VIDEO Mom has daughter publicly apologize for twerking at Jr. High dance


When 11-year-old Jamie headed to her Jr. High dance her mom, Frances Hena, explicitly forbid her to do any twerking. When she found out later from a friend that her daughter went ahead and did her Miley Cyrus impersonation anyways, she decided to punish her via another controversial trend, public shaming.

Hena took her daughter to a busy intersection in Bakersfield, California and had her hold a sign that read “I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at a school dance,” for 2 hours. She explained to 23ABC news:

“That’s ridiculous to even think that’s okay at a school dance. When she’s 18, she can do whatever she wants. As of right now, that’s not something she’s going to be doing.”

Frances was also displeased with the school’s lack of a reaction adding, “The school didn’t even call me to let me know that it was going on.”

When asked about her choice of punishment she stated, “Every parenting is different. I mean what am I supposed to do, whoop her and get the cops called on me? I think this is embarrassing, I do. I’m embarrassed myself for having her twerk at a school dance.

The reporter asked Jamie if she thought the punishment was fair and she said “yes.” When asked if she would be twerking again she answered “no.”

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  • Yeahisaidit

    Ok apologize next for your daughters ass cheeks almost coming out the bottom of her panties ooppss I meant shorts

    • Hayzii

      I was going to say the same thing…

  • Amanda Hoag

    What is this mom on?? She can barely talk!!! WOW

    • Monica Nava Aguayo

      shes probably camera shy

      • frontdoormom

        Sad how people automatically assume shes “on something”. Thank you for your answer. Idk about the other commenter…assumer.

  • Danie

    She’s 11 wearing shorts with her ass hanging out. I think we’ve figured out why she was twerking. How about not dressing your daughter like she’s grown and maybe she will stop acting like she’s grown.

  • Etta Samples-Bredeson

    Good For You Mom !!! More Parents need to be involved in their Kids lives .. Too many people keep popping them out and not taking care of them, They raise themselves and don’t know any better.. Like when these guys with there pants down around their knees and their underwear showing and they are have walk all stupid looking just to keep them around their knees.. So I say Great Job a Parent that actually cares….

    • Dani

      Oh so she actually has decent length shorts on but is choosing to and allowed to hike them up to booty shorts length? That in a way seems worse.

  • Stephanie

    GOOD FOR HER! This actually gives me hope for this generation, more parents should be like this! I manage a store at a mall and everyday I see little girls walking around half naked and acting way beyond their age. Little girls need to be little girls and it’s up to parents to make sure of that. So happy to read this.

  • kiki

    Good for the mom. But instead of shamming her, this child should have been taught the importance of respecting herself, that’s the tougher but more vital lesson. If she respected herself, not only would she not twerk but she would pick clothing, friends, and boys more appropriate for her age

  • frontdoormom

    Lol this is my town!!! Im dying. But good for this mom. Idk if its just my town but kids these days act and look a little too grown for their age. Its rather disturbing.

  • Hayzii

    Parenting, teaching, monitoring your child, these things are hard. Humiliating them and taking loads of credit for your “awesome” parenting (and be sure to call the news station so that this will follow your daughter forever, you know college, future employers..) these things are easy and fun!
    Backward people these days SMH.

  • Cheermom_1975

    And in other breaking news, Jamie has been confirmed for the 5th installment of Teen Mom…..

  • Red

    The punishment isn’t horrible parenting, come on.
    Would you rather the mom beat her ass instead??

    • Hayzii

      Public humiliation or beating her are the only options?! What about talking to her about why she should respect her body and not dance like that, taking away privileges, no phone, no internet, extra chores, more supervision, etc, etc, etc. No, this mom took the lazy way out, making her daughter stand on the corner and allowing her to wear booty shorts no less. “You can show your butt to the world, just don’t shake it!” What kind of mixed message is that sending? The child learned nothing but to not get caught next time and that her mom is a crazy b!tch that will call the news station and make her humiliation nation-wide. Lazy parenting at it’s finest.

  • Julia

    Ugh public humiliation as a punishment is a terrible parenting move.

  • Guest101

    haha wow that’s extreme – but she’ll be the judge of what’s appropriate and what’s not for her daughter.

  • imani1962

    It is sad that the only forms of punishment that this mom could come up with is to either publicly humiliate her daughter or whip her.

    She is eleven so this type of defiant behavior is to be expected. She does the dance more to fit in with her female friends than to attract boys.

    Humiliation, shame, embarrassment are not new concepts of punishment.

    These are short term fixes that don’t work in the long run. So she stops twirking, but does other things. What is her mom going to do put her on public display for every infraction she does? After a while this kid will become immune to the punishment and it will have no effect.

    How about grounding her? How about taking away all of her electronics? Shut off her cell phone and any other devices she uses to communicate with friends. Take away her television. Ground her for a while to her room. Increase her chores but take away her allowance. And sit down with her and talk to her explaining why that type of dance is not appropriate for an eleven year old to do.

    These types of punishments can be used repeatedly if necessary for any type of infraction. Public humiliation can only be used but so many times before it is rendered ineffective.

    Dance in itself is sexual. So twirking is nothing new. It is an old dance with a new name. What dance whether done by children, teenagers, young adults or older adults, is not sexually suggestive?