Is Todd Chrisley gay?

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USA is bringing a new, over-the-top family to reality television with Todd Chrisley and his family in Chrisley Knows Best. He and his family live in a gigantic 30,000 sq. ft. house right outside of Atlanta, and bragging about spending over $300,000 on clothes. According to early promo videos for the show Chrisley is a controlling father who asks everyone in the family to strive for perfection. He’s also obsessed with fashion, and is trying to get into that cut-throat industry by launching department stores.

He’s definitely a charismatic, and according to him some of his flamboyant mannerisms lead people to ask him via Twitter when he’s going to come out of the closet. His response? “I don’t live in a closet, but if you’d like me to escort you out of yours, I’m happy to do so,” Todd says in the print edition of People. “I am who I am. Love me or walk away. Or in this case, you can use the remote. That anyone is thinking what I’m doing in my bedroom at 45 is exciting!”

He added to People: “There’s no coming out. What you see is what you get. I am what I am. Other people’s opinions of me are just not my business.” UPDATE: Radar Online reports that Chrisley has been sued for sexual harassment on two separate occasions by both male and female employees.

Todd has been married to his wife Julie, a former Miss Carolina (though it’s unclear which Carolina,) for 18 years, and they have five children. And in a way, he’s modeling himself after Kris Jenner, a former neighbor of his who built a reality show empire around her affluent lifestyle with her brood of kids. But Todd’s quick to note that there are some differences. “Kris has done an amazing job,” he says. “But we have boundaries and a different thought process on raising children. Because I came from very little, I wanted to give my children everything I dreamed of, but I have no problem giving them nothing.” In fact Todd’s style of parenting involves putting GPS systems in their cars to track their every move. As he says on the show “He who has the gold rules. I have the gold. You don’t.”

His gold is in a precarious situation right now though, because he’s in the middle of a $45 million bankruptcy case his lawyer says is because of a bad real estate deal. Things got complicated last month when a trustee filed a complaint alleging that he may have give his wife some of his wealth to hide his assets. His lawyer says that is not true.

On the show Chrisley says he made most of his money in real estate, but now he wants to get into his true passion: fashion. In order to do that, he’s launching Chrisley Department Stores.

Here’s a sneak peak of Chrisley Knows Best, which debuts March 13 on USA:

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    • kiki

      Learn how to spell have!!! Omg enough already

    • Davester

      He makes Ted Haggard seem butch.

      • SammyG

        Good one!

    • JerseyGirl

      Seriously, Starcasm. Proofread your articles before posting! I see better written posts by 14 year olds on Facebook.

      • kiki

        They changed it… and now we look crazy cuz no one else can see it lol

      • Cassandra McCormack

        Oh god I was thinking the same thing! Who the F wrote this? Do they not even have autocorrect? “ahve”, really?

      • Henry Patel

        No. There is still at least one mistake. I stopped reason it immediately. What a joke. Doesn’t autocorrect fix that, and what happened to that red squiggly line. I am actually somewhat embarrassed for them.

    • Guy

      He’s so fem. if he really isn’t gay, he’s at least bi or a cross dresser..

      • Xzamilio

        That’s a stupid stereotype. That’s like saying really masculine gay guys aren’t really gay. Unless he tells you or you find video of him with another guy, he is what he says he is… of course he didn’t say what he was, but whatever.

      • Nikki

        Have you seen him in a dress? How is he a cross dresser? Im so sick of ignorance and the sterotypes!

        • Mark

          O no u must be the liberal pc police.better not say things that may offend someone. Sheeesh homos!

      • OUR12

        I suspect he wears women’s underwear.

    • Erica

      It sounds like he is going Broke back mountain style… got a wife and kids but is hiding his true self! But who knows maybe he is just VERY Metro?

    • Todd S. Jenkins

      I’ve endured these commercials for weeks now and haven’t seen a single thing that could possibly make me interested in these no-name, self-worshipping mutants. Drop this shit and put some reality back into “reality” TV, eh?

    • dookerj

      God, terribly stupid (and poorly written) article about an even stupider topic. Learn to spell!!!

      • Autocorrct

        Stupider is not a word, genius -_-

    • EttySpaz

      You misspelled have.

      • captain Ron

        Who cares how people spell, talk and live their not there my opinion there is nothing real about reality shows, there never was starting with the real world (MTV) & there never will be..if u waste ur life believing and watching this so called television entertainment your just as superficial as the actors and creators..not to mention its non of our business to judge anyone’s sexuality unless its our own

        • Admiral Rusty Schackleford

          “Who cares how people spell, talk, act, live their lives?”
          Your ignorance and moral ambivalence are exquisite. To answer your question, most people care about those things. Being literate, able to speak correctly, acting with dignity, respect, and honor. Yea, people care about those things. People who aren’t losers anyway. Having standards for how you live your life is not a bad thing. The adults in your life have failed you. You are the unfortunate, ignorant result.

