Egggate not over easy: Justin Bieber likely to face charges


As Justin Bieber trots the globe leaving a trail of marijuana fumes, speeding rides and the nibbled naughty bits of strippers in his wake, the all-important investigation into #Eggate has continued.

The latest coming from California doesn’t bode well for The Biebs – but then again we’ve said that before and the kid’s slid…

TMZ, who’s been all over this scrambled mess, is now reporting that the L.A. County District Attorney has enough good evidence to prosecute Bieber for the egging of his neighbor’s home.

The “smoking gun” in this case that could crack things wide open and land the pop star in the frying pan is a surveillance video that is said to show Bieber in the vicinity of the tossing. It was previously believed that the videos the cops managed to get their hands on didn’t have this type of incriminating detail – but apparently they do.

It should be noted that Bieber is not seen actually throwing the eggs…

There’s also the eyewitness testimony of the man on the wrong side of the projectiles as well as his teenage daughter who both claim Bieber is guilty. Anddddd, there’s the video that TMZ has in which you can hear what most definitely sounds like Justin yelling obscenities during the middle of the incident.

In consideration of all of this, the sources believe it will be extremely difficult for charges not to be filed. The big question then will be if they classify it as a felony based on the amount of damage that’s believed to have been caused – or if it’s a misdemeanor.

A decision should be expected this week.

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  • P

    All this punk will get is probation or community service at the most. Throw him in the slammer so some big bubba can make him his chew toy.

  • Me

    DEPORT HIM!!!!!!

    • Maiko Higa

      He can’t be deported, he has a visa not a green card. If his visa were to be revoked he would have to go back to Canada.

      • Burkey

        People here on work visas can be deported if convicted of felonies..

  • Charla

    Is an egging that serious for criminal charges?? Geez, make him pay for the damages and be done with it. Why waste taxpayer’s money trying to prosecute this when he has endless money to fight it (unlike the state of California). Half of teenagers have committed some type of vandalism, whether it’s egging, teepeeing, writing your name on something, etc. Just make him pay for the damages!

    • P

      Here in America you don’t buy off your crimes by simply paying for damages (although some lucky people may seem like they do). $20,000 worth of damage isn’t just some easy cover up paint job. Eggs have destructive ingredients to certain varnishes and materials, therefore, causing in a lot of cases expensive repairs. If this were your house and your $20,000 bill I suspect you would feel differently.

      • Charla

        1. I’m from America and there is something called “civil court” which means paying for your crimes. So you may want to read up on that. 2. My house has been egged (on Halloween) and a water hose removed everything! 3. I highly doubt that home had $20,00″ worth of damage. 4. This issue is for civil courts and not criminal as I said because it’s a waste of California’s money. How about they go prosecute a murderer, instead?

        • P

          I guess you are not familiar with expensive Venetian plaster… which the victim’s house had. $15,000 alone to repair. An additional $5,000 for wood stain repair. Far from simple water hose treatment lol. Exactly the reason why it’s a felony crime instead of a prank. Again, if it were your house with a $20,000 repair bill I bet you would have a different tune.

          • Charla

            If I was upset about the bill, wouldn’t I recoup my money in civil court? This is exactly why the criminal courts are bogged down with stuff that should be handled elsewhere. I can only imagine more serious cases in Calabass that aren’t getting the attention they need because they are going after this which should be handled in civil courts.

            • P

              What’s your obsession with civil court? Is this Judy Judy? lol. FELONY crimes belong in CRIMINAL court system. Like it or not, laws are laws… no matter how silly they may sound to you. Nothing silly about $20,000 in property damage from some punk kid who thinks the world caters to him.