VIDEOS Why are Gypsy Sisters’ Nettie Stanley and Kayla Williams fighting in season premiere?

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Based on pictures for the second season of TLC’s Gypsy Sisters, it looks like the ladies put their wild ways behind them and are finally able to get along. But don’t be deceived: Tomorrow’s season premiere centers on their most knock-down, drag-out fight yet.

“With gypsies, in the long run, the only way you settle a war is with your fists,” said Nettie Stanley, the self-proclaimed family matriarch, in a video leaked to TMZ.

Although there isn’t much context to the TMZ video, we were able to piece together a bit more with the help of TLC: “Fresh out of jail and pregnant with her first child, the unruly black sheep of the Stanley troop, Mellie, stokes the flames of drama that surround her older sister, Nettie. The Stanley sisters, armed with verbal weaponry and fists of fury, are a force to be reckoned with. Nettie’s feud with cousin Kayla comes to a head with a colossal gypsy brawl, and after the dust settles, the family is left in a bitter divide.”

Gypsy Sisters Truck Fight - Gypsy Sisters Season Premiere

It’s unclear what kind of dispute led to the actual battle, but it definitely wasn’t an impulsive fisticuffs. Before even meeting up, Nettie, sister Mellie Stanley and their cousin Kayla Williams got on the phone to “discuss” where the fight should go down. (The family tree is kind of confusing. Reference our handy guide for help!)

The fight discussion comes around the 1:16 mark…

“When gypsies fight, it has to be on neutral territory so no one calls the law,” Nettie explained in a later confessional.

During the chat, the mother-of-nine was a little less calm…

“I’d be like a f**king homeless cat that ain’t eat meat in a month,” Nettie said to whoever was on the end of the line.

For once, Mellie seemed to be the calm one. She may even have a future as a fight organizer! (Is the WWE hiring?)

“Nettie is happy to roll up into Kayla’s house and fight her, but she knows Kayla’s a law-caller and Kayla’s only going to call the law,” Mellie explained. “No one can agree where to fight at.”


It seems they eventually settled on meeting at Nettie’s house. Kayla showed up with her side of the family in tow. She was so eager to go that she jumped out of the car before it came to a stop and ran over to get things started… But Nettie quickly took her down.

“Do you ever want to taste something like really good and you’re jaw’s just like watering? I want to eat you the f**k up,” Nettie said in a confessional.

Toward the end of the clip, it seems Nettie came to her senses and let the outnumbered Williams family go. Unfortunately, the rest of the Stanley clan wasn’t so forgiving…

“I’m in the truck in between Sheena and Lottie. We’re hanging out of the truck, in of the truck and Sheena’s tryin’ to take off,” Kayla later said. “This fight was out-numbered and unfair and we’re tryin’ to get out of here.”

Watch the full fight play out during the two-hour season premiere of Gypsy Sisters on TLC tomorrow night at 9/8c.

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  • DeeDeDee

    I feel bad for all their children. I sincerely hope this isn’t a constant way of life for thesepeople and this is just editing, but something tells me it’s not. Let this be a lesson. This is what life is like with absolutely no education, no father figure in their lives, having more kids than you can handle, and thinking that the only way to “figure it out” is physically fighting.

    • shebee

      Unfortunately it’s not uncommon or editing. These people really are this crazy. I have seen a lot of things in my day but the level of trashiness they bring is an all time low. They reproduce rapidly, go in and out of failed relationships and fight constantly. It’s quite sad. I wish I could say this family only represents a small portion of gypsies but I have yet to meet one who isn’t like the Stanley women.

      • DeeDeDee

        Ugh. That’s sad. I remember the very last episode where Mellie got in a fight with the one girl after Nettie’s son got married. Then during the first season they said that her son was in prison for robbery or something. I wonder what ever happened to that “couple.” Lol. I wish they would do a “Where are they now?” episode. 😉

        • karishma

          They did do somewhat of a “where are they now?” episode. The girl that married Heath (Nettie’s oldest child and Mellie’s nephew) divorced Heath soon after they got married. She said in her interview that it all started when Nettie and Mellie accused the girl of badmouthing Nettie to locals. The girl had had it with the drama and did want the special needs child to be surrounded violence. Also, she didn’t like that fact that Heath was “heading down the wrong path” and didn’t want her son to be raised thinking going to prison was a normality of life.