          • shame on you

            I can tell from reading your comment that you are oblivious to the REAL world. You are not acting with respect. Quit trying to prove yourself and stop taking things so serious. Does it make you feel good calling an individual “unfortunate” while you yourself are clueless to how you sound. It is unfortunate how you think that extensive vocabulary and belittling others make you appear “educated”. There are a lot of successful people in this world who are not book smart or excelled in English/grammar. How many times did school fail you with their false information in textbooks? You are narrow minded. Keep trying to prove yourself to others. I suggest you stop wearing your pants too tight and have a personality.

            • Admiral Rusty Schackleford

              He he. Loser.

    • The Mouse

      Who the heck cares. As a gay man, I truly have known of straight men who actually were straight yet had these mannerisms. Gay men don’t have a monopoly on these mannerisms. I am still shocked that not only do straight people find it hard to believe a straight man can lisp or have “feminine” mannerisms, but even gay men are just as intolerant of men who identify as straight who sound “gay” (whatever that means). Ugh. Why can’t people just have an open-mind? FYI, I have met in rural Wisconsin very butch women who you’d swear were “butch dykes” but were not (and if the say so, why shouldn’t I believe them?). They hunted game, were not into fashion and were outdoorsy and sensible/plain about how they looked. Does that mean they are lesbian? Sheesh!

      • dude

        My best friend is a straight cat caller, he basically gets any chick he wants when he wants but If you met him you’d say he makes Chrisley look like the Brawny paper towel guy

      • Jessica Andrews

        @themouse I agree.I am an adult woman who never left her “tom boy” phase, and I very much enjoy my husband. I was raised with only men (that I respected enough to learn from), and maybe he was raised around mostly women. Don’t jump to conclusions, because he got it done at least 5 times.

    • Joey

      He’s OBVIOUSLY not gay! He produced 5 children, and his wife is still around!! Gay? No. Bi? Not unless he acts on it. Curious? MAYBE

      • NANative

        Joey, how disarmingly sad that you believe a man is not gay because he has both a wife and children.

      • SammyG

        Kids dont mean anything… I personally know 7 gay men who have biological children.

      • Admiral Rusty Schackleford

        Weather you act on it or not, if you are sexually attracted to members of the same sex, you are a homosexual by definition. Both sexes, bisexual Etc.. Pretty simple stuff. Not rocket surgery.

    • catlady12

      Some of the most manly men have recently come out gay, so that does not mean much.

    • scifiguy

      He makes Richard Simmons seem butch… I’m a gay man and I’d like to kick his ass in. There’s a difference between being gay and being a flaming queen.

      • Melissa Long Barham

        I learned a very good lesson lately….I believed that someone very precious to me, who wears her hair in”a butch style” and dresses in way not feminine is gay. Appearances can be deceiving. Now I don’t know if she believes she is gay, but I made the assumption that she is but I could very well be wrong and should not have assumed. We have talked about everything, me being a former stripper and drug addict…she knows she can come to me with anything. Just because someone doesn’t fit into the box of what you think someone should look like or act like, does not make them gay. Depending on the sex of a person, sometimes the pituitary gland produces more or less of testosterone or estrogen. Society has convinced these people that they must be gay and they are pushed out of regular circles. Now, on you being gay, I’m telling you the truth in love…it is an abomination to GOD. You are not born that way. A scientist did a very lengthy study of identical twins, and of course they have IDENTICAL DNA. This scientist studied thousands of cases and in not one set of twins (every set, one believed they were gay) studied were both found to believe they were homosexual. You have believed a lie from the pit of hell. Society and circumstances and the pleasure you receive from sex make you believe it. Just like I loved drugs, you love how the opposite sex makes you feel. I know you will be angered by this truth. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ reveal Himself to you and you believe the truth. I love you and Jesus Christ loves you. Please at least seek the truth and don’t follow the world…it is the wide path and only leads to an eternity separated from GOD and hope and spent being tortured by the devil who made you believe this lie. The Lord bless and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine on you and be gracious to you and give you trust and the joy and peace that can only come from knowing Him

        • MrTruth

          Aww, and she started off making so much sense….

        • I smell a druggie

          You sure you’re an EX drug addict? You sound like you might be on something.

        • Elizabeth Black

          Did you take some crazy pills halfway through this post? What the heck…

        • Heather H.

          If you don’t sin, Jesus died for nothing.

          • EmaLee


        • EmaLee

          I think you’ve smoked a tad too much meth in your time, hon. You’re talking crazy.

