REPORT Twin sons of Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller may be placed in foster care


According to a new report, the custody circus involving Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller and their twin sons Bob and Max could be taking a new and disheartening turn.

Radar is citing a source who is stating that the 4-year-olds could be placed under foster care by Child Protective Services after “mystery evidence” was presented that reveals major inconsistencies in Mueller’s drug treatment program. Here’s what their insider had to say:

“There is a very real possibility that Bob and Max could be placed in foster case because evidence was also uncovered regarding their temporary guardian, Scott, that is riddled with glaring differences in version of events. The department is taking this very seriously, and are considering recommending the boys be placed in foster care, pending the outcome of the investigation.”

“Charlie can’t get custody of the boys, even if he were to have round the clock nannies because of his past behavior. Brooke’s parents won’t be considered. It’s such a sad situation, but the safety and well-being of the boys comes first. Such drastic action wouldn’t be taken unless it was necessary, and sadly, it is.”

A timeline had Mueller being on track to regain custody of the boys by Christmas. Before Scott Mueller was granted temporary guardianship, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards was the designee, but she had to walk away from the responsibility after reporting difficulties with the boys after they would spend time with Mueller who turned around and accused Richards of child abuse. Currently Sheen is on one of his declaration wars against Richards over a dispute in regards to him being allowed to see the kids they share on Christmas.

What. A. Mess…

The report added that Mueller is scheduled to appear in child dependency court today for a review of this new information that’s been presented.

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  • Harper

    I tend to have sketch views of the foster care system but I think in this case, this may be a good move.

  • heyBale

    What about charlie’s brother or father?
    they never get brought up as perspective guardians. You’d think they step up without having to be asked as who could see them taken away from family without a fight

    Those poor kids deserve better. Have all of this play out to a world audience and they are all of 4 years old. Can only imagine this circus will rear its head when the boys get into their teens.

    If he was my dad and pulled this crap, I would challenge him to a fight once I was old enuff. He deserves some tough justice.

    • Jenn

      I thought I read that Charlie and Emilio are estranged. As far as Charlie’s parents, I’m not sure, but they’re in their 70s.? If Bob and Max are as troubled as reported, it may be difficult for Charlie’s parents.

      • heyBale

        Ok, didnt know that about emilio. Story of charlie’s life I guess.

        Still with Charlie’s parents, they could get nannies and perhaps they would settle down for older folks. who doesn’t feel a bit more relaxed around your grandparents?

        • Cheermom_1975

          I was wondering myself if maybe Charlie’s adult daughter could step up for her little brothers. It’s just such a sad situation for these children.

      • LexiconD1

        What excuse do his other brother and sister have? I might not get along with my brother (I do), but his kids are my family. Especially, to my son.

        Brooks family hasn’t stepped up either.

        Maybe those kids will be better off in foster care, or adopted out.

        Something tells me there is a LOT more to this story than anyone is willing to admit.

        • Guest

          Just because someone’s kids are related to you doesn’t mean you have to step up to responsibilities they themselves can’t handle. Especially a responsibility as major as raising four year old twin boys with behavioral issues. Perhaps these family members believe that the boys are going to be better off in the long run if they get away from their selfish and crazy parents permanently.

          • LexiconD1

            I’m glad I’m not a member of your family (she types as she’s holding her two year old niece)…

        • lol yeah right

          Brooke’s brother did. You can argue all you want it’s just for the money (probvably is), he’s the only one that stepped up in the twins family. We are talking about kids with an history of violence and behavioral problem. I wouldn’t let them around my children for so long either. Honestly, I’d like to help but i’d draw the line when the kids start repeteadly attacking mine.(Like Denise Richards said they did), Plus the perspective of getting caught up in your crazy addict brother really public custody fight doesn’t sound appealing

          • Lola

            Someone already did step in and take custody and what happened to them? Denise had to deal with allegations of child abuse from Brooke. And it seems that someone also released the private letter about why she relinquished the twins. Do you think the rest of the family wants people to start making up stories and lies about them, and dragging them into this media circus?

            • lol yeah right

              That is kinda exactly what I said ?

            • LexiconD1

              How many people do you really think believe one word coming from drugged out dumbcrap Brooks mouth?

              The answers gotta be zero.

        • Jenn

          I read in another article that Brooke’s mother is not an option either. So that leaves, Charlie’s parents, who are older or Charlie’s other siblings or daughter, and no one really knows if they would be suitable caregivers for these kids. For all we know, Charlie’s other brother and sister could be just as bad as he is.

          ROL is reporting that Denise called CPS and would agree to take them again to keep them out of Foster Care, but they have to have full evaluations for their behavior issues.

          • LexiconD1

            It might be helpful for those kids, and Denise, if they get evaluated and find out what issues they have, and NOT to allow their drug addled ‘mother’, and lazy drugged out egomaniac of a ‘father’, to have any say in the matter.

            I give a lot of kudos towards Denise Richards, I don’t know how charitable I could be dealing with my ex husband (and his issues), his ex wife (and her issues), and their (parent wise) neglected and troubled offspring…my brothers kids, different story, this is just nuts.

            I feel so sorry for those kids (any kid really) who aren’t wanted by anyone.

    • mary

      Charlies dad is to busy protesting at Military bases to take care of children.

  • Minnie

    How sad. 🙁
    Those poor boys have been shuffled around so much, no wonder they act out. Hopefully they’re placed in a good, stable home with foster parents who aren’t nutjobs.

    • Lola

      This is the same situation with tons of kids across the country, just without celebrity names and money getting tossed around.

      Parents who are addicted to drugs and partying have a kid and continue their lifestyle. Parents get caught, kids go to foster care, parents say they changed of course child services always tries to put them back with their birth parents. Rinse repeat, over and over until they mess up enough to get their parental rights removed and placed for adoption. At this point the kids are scarred, the window they have up until around two years of age to form a stable bond with a caregiver is passed which creates a ton of behavioral issues, and they are 6, 7, 8 years or more older and aren’t as attractive to prospective adoptive parents that want a newborn/toddler.

      Also during that whole crazy process even though the birth parents lost custody and someone else is watching their kid (i.e. Denise) they still have ultimate say over decisions (it was reported that Denise wanted to continue as their caregiver but wanted them to receive therapy and Brooke blocked it.)

      Why does child protective services think the best place for children is with their birth parents? I don’t get it. There is always going to be exceptions, but I think if a parent can’t get themselves together for a kids first year or two they should place the kid up for adoption when they’re little and not as traumatized.

  • Miss-Mandy Lynn

    i dont get how this happens though..

  • natalie

    Those poor boys! Not a true adult n in sight. What a shame.