          • DeeDeDee

            How the hell did I miss this?!lol.

      • Audrina

        Thats a pretty bold statement to say “all Gypsies act like the Stanley women” ! Its like saying all Italians act like Snooki and fist pump on The Jersey Shore in clubs !!! Lol Ridiculous

        • HomelessCat

          No, it would be like all Chileans act like Snooki since she isn’t Italian at all.

    • erb123

      they ALWAYS have the kids in the room when they are screaming at each other on the phone. so sad

    • Renee Lee

      they need to think about this: violence is the last resort of the incompetent. If that’s too complex, try this: only idiots use violence. You can talk it out, you can walk away……. there are other solutions. so, you only make yourselves look retarded when you brawl like maniacs. don’t start with the PC word police. i don’t play that.

  • alfalfa

    buch of women with effed up teeth

    • Sam

      One of them demonstrated how she uses straight-up BLEACH on her teeth to whiten them. Bleach people!! I could not believe that!

      • starcasmnet

        Bleach on the teeth, motor oil on the skin:

        • Renee Lee

          motor oil is a known carcinogen. it WILL cause cancer. wtf ls wrong with these people?

  • mmhmm

    keep it classy ladies

  • ohmygeez

    Just when you think TLC has reached an all-time low…

  • LindsayTS

    Who is on this season? I only recognize Nettie, Mellie,& Kayla.

    • starcasmnet

      Laura is out, three new ladies are in:

      • Phoxee

        Has anyone been able to find out what happened to Nettie’s baby daughter Destiny Fontaine Williams????

  • LaLa84

    I still can’t get over how inbred Annie looks… yikes!

    • shebee

      lol she most likely is. I mean she did marry her own first cousin. these people are so damn twisted.

      • LaLa84

        She’s taking the whole “no love like the love of family” a little TOO FAR!

      • Audrina

        With all of this talk about Inbreeding being there problem I have something interesting about the Royals to discuss. Diana was Charles’s 7th cousin one generation removed. Before he proposed to Diana, Charles proposed to Amanda Knatchbull, his 2nd cousin. The Queen Elizabeth II is married to Prince Phillip who is both her 2nd cousin one generation removed (by descent from King Christian IX of Denmark) and his 3rd cousin (by descent from Queen Victoria). Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother married her 13th cousin. Camilla and Prince William are 7th cousins. Camilla and Prince Charles are 11th cousins. Prince William and Barack Obama are 17th cousins one generation removed. Prince William and Catherine Middleton are certainly 15th cousins, and they are probably also 12th cousins one generation removed. Thoughts ??

        • Ohyeah

          You’re so right. 15th cousins are so much like 1st cousins. Also what’s up with Nettie and Mellie’s mom having the last name Stanley and both girls marrying men with the last name Stanley? Nettie’s husband is Huey Stanley and Mellie’s 2nd husband was named Danny Stanley. Are they all related?

  • Cheermom_1975

    Geez, I thought we had it bad where I live. We have the largest population of Irish Travelers (the other gypsies) in the US. They do shoplift, rob ya blind business wise, marry their 7-8 yr olds off to other family members, but I have NEVER seen or heard about physical violence towards each other with the Irish Travelers.

    • rodnia elan

      um…what? if they are marrying 7, 8 year olds off for god’s sake call the police? you do know that is illegal in the US right? The children have the right not to be raped whether the parents acknowledge it or not.

      • Cheermom_1975

        The police are called, have been called, but strange enough, nothing ever seems to happen. Look it up: Murphy Village, SC. The Village was also featured on MBFGW and years ago there was a big Dateline exposé on them. And for the record, I do not live in this village- just about 15 min away in the next state.

