Jon and Kate Gosselin have money issues, want to be back on television


Kate Gosselin once was so hounded by fame and the paparazzi that she poked fun of it during her run on Dancing With The Stars, and hired a full-time bodyguard to accompany herself and her eight children everywhere. Now, the fame has subsided, and so have the financial opportunities. Kate covers this week’s People magazine with a look at their lives now, and what they plan to do with the future.

Ex-husband Jon Gosselin has been all over the place since news broke that he was cheating on Kate, and they decided to get a divorce. For a while he got some sponsorship deals, and decided to quit their hugely successful TLC show Jon and Kate Plus 8. Kate tried to continue with the show for a while, but it eventually fizzled. Since then Kate has been campaigning to land some sort of new television deal, hoping for a talk show, but has been willing to do a reality show again.

She’s still gunning for a morning talk show, telling People “a gig on a show like ‘The Talk’ would be ideal.” Jon is also open to television work now, though in the past he claimed to no longer want to be a part of it. For a while he was banned by a contractual agreement with TLC from making money from the TV and media appearances, and he briefly worked installing solar panels. Now he does contract IT jobs and sells energy-efficient products on the side, but he says he would be happy to land a television job. “For the foreseeable future, I just go to work,” he says. “If a TV gig happens for me, great. If it happens for Kate, yay. In a recession you can’t be choosy.”

Jon has had a string of relationships since his split with Kate, and has lived in several different states, but he’s now living close to the family. Kate says he’s in a cabin about 30 minutes away from the kids in Pennsylvania. He comes over once a week for dinner, and every other weekend to spend the night with them. Other than that, Kate and Jon keep their communication to a minimum. “The way he lives versus the way I live is the reason why we’re divorced,” she says. “Let’s just leave it at that.” She also admitted that while she’d like to do another television job, she isn’t open to just anything, including working with ex-husband Jon.

Kate no longer employs her longtime bodyguard Steve Neild, and says that she’s living “very carefully these days” by “piecing and patching together” an income through her, her books including and upcoming cookbook called Love Is in the Mix, and is about to launch She must be inspired by her experience with said she could never go back to her nursing job because she wouldn’t make enough money to cover the babysitting bills.

Kate is now contrite about her past, admitting that she had been difficult to work with. “I made so many mistakes, of course,” she tells the magazine. “It feels like a whole other lifetime ago. And sometimes I don’t even remember much of it. Both when the babies were born and during the divorce, I was on survival mode. I’m not the same person I was. I don’t even recognize her. I’m more laid-back now, and I realize what’s important.” She definitely made a better impression than she has in the past on her episode of <Celebrity Wife Swap this year with Kendra Wilkinson.

As for the kids, they are really growing up. Twins Mady and Cara are now 12, and the sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Joel, Leah, and Hannah are 9 years old! Can you believe it?

UPDATE: Jon is now being sued by Kate for millions, and has a job as a waiter.

Would you watch Kate Gosselin on a talk show? What about another reality TV gig? What about Jon?

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  • Maliboo Barbie

    Oh for the love of God. seriously this women needs a reality check Her and her family have run the clock out on their 15 mins of fame. She is a nurse by trade but makes excuses for not going back to nursing. As a mom you do whatever you gotta do to support your kids. How many moms have the luxury to pick and choose what jobs they will do. Kate do us all a big favor by staying off tv and out of the limelight. I can’t think of a show I would want to see less than a show with her on it.

  • twelfthnight

    God forbid, they have to live on a budget?! Who’d have thought a divorced woman with 8 children and few likable personality traits would have a hard time making ends meet and getting a job?

    I bet these kids went from blessing to burden in her mind as soon as the checks stopped rolling in and keeping food in their mouths became a bigger priority than another facial reconstruction for poor old bag Kate.

  • Bec

    This just pisses me off. I saw her home on celebrity wife swap. She does not NEED to live in a mansion on acres of land. She doesn’t NEED granite countertops and pottery barn furnishings. Maybe if she lived like a normal person she would have some money

    • Savon Phem

      That probably explains why she’s broke.

  • Pam

    I would definitely watch a reality show with Kate and her kids. She is doing her best to take care of the kids without any help from Jon. A nursing job would be useless right now after paying even before and after school child care for that many kids. She previously said that she is trying to not disrupt the kids’lives after the divorce, and maybe her house wouldn’t even sell for as much as she owes on it. I admire her for all she has done with and for her kids, plus they are extremely well behaved.

    • LexiconD1

      She could LEGALLY let her oldest daughters babysit while she’s at work during the day. Or allow their father to watch them at nighttime. She’s making excuses why she doesn’t want to work a regular job.

      As a nurse, sorry, but I don’t sympathize with her.

      • Jenn

        Right. Why can’t she get a job during the day when they’re at school???

        • LexiconD1


          A dirty secret is that if you’ve been out of nursing for over a year, it’s almost worse than being a new nurse with no experience. You only get the crappiest of shifts.

      • anjealka

        The kids go to a private school (costing close to 200k a year) over 1 hour away so including the bus ride the kids are gone from 7-5 everyday. I’m not sure if this article is correct because recent court papers and pictures show Jon having joint custody and he has the kids every other weekend and 2 days after school. This means Kate has at least 50 hours week or more without kids and most likely some weekends. She wouldn’t need a babysitter to work. She has flown off to run 4 half marthons in the last year so if she was so broke, she could have worked (16) 12 hour shifts instead of spending thousands to fly and run west coast half marathons.

        • LexiconD1

          I’d love a financial check on how she affords 200K for school, her mortgage and running off to participate in marathons? Especially now that she hasn’t got any income coming in.

