wasn’t really that difficult. Here are side-by-side images of Celebrity Sex Tape: In The Making and Long Ago And Farrahway for comparison:

Farrah Abraham - Celebrity Sex Tape In the Making Cover  Farrah Abraham erotic romance book cover

Unfortunately, there’s no word on how Farrah’s Christian parenting book is going.

Celebrity Sex Tape: In The Making is set for release on July 1, but it’s available now for preorder through Amazon.

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  • Tabitha

    Will someone please put her, Biebs and the Kardashians on an island together??

    • Erica

      whoa whoa were blowing the island up afterwards right? otherwise I’m not in! lol

  • anon

    “New York Times Best Selling Author”??? For real?!??!

  • LaLa84

    Is this real life?

    • Nathan

      It’s hard to tell sometimes.

  • Laura

    Farrah is such a joke.

  • twelfthnight

    Bahahahahaha is that a friggin GoPro? What kind of sex is she having?

    Her head looks gigantic, and like a drag queen. And that dude isn’t even attractive. Looks a little slow to me.

    Guess “Bestselling author” doesn’t mean at ALL what it used to.

    • LaLa84

      It looks like she’s posing alone and her image was superimposed on top of him.

      • twelfthnight

        LOL you’re right. But to be fair, if you were him you probably wouldn’t want to look at that horse face either, would you?

        • LexiconD1

          Hahahaha, when I first glanced at the photo…I thought it was her father Micheal.


  • FarrahHasBaboonAssLips

    “Teen mom star” LMAO

  • christee

    Witnessed and misunderstood? When your own child says you look like evil, there’s probably not as much misunderstanding going on as she’d like us all to believe. If it walks like a donkey and talks like a donkey, it’s probably a Farrah. Is there anything about this girl that is genuine, or at the very least, not batshit insane?

    • Anna

      “…donkey, it’s probably a Farrah” That made me burst out laughing!

      But really, you shouldn’t insult the donkeys of the world–they are intelligent, hard-working, loyal creatures who are routinely abused and overworked. Everything Farrah claims to be but is not.

  • Sinead

    Fallon Opal.
    That will go down next to Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way as one of the all time best character names.
    The writing is well… bad. I feel sorry for the editor that had to go through all of Farrah’s sex journals and string them together into a story. Of course for this genre you don’t really have to have writing skills, I mean Fifty Shades of Dull was a best seller.

  • Sweet Venom

    Yeah I see this being an original narrative. Hypocrite. I bet this cum-bucket has yet to crack open an actual book.

  • Anna

    Does she not see that the picture is not flattering? Jay Leno comes to mind.

  • Carry On My Wayward Son

    The guy ‘posing’ with her on the cover almost looks like he has no eyes. Like he’s a Demon ala Supernatural.

  • Demona

    We can all relate to being a reality star (snort). Fiction that uses your own face for the cover? Seriously? Ellora is selling out for a celeb name grab.

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