        • Sheabyshea

          Sadly, I live in :”The Valley” and the people here are just as bad, only not as well groomed as the gypsies and they all have alcohol/Meth/pill issues as well.
          When I moved to SC from Boston, I thought I entered the Twilight Zone.

          • Cheermom_1975

            “The Valley” as in The CSRA? If so, that’s a definite!!

            • Sheabyshea

              Yes, that would be it. I had NO idea about this area when I moved here, bought my house, my kids entered the school system and made friends, etc.. There needs to be a “Newcomers Warning” about this place. Now, Graniteville isn’t that bad, and neither is Burnettetown to Clearwater… and the other side of the Aiken/Augusta Hwy away from 421 isn’t bad…but the heart of 421 (Langley, Gloverville) is scary. LOL

              • Cheermom_1975

                Has Graniteville ever fully recovered since the train derailment that caused Avondale Mill to close down? I know a lot of people were left injured & jobless, and with only a small settlement unless they sued. It was terrible.

      • Gypsy

        the get married like, 15 or 16 you don’t have to lie about gypsys to make them look bad? please just behave yourself we only marry the ones that we love but it has to be a gypsy and yeah some gypsys may do shoplifting? but does that make al of the gypsys do shoplifting? NO. thats the same thing like you are shoplifting yeah you may do that but does that make all american do shoplifiting ? NO. and we don’t marry our family but we just know a lot of gypsys from each generations, you may think its family but no it isn’t 😉 go think for yourself dumbass 😉

      • Audrina

        Omg do you know how ridiculous you are for reacting to the idiotic comments on here . Clearly thats not happing lol

    • Sheabyshea

      You must live in the same area live in. Are you talking about Murphy’s Village?

      • Cheermom_1975


    • Sheabyshea

      Also, they put a dowry on the little girls but there is no relationship/marriage until the girls are usually 14.

      • Cheermom_1975

        Isn’t that when they prance the little girls around the Village to show them off to their, I guess, future husbands? I’ve lived here all my life- oh, the stories I’ve heard!!!

  • piquenya

    Wow these woman are straight-up animals..and worse they keep bringing more kids to that horrible environment… they are just nasty especially that mellie chick she needs medical/mental attention :-(

  • GregByfield

    Why isn’t CPS taking the kids away from these inbread POS who seem to know how to do nothing but steal and scam

    • rodnia elan

      I can’t understand any of it, like when Nettie went to get her 14 year old daughter back and the cops escorted her to the county line but didn’t give her her daughter back…what on earth, isn’t that kidnapping…so strange.

      • Sheabyshea

        West Virginia is a very strange place…..age of consent is 14 there.

        • Amy

          WV is a strange place?! Please! You don’t think this happens everywhere??? And age of consent is 16…which goes for many states!! Don’t sit around and trash an entire state because of one group of people!

  • pmo

    I was appalled at last night’s episode. did u see kayla’s eye the next day my word these people are family? also don’t like the constant use of the f word in front of all the children,

  • pmo

    there were two freeze frames of nettie on top of kayla with her teeth bared like a chimp or some other ape, ready to cannibalize its own kind. sheeeese.

    • Sheabyshea

      Like I said above, you should come visit Midland Valley, SC….the women here have messed up teeth, will kick off their shoes and fight like a drunk man in the street, have little education and pop out babies one after another even though there is no income in the house…then there are the ones that “walk” Rt. 421 to make 20.00 to buy Meth…..The Gypsies (Irish Travelers ) in Murphy’s Village are 10 mins away and you can tell them from the Valley because the Valley women aren’t well groomed. I don’t know if all the south is this way, but it really freaked me out when I moved here from Boston. Now, it’s like having a 24/7 reality show playing out in my front yard all the time..It’s amusing to sit back and watch and makes me grateful for the minor problems I have in my life. LOL

      • Cheermom_1975

        Yep, we live close. I live in Evans. It’s a different world over there in the Valley. I’ve never in my life seen just blatant prostitution, wide open drug deals, and all else over there. It’s funny, you can spot people from the Valley just as easily as you can tell if someone lives in The Village.

