PHOTOS Epic Photoshop fail on Target bikini listing creates scary thigh gap and skin spikes

Target bikini Photoshop fail

We have a new entry in the Apparel Retail Photoshop Failipedia courtesy of Target and their listing for the Xhilaration junior’s leopard print bikini. The photo features the usually petite gorgeous swimwear model, but if you look not all that closely, you will notice this model is a little more petite than she should be courtesy of a rather horrendous job of Photoshop plastic surgery!

Target bikini Photoshop fail thigh gap Target bikini Photoshop fail top

In addition to having her left arm and side trimmed down dramatically (and clumsily — resulting in a rather unusual flesh spike) the model also appears to have undergone a complete removal of her vagina, which I am guessing was in order to increase her inner thigh gap? And then there’s her left and right hips and thighs — not to mention her mangled right hand!

Target bikini Photoshop fail bottoms inner thigh gap


It seems Target’s concerns about the model’s appearance was only from the front as there doesn’t appear to be any Photoshopegery on the back view of the same swimsuit:

Target bikini Photoshop fail back view

And just in case you were wondering what the model above looks like from the front with her vagina, arms and legs completely intact, here she is modeling another bikini from the Target line:

Target bikini non PhotoShopped

Yeah, she definitely doesn’t look very good. Let’s run that photo through the Target bikini beautificator and she what that would look like…

Target bikini Photoshop fail filter

Yeah, much better. #SMDH

So far there has been no official statement from Target about the image. The listing for the two-piece set and the bottoms are gone, but the listing for the bikini top is still live at the time of this post.

Kudos to The Ethical Adman for initially discovering the listing.

UPDATE – Boy do I feel silly! I’m reminded of the adage, “If it were a snake you’d be dead” because another example of Target’s egregious Photoshop bikini failegery has been discovered and it’s the back view of the very same bikini I manipulated above!!! Here it is — and remember, I have not altered it in any way from the photo used by Target on the listing:

Target bikini Photoshop fail butt

Now THAT’S a wedgie!!!

Also, Target has since issued a statement about the butchered pics. “This was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize. We have removed the image from our website,” it read.

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  • Erica

    get out of here with that whole photoshop crap i hate it so much just show a women natural so all these younger girls don’t think they have to be stick thin!

  • Chandler Bing

    Target – Mutilating people since 1902.

  • KnowTheLedge

    I gotta say, she looks much better with a vagina lol

  • Sara

    Pfft. Target has such ugly clothes anyway. This is ridiculous. They make their models so thin it’s scary. I want to scream “Alien!!” and run away!

    • joe bob

      you are probably more of a walmart girl right

      • Sara

        Wow, really? Way to assume something totally wrong about a perfect stranger. Target = Walmart anyways.

  • Graphic Designer

    Someone accidentally shifted the clipping path when they cut out the image to eliminate the background. It’s not some attempt to change her body. Take all the areas that cut into her, shift them to the right and down slightly and they match the shape of her body.

    • Usagi-chan

      Yes, it makes sense.

  • FYR

    Ill be the first to say that your photoshop version was funny LOL, good job Starcasm.

  • Usagi-chan

    ^^;; I don’t think they were trying to make her look skinnier.

    This is coincidental, not the same as other incidents.

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