          Does she really expect to be able to keep her current lifestyle, or is she robbing the kids trust funds, so they’ll have nothing to show for it as adults? I didn’t think TLC paid THAT well (or any of her other endeavors, for that matter)…

          • anjealka

            Did you get to read Robert Hoffman’s book? the reason it was pulled was because it contained copies of contracts (TLC and other companies). It was amazing some of the big comps/freebies and money Kate made. It also had some shocking facts that literally made me sick. I read the 800 page book and was ill. She should have had about 6 million at the time of divorce. The school should cost more then 200k but she gets a mutli-kid discount. I’m not sure the exact amount but when two of the kids got suspended, it was shown she got back a check for about $3600 the remainder of the prepaid month.

            • LexiconD1

              No, but thanks for the heads up. I’ll look for it.

              They don’t have the money they should, because they’ve squandered it away on things they don’t need.

              I’d LOVE to see what their excuse is going to be for not being able to afford college…. but, I’m an evil Bitch like that 🙂

              • anjealka

                College? That costs money not make Kate money. She is already hinting the 2 oldest want to be in some sort of show business, acting, or photography.

  • Emilie

    Wow, Hannah looks as big as the older girls! I can’t believe Cara & Mady will be 13 in like two months.

    • me!

      Lmao, ur caught up on their b life. Lame.

  • Stephanie

    I don’t believe that there is any room on TV for a Gosselin anything
    How does she keep her house if she is so broke?

  • Sweet Venom

    This is what you get for not being smart. She should have been saving her money and not living luxuriously. When you’re a reality star you have to think that way. You’re not some movie star making a million for every movie. Now she’s a single mom that cannot get a normal job because no normal job will cover eight kids.

    I definitely don’t want to see her on television however, she was cringe worthy.

  • Assin

    Why doesn’t she just admit that it’s not that she CAN’T work a regular job – it’s that she WON’T because she got so accustomed to a particular lifestyle from the money she made on her reality show that working a 9 to 5 seems like too much effort?! She has (or “had”) a huge ego, a holier than thou attitude and burned bridges along the way, so now she has to deal with the consequences of making a bad name for herself. All of a sudden NOW she has changed? Now that she needs money she is no longer “difficult”? I find that hard to believe. A zebra can’t change their stripes. I bet if she did get another show, we would see the “real” Kate come right back around. She sounds like she wants to take the easy way out, and get rich quick without too much effort. Sorry Kate, your 15 minutes are up!

  • anjealka

    Kate thinks we are going to forget the facts but we won’t Kate, you can’t fool us (some of us read How you fooled the world and know the truth).
    Kate had a 5 bedroom 3000+sq ft on 1/3 acre home paid off(plenty large enough for 8 kids) and she traded up for a 5 bedroom (kids still bunking together) 6000+ sq ft “all mine” home on 25 acres with a 1.4 million mortgage. Kate kept all the assests in the marriage including over 1 million tax free from love offerings they begged from churches, 4 vehicles, several million from the show, books sales, dvds sales. She has lifetime freebies from sponsors including toilet paper, juice, and cleaning products. She gets child support, her ex went back to IT and makes what middle class americans make so you get middle class child support..hmm maybe that means you need to get back to a middle class life. Sell the big house, get a house similar to what you had for cash, sell 3 cars, no more 200k private school. Maybe religious school(if she still goes to church) or yikes free public school or a charter school. Work as a nurse on weekends Jon has the kids or when they are at school. No more tanning, plastic surgery, luxury vacations, manicures, or paid help. Kate, you and your ex never graduated from college, you both gor trades (kate got a nursing certificate from a hospital and Jon and IT certificate training) and you started a working middle class life for your family, now guess what that is what you need to go back to!

    Oh and Kate this sudden plea is not going to sell cookbooks! Interesting this plea is when pre-orders are less then 500 books and amazon has cut the price multiple times. I bet if amazon put Robert Hoffman’s tell all book on Kate back up it would sell a lot more then 500 copies!!!

  • Yolanda Martinez

    yeah I bet she is more laid back! When you’re a single mother with young children life is hard as F! Eventually life gets a little easier because of the children becoming less dependent on you and most of all they’re growing up!

  • bagladey

    Kate is not broke, she’s greedy, she just wants more.

  • mom4853

    Never in a million years and even if there was not a single other thing on TV or cable would I watch any show with her in it.

  • ridiculolus

    I hardly doubt someone can change in a 2 years span! who is she fooling!!

  • DaffyMuck

    Kate Gosselin always has been, is and always will be full of Sh*t!

  • DaffyMuck

    You can take the trash out of the trailer but you can’t take the trailer out of the trash! Ben Franklin

  • Dave

    i’m glad to watch her sink. She loves money and fame to much.

  • Gosselin lover

    They should bring the show back for the kids I really want to see them again not for Kate but for the kids they didn’t choose their lives She did

  • Kyle

    She wouldn’t need money if she woulda kept her knees together

  • Tally

    She’s an entitlement-minded idiot who should have banked her money while it was coming in and lived a more normal life after the show ended. People used to relate to her because she seemed like a normal mom. Now she’s an extensions-wearing-designer-dud-buying-rude-demanding-celebrity-wannabe and everyone is hoping to see her fail. Sad but true.

  • someone

    I want to see the kid grow up thats all not kate

  • Ratburger

    Kate is still a c##t!

  • Marilyn Sue

    LOL this woman is obviously STILL nuts, she doesn’t want to go back to nursing because it wouldn’t pay the babysitting bill? What a lazy bitch, nurses make good money, she just don’t want to do anything that requires her to actually do any work, just wants to get paid millions to sit around and talk shit all day. She’s a disgusting human being, I feel sorry for her ex-husband and kids, they have to deal with this narcissistic, deranged woman for the rest of their lives.

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