        • Sheabyshea

          OH yeah…I swear there was a lot of inbreeding happening when the valley was started….and it’s as bad as the Gypsy, everyone is related to everyone else (3 and 4th cousins etc). I have also never in my life seen a place were so many people are on public assistance and cannot legally drive (alcoholism is very common so they have lost their license to DUI). My husband is the only man on our street that works and has a license/insurance/etc..different ones have made the statement that we are “rich”…..ummmm, no far from it, but my husband works and we pay our bills like normal people. LOL

  • erb123

    ugh their poor neighbors!!!

    • shebee

      Their neighbors are usually their own family, that way when they do have these rumbles, no one calls the police. Gypsies tend to live on large properties with several homes or trailers.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Annie is gross..simply nasty. She thinks she is damn sexy and she looks nothing but a inbread

  • keyonicejones

    yall are crazy but funny

    • Hayden

      It’s a show! They don’t actually act like that in real life. And not all gypsies act out of control. Y’all act like you know everything about the gypsy lifestyle and stuff but you don’t. A lot of us don’t marry our cousins. And a fair number of gypsies are well educated like myself. I certainly didn’t get married at 15 and neither did any of my sisters. Although most gypsy girls are ready for marriage by age 17. And most gypsy girls do wait until 17-18 to get married. It’s our choice not our parents choice and certainly not anybody elses. And we don’t all live in trailers. Or on the same property. A lot of us actually own two businesses.

      • Hayden

        Also somebody mentioned that they are sick of the things gypsies practice? Meaning what? IIf you’re talking about voodoo that’s a myth. Some of us might get married young but practicing that shit is against almost everything we do lol.

  • Audrina

    With all of this talk about Inbreeding being there problem I have something interesting about the Royals to discuss. Diana was Charles’s 7th cousin one generation removed. Before he proposed to Diana, Charles proposed to Amanda Knatchbull, his 2nd cousin. The Queen Elizabeth II is married to Prince Phillip who is both her 2nd cousin one generation removed (by descent from King Christian IX of Denmark) and his 3rd cousin (by descent from Queen Victoria). Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother married her 13th cousin. Camilla and Prince William are 7th cousins. Camilla and Prince Charles are 11th cousins. Prince William and Barack Obama are 17th cousins one generation removed. Prince William and Catherine Middleton are certainly 15th cousins, and they are probably also 12th cousins one generation removed. Thoughts ??

    • gypsy_guilty_pleasure

      ummmm?….that if you go back far enough…we’re all related ‘-)

    • InbredGypsiesMakeMeCry

      My thoughts are that you have an obsession with inbreeding to write this down twice, are you an inbred American gypsy? The royals way back were super inbred because it wasn’t ok to marry anyone who wasn’t royal, which is why they are ugly and so many had hemophilia. They have since started to get away from inbreeding a bit, which is why people are 7th cousins and then 12th and 15th cousins. The difference between inbred royals and inbred gypsies in America are that inbred royals were well educated and successful. Inbred American gypsies (at least the ones portrayed on these tv shows) are very poorly educated and are detriments to society. As a side note: Is Prince William marrying President Obama? Why would you throw in that bit of information?

  • keyera

    does anyone know there number

  • keyera

    does anyone Kalyas number off of Gypsy Sisters

  • Ahart09

    We’ll I love Gypsy Sisters and Kayla shouldn’t have jumped out of the car. I never knew that she was a person who would fight . Actually I never never knew that the two of them would fight each other! Also Netti shouldn’t ganged up on her with all of them people . And Mellie shouldn’t have threw rocks at the car but that’s how she act!?

  • Christian kelley

    I can’t stand Kayla and the rest of her family

  • QB59

    All these bitches do is scream and brawl with each other. They are all a hot mess. How is this show still on?