Snooki quit drinking after smelling booze in her breast milk

Snooki has come a long way since her first days on Jersey Shore, but even after she settled down with baby Lorenzo, she found herself drinking way too much. In her new book Baby Bumps the 26-year-old reality star shares the ups and downs she’s experienced from her year-and-a-half of motherhood, including coming to grips with smelling alcohol in her breast milk.

“I could smell the sake bombs in the bottle,” she writes. “My milk was so full of alcohol, I could have used it to start a bonfire in the yard. I could have cleaned the toilet with it.”

The night that led to that bottle epiphany, Nicole says her “boobs ran like a river and the entire front of my dress was soaked.” That night she also had quite a fight with her baby’s father and fiance Jionni LaValle, and of course, the cameras were rolling. After that incident, she decided to pretty much quit drinking.

“I blacked out last night and made out with Jenni,” she texted to Jionni, and he replies “You’re a coward and a horrible mother and fiancée. Pack your bags and get out.”

Snooki and Jionni have since made up and still plan to get married and have lots of kids. The first baby, however, was unexpected, even though Snooki was not using birth control. When she found out she was pregnant Snooki reveals that her dad, who manages her various product lines, was afraid her baby would ruin her career. “To him, not struggling meant keeping my career going as long as possible,” she writes.

To the contrary, having a baby, and the maturity and growth she’s experience from that, has helped draw her moment in the spotlight a little further. Although with relationship issues, and revelations about alcohol, Baby Bumps also gives some graphic detail about Snooki’s pregnancy poops, and other changes to her anatomy.

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  • Desiree

    lol…i cant. i think she drinks wine here and there come on now dont try too fool the public snooki 😉

    • HEHEHEHhahahaha

      I think thats why she said “pretty much” quit drinking.

      I mean she used to start drinking at like 10 am every morning. Going from that to maybe having a night out every few months is definitely “pretty much” quitting lol.

  • Skye

    So proud of snooki she’s really turned her life around. It’s nice hearing positive stories about stars you think are going to completely wreck there lives. I think little Lorenzo was a life changing blessing for her.

  • Agnes

    To be honest, I’m very surprised with Snooki’s transformation. She was such a trashy person, and now she’s a good mom and I actually think Jionni and her are a good couple. Of course, she’s a little crazy, a little silly, a little awkward, but now it makes her kind of “adorable”- when she was always drunk it was pretty disgusting. She really needed Jionni and Lorenzo to grow up.
    Surprisingly, I think since the Jersey Shore Jenni has changed, too.

  • jeswalsh .

    So she has pretty much admitted to drinking while feeding her child? Did she drink while pregnant because i would not put it past her. For someone who loveddd to drink I doubt she ever put it down, she might have just had less of it but she is still an irresponsible person.