    • Richard K

      This ‘mo reminds me of the following scene from Will & Grace:

      Karen Walker to Will’s best friend, the flamboyant Jack McFarlane: No one in the world would believe you’re straight. You’re as gay as a clutchpurse on Tony night. You fell outta the gay tree, hitting every gay branch on the way down. And ya landed on a gay guy… and ya did ‘em. No, no, honey, your gayness can be seen from space.

      • Twinytwin


        • Tara Walton


      • Jessica Andrews

        Don’t call anyone a ‘mo on the internet. I dunno if you were trying to be offensive, but my friends have seen it a lot in the lgbt community lately too. If someone doesn’t know you’re kidding it looks like another homophobe online to agree with. if you WERE being a d-bag, then why watch Will and Grace?

    • AmberP

      I just watched an episode and loved it he has some very old fashioned views on raising children HATS OFF! I set this to record so I won’t miss an episode!

    • The Al

      More wealthy soon to be broke airhead’s flaunting what most will never know.So how come obama’s not on this dude to share the wealth???

    • Aunalyssa Marie Conner

      He isn’t gay that’s just how ga southern men talk. Born n raised in ga. Its nothing new but the show is like all the rest dumb and dumbest.

      • CrazyPpl

        I was born, raised and continue to reside in Georgia. The only southern men that talk like this that I have ever heard or have ever known are gay. Not that it matters one way or the other. His sexual orientation is his and his wife’s business, not mine.

      • Admiral Rusty Schackleford

        Um… No, this is how gay men in Georgia speak. And he is from South Carolina.

      • Melody Weckel

        He’s not even from georgia..I was born and raised there too and I’m kinda skeptical that you were since that’s a stereotype the only kind of accent that can even come close to that is like some older southern gentlemen I know..which it’s still different because it’s like he’s tryin to sound that way but messin it up because of the..yeah gay soundin twist he puts on almost feels like he’s doin it on purpose and it’s ridiculous we do not need any southern Kardashians by the way seemin so fake and material obsessed..

        • Molly Davis

          He’s originally from South Carolina. i’m from Tennessee with VERY close friends in South Carolina. They sound JUST LIKE HIM.

    • mark4java

      Who wrote this? A third grader. Geez invest in a computer w/spell check. Even my phone has that.

    • docwatson

      If this guy really is straight, he’s feeding the feminization and emasculation of the American male. ;

    • cig

      He seems like a gold digging closet queen who can’t manage money or his desire to be admired. Obviously he stopped maturing at 12. And has been compensating and envying wealth, beauty queens and their clothes ever since.

    • Dan

      He needs to be honest with himself and come out the closet

    • tcseacliff

      flaming, queen like , hwatever all i can really say about him and his show (proms were /are awful!) is “ick”!


      Whoever writes this blog needs some serious grammar lessons. Way too hard to follow because I was too busy trying to decipher all the grammatical errors.

    • Theresa Bates

      Seriously, people! You NEVER accidentally type “a-h-v-e” instead of “have” because you have perfect keyboarding skills. If that’s the best you can find, go correct some seventh grade essays; now, there’s a real challenge! As for overall reporting, journalism is supposed to be written at sixth grade level and it’s apparent that these internet bloggers/reporters tend to take that seriously.

    • Tara Walton

      This article has severe grammatical errors!! but I love the show and yes Todd is very flamboyant but that doesn’t always make a person gay…Furthermore that’s his business if he is or isn’t …..

    • hargen

      “…severe grammatical errors!! but..” (no period?). “Furthermore that’s..”(no comma?)

    • floydandfriends

      I’ve seen the show a few times and all it is about is a guy who is a horses ass thinking he’s better than everyone else and treats his kids like crap…Not only does he have low jacks on the cars but bugged his kids phones to know where they are at all times…Thats a sick overbearing guy that has trust issues and has to be in power of everything to make himself feel important…He acts like a 12 year old child if its not his way…I saw them swimming and his son’s 800.00 phone was on the floating dock and he throws it in the lake to his son saying you have a call….He puts the kids down and god knows how they will grow up…If you look at Todd and his so called wife, none of the kids look anything like them…..Look at his 17 year old son with dark hair, but it looks as if he has false teeth? Todd has a ego that bigger than the house!

    • PuffDogggy

      That guy is Gay!

    • Xfour00

      seeing this show for the first time on tv…who’s the target audience? gay men who wish they were married to women? or women who wish they were married to gay men?

    • Sean Bagley

      Isn’t he also Dr. Phil’s wife? If not, they most certainly share the same plastic surgeon.

    • OUR12

      Apparently you’ve never been in prison.

    • Robert Davis