PHOTOS Celine Dion’s home and backyard water park on Jupiter Island, Florida

Celine Dion's beachfront home in Florida

Never one to pull out any stops, Canadian diva Celine Dion is putting in a titanic home swimming pool in the backyard of her 5.7-acre beachfront property on South Florida’s exclusive Jupiter Island.

Actually, to call it a “swimming pool” doesn’t really do it justice – kinda like calling Celine just a “singer.” These aerial photographs of Celine Dion’s home still under construction reveal an enormous water park which will reportedly hold more than half a million gallons of water, feature water slides and is about the same size as two 50-meter Olympic-sized swimming pools. Celine World has been a work in progress for five years now for the 41-year-old superstar and her husband Rene Angelil.

Celine Dion's swimming pool

Here is some more info on Celine’s purchase of the estate:

Dion’s Canadian firm, Renlec Management, bought the property in June 2005 for $12.5 million. At the time, the land contained a two-story home, two-story guesthouse and a pool, but all the structures were leveled for Dion’s estate.

When complete, the estate will feature two guesthouses, an underground garage, two pools, two tennis courts, a pool cabana and a beach cabana containing a small gym.

The main residence, a 9,825 square foot two-story structure, has six bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, an elevator and a basement for laundry and staff living quarters.


Click thumbnails for larger images in the gallery:

Photos: Barcroft / Fame Pictures

Celine World stats (from

Total acreage: 5.7 acres

Purchase price: $19.5 million (includes cost for two adjacent lots)

Main residence: 9,825 square feet

Total covered area: 17,868 square feet

Total bedrooms: 15

Total bathrooms: 14 full, 6 half-baths

I researched the exact address of Celine Dion’s estate and came up with 215 South Beach Rd. on Jupiter Island, but there was only one site that actually had a number so I can’t verify that. It is definitely in the 200 block of South Beach Rd. though, in case you want to pack up your packs and make a day trip to Jupiter Island. I assume they let normal humans on it. But, according to Life and Style magazine you might also run into one seriously irate neighbor!

“I wish she had gone and done it somewhere other than Jupiter Island,” Joe Farish, who lives down the street from the multiplatinum selling singer, told Life & Style magazine. “Distasteful is what it looks like — the whole thing sounds like a Michael Jackson fairyland to me.”

The magazine reports that plans include “two giant pools, waterslides and a lazy river, much like an amusement park.”

“I don’t know how she got the well permits in there, because the town is usually pretty restrictive with stuff like that,” Farish said. “It demeans the whole area. I heard she has a big family, so I guess she wants to entertain all of Canada there.”

Source: MSNBC

Neverland Ranch? Really?!? Something tells me that Celine’s finished estate will be a bit more elegant than that – she doesn’t seem like the tree-climbing giraffe-loving type to me. Maybe I’ll bust open my change jar and make Mr. Farish an offer. Something tells me living next door to Celine Dion would be pretty danged cool! (Except maybe the late night drunken karaoke cuz that woman has a VOICE!)

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  • Cathy

    Can I be on the staff?

  • Dana Covert

    People, come on. She has worked her butt off to deserve such lavish homes such as this. Who cares what she is doing. And, never, I mean never again compare her to Michael Jackson. Michael made a much bigger playground, and, he had many more rides than what Celine is going to have. i say congrats to you Celine for this. I wish I could come visit, and, take a day tour around, and, hang with you guys. But, you need your privacy, and, deserve it. So, ignore what these people are saying to you about it being too much. They are just jealous of you.

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  • Samuel

    SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH………….MUST BE NICE. Geez….breathtaking, but I don’t necessarily mean in an all good way. SOOOOOOOO MUCH MONEY in the world, and STILL starving, homeless, utterly destitute people AND CHILDREN & ANIMALS DROP DEAD EVERY MINUTE from all three curses everyday. It may be reality, but that still will NEVER mean that it isn’t HORRIBLE.

    • Deborah hodapp

      Like Michael Jackson and many other megastars,Celine gives much more than you know to mainly childrens charities not to mention the disasters in the U.S. that she and Rene have donated their money and resources. So before you talk down someone no matter who they are look in your own backyard and I will bet there is much more to clean up. Right now she is just a wife and mom and enjoying every minute of it,and being a mom and grandmother myself I know she is having the time of her life. Besides between the two of them they would need all of that and more when both families get together. So deal with it and thank your lucky stars that someone who is not so giving could have moved in there. Letter is on the way C.

    • Deborah hodapp

      Oh I forgot just for your information it would take more than one person to help all the homeless and hungry people just here in our country. I am just the average citizen and I am on Social Security Disablity and give what and when I can so if you are concerned put your money where your mouth is and donate what YOU can or do you just think rich people should be the only ones that make the big stand because they are not but they do and after all she gives to her fans she deserves what she needs to settle into a life she wants for her son and her twins due in November. To C I will be down there in Nov. if you need.

    • Lilibeth

      I agree Samuel! I don’t believe she helps any animal groups…
      This is a beautiful piece of property!

  • I think this is wonderful that she has earned the ability to afford to be able to give back to children,just as she has always done even in the rememberance of her niece that she lost. She has a huge heart!! Way to go Celine, God Bless!!

  • adddd

    i wonder who clean s her house. and how much they get paid?

  • can i be on the staf…???



  • She deserves to have privacy and has worked hard to get it and to keep it. Also, she has sung for all of us to lift our spirits.
    Its great because she gives hope in the sight of God that his magesty still remains with us through her majestic voice. So everyone knock-it-off.

  • Lou

    I am from Florida, I live close to Jupiter Island and just went there for a little Sunday trip. They do let normal people on the island and there is even a public beach up the road from her mansion. The address is correct – 215 S. Beach Rd., Jupiter Island, FL. The area is beautiful and her gate/house is all white and has a very tropical feel. It’s crazy that her actual postal box is on the road, a hand away …


      Dear Lou!I am pianist and musician and i know the singer whose voice like CELINE DION!How could i connect to Celine or send her my recordings.I know that she helps to young artists.What should i do?Thanks a lot

  • Lisa

    I, too am sick of people coming down on the rich. Celine as well as many other megastars already give to charity. They have earned what they have and have every right to build a home of this size and enjoy the luxuries that come along with their fame. Celine’s home and family are beautiful. I tend to think that jealousy plays a big part in what her opponents are saying. I first saw the pictures of her new twins and home in People and immediately googled her name to see more of the newly constructed estate. Good for you Celine…………enjoy your fame, family and fortune.

  • Masry

    Envy—the green eyed monster. Leave the woman alone, she appears to be extremely happy in her marriage and family life. She was born with the amazing voice ( we all wish we had)and has earned everything she enjoys. Her sheer joy at her babies and son R.C. is inspiring. She seems grounded in spite of the fame and fortune. I wish her all the best !

  • MILI

    Dejenla tranquila por favor, ella se merece eso y mucho mas!!!!!

  • Austin

    I need a job ,can i be employ in this almighty home of celion dion,even as a cleaner in the car park villa, not for money ,but just to be at that apet

  • Nice Post. You share a very good post on Florida. Thanks a lot for it.

  • tp

    Mr Garish has died so he won’t have to put up with it anymore.

  • tp

    Sorry Mr. Farish has died