Why isn’t Olivia Perry returning to Preachers’ Daughters?

Olivia Perry - Preachers Dauhters

The announcement about the second season of Lifetime’s Preachers’ Daughters was bittersweet: On one hand, it’s exciting to see two new ladies in the mix. On the other hand, it’s a letdown to learn Olivia Perry won’t return.

Apparently that disappointment is shared by the Perry family.

Olivia provided some insight with an Instagram post last night: “For everyone who is wondering why my family and I won’t be on season two of Preachers Daughters— Lifetime decided to go in a whole new direction with the show and unfortunately that did not include our family or fit with our values. We enjoyed our experience on the show and wish the other families the best! Xo”

Perry Family

Victoria Koloff, mom to Preachers’ Daughters cast member Kolby Koloff, responded to Olivia that her family will be missed.

“I know you’ll keep us in your prayers, as so far from the previews, Season 2 seems ramped up from Season 1. Our family is proud of the contribution we made and what we filmed, still believing that God will be Glorified and others will come to know Him as they did during Season 1,” Victoria commented on Instagram. “You’ll always be an original and no one can ever take your place!”

Olivia’s absence from the second season is disappointing for a few reasons. Not only was her story — reformed wild child/teen mom — interesting to watch, but her life seemed to get even more exciting this year when she got a new boyfriend. Plus, little Eden is now two and more adorable than ever!

Catch the other original girls and two newcomers when Preachers’ Daughters premieres March 5 at 9/8c on Lifetime.

  • A.J.

    I really liked Olivia and her storyline, and I’m going to miss seeing her. It was great to see her change from someone who was a party girl to someone who wanted a deeper spiritual life, and who wanted to do the best thing for her daughter. I also liked the way that she grew closer to her family, and their support for her. From what I’ve seen of the trailer for this season, it seems like Lifetime has gotten some wilder girls this time around, with a greater penchant for making trouble. They probably felt that her storyline was too “tame”, and as she said, it (the show’s new direction) conflicted with their values. Wildness does sell ratings, unfortunately. I think it’s a shame that they won’t be there anymore, but at the same time, maybe they wouldn’t have liked the way that the show is going. Time will tell.

  • Maiko Higa

    Lifetime wants to film what happens before the change to be more spiritual. If Olivia was still partying she would be included.

  • Peepers

    Every preacher’s daughter (or son) I’ve known have been alcoholics, druggies, who-hores, or dirtbags in general. I’m sure not all are, but in my experience this is what I’ve seen. Ironic, eh?

    • Al Ly Cat

      It’s not at all ironic, the story of the “PK” has been the same for decades. The interesting thing is that most of them eventually realize their parents were right after all. My friends who were PKs are all in awesome, happy marriages and have amazing kids who are doing good things in the world for other people.

  • stella

    Olivia was my favourite to watch. not happy with that decision Lifetime!

  • LindsayTS

    The bigger question is why isn’t Lifetime renewing Pretty Wicked Moms?

  • JFreeman

    OH well, Olivia is why I watched. She is a lovely girl and we believe in her. There is too much nasty and tacky beahavior in the other stories. .

  • Lana

    I’m so sad we won’t be able to follow Olivia’s progress this season. I enjoyed seeing her on the show and feel her story is one of many young woman. I think she can help many girls and it is a mistake on the networks part to go for more “bad girls” when Olivia’s story is so important.

  • robert

    I already can’t stand season two. The two new families are so fake and the show is just not the same without the Perry family. I will no longer be watching and know many that feel the same way. Such a shame the Perry’s were not brought back, in my opinion they were one of the biggest reasons to watch the show!

  • guest

    I do not care for the new “direction” of the show at all. Its obvious Lifetime wanted a wilder, more shallow show and they’ve succeeded. Its awful. I like Olivia and her family the best by far and will miss her story and seeing her sweet daughter grow up.

    • Al Ly Cat

      I have only seen one season, I imagine one of these girls will be back for sure…. unless she killed her father. Dang!
      Olivia is lovely, so happy to hear she was just married!!

  • SonnySky

    I miss Olivia and obviously her parents no doubt interfered in some way.

    • Al Ly Cat

      Why would you blame her parents? They seem like a happy family that loves and respects one another. Maybe they all were ready to be private again, I think Olivia is a very private person.

  • Aunalyssa Marie Conner

    She was the reason I watched the show. I liked kolby. The other girl’s are just nasty.

  • acvisionace

    Too bad Lifetime ! You got rid of the best girl next to Kolby who had life lessons to share with the young girls that would have seen someone deal with negative choices in a positive way. Now all they have is more drinking, smoking and hook-ups with bad boys – aren’t there enough of those kind of stories in all the other reality shows ?
    You all blew it big time !

  • Amanda Dixon

    this was a huge mistake they took away what made
    the show difrent from all the other crap on tv.

  • Forbidden Fruit

    The show definitely feels more fake/staged this season. Why do networks mess up good shows by adding unnecessary (and obviously fake) drama?

    • Al Ly Cat

      I keep having to remind myself that this is not a scripted show, it’s so engaging (I was thinking that as I watched Olivia talk with the teens – heart breaking stories and she was doing great by listening and sitting with them).

      • Delores Redman

        actually it is more scripted than you think. most reality shows are

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  • casey74

    I never watched the show again after I heard that Olivia and her family wouldnt be on it anymore.

  • carter

    Olivia was the best and its lifetimes loss she was the only good thing about that show

  • Heidi Marie

    so disappointed in season 2 miss this family!!!! bad choices have been made as far as i M CONCERNED we will not be watching any longer.

  • Stephanie Morningstar

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