Big Brother 15 Aaryn Gries photos, bio, videos

CBS has just announced the 16 men and women who will be living together in the same house under the watchful eyes of millions on Big Brother Season 15! Although there are a number of attractive hunks and babes in the bunch, Maxim model and former Miss Colorado Teen International Aaryn Gries appears to be the early favorite for the Big Brother eye candy award. (Although GinaMarie Zimmerman may give her a run for her money!) So, before we all move in with Aaryn, I thought it might be nice to get to know her with a detailed biography complete with images and the official CBS interview video!

It’s not clear where Aaryn (full name Aaryn Elizabeth Gries) was born, but she graduated from Douglas County High School in Castle Rock, Colorado in 2008. While a student there (I presume) Aaryn took home the title of Miss Teen Colorado International™ 2007. Here’s a photo of her in full title regalia, including sash and crown:

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Gries pageant photo

After graduating from Douglas HS, Aaryn would relocate to the great state of Texas to pursue her education as well as a modeling career. Aaryn signed with Zephyr Talent and is currently a Maxim Magazine promotional model as well as the spokesmodel for Bella Petite Magazine. As part of Zephyr Talent, Aaryn has landed numerous gigs in Texas, including modeling lingerie on the runway during Austin Fashion Week at La Zona Rosa Marketplace:

Prior to her most recent modeling jobs, Aaryn’s work history included seven months making pies at Stumpy’s Pizza & Subs in Castle Rock, Colorado and a gymnastics coach for two years from 2005-2007. Her gymnastics experience combined with her stunning good looks helped Aaryn land a spot as one of the Ice Girls for the professional hockey team The Texas Stars. Here’s Aaryn Gries as an Ice Girl in 2011:

Aaryn Gries Texas Stars Ice Girls 2011

Some of Aaryn’s other professional gigs include modeling Blue Sky Scrubs and starring in a few commercials, including this one for Great Locations Apartment Locating in which Aaryn plays a stressed friend — a role we may see again soon on CBS!

Currently Aaryn is finishing up her degree in Psychology and Business at Texas State University in San Marcos. Actually, I guess it would be more accurate to say that currently Aaryn is moving into the Big Brother house where she hopes to take home the grand prize of $500,000! (Although being the hottest gal in the house doesn’t usually bode well for contestants.)

Here’s her Q&A with CBS with her official Big Brother 15 photo and profile video:

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Gries official photo

Name: Aaryn Gries

Age: 22

Hometown: San Angelo, Texas.

Living: San Marcos, Texas

Occupation: College Student

Marital Status: Single

Three adjectives that describe you: Outgoing, driven and spontaneous.

Favorite Activities: Snowboarding, wakeboarding, traveling, working out, Zumba, crafting, decorating, planning events, attending festivals and meeting people.

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the “Big Brother” house? Not knowing who is genuine and who isn’t, and realizing that my trusting nature could be my downfall.

Strategy for winning “Big Brother”: I think I will go into the game with the same mentality I go into life: only focusing on myself and what I need to do to make it through, but I’m sure there will be moments of weakness where I second guess myself. I will use my Psychology training as best as I can and try to be strategic.

What are you afraid of? People with evil or absent minds that hurt or deceive others.

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? I am most proud of my ability to rise above disappointment and press on with a positive and peaceful mind. I am extremely proud that each day, no matter what happens, I do my best to look at every situation in a positive light. I can see my future clearly and I’m taking the right steps to reach my goals.

Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… what you think about, you bring about.

What would you take into the house and why? My music, books by Rhonda Byrne and my cat, Pumpkin, because these three things help my peace of mind.

What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous? I would be entirely grateful for Big Brother putting my dreams on fast-track, and I would never forget the experience.

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  • meh

    this bitch needs to die

  • cityofangelssunshine

    oh no wonder she’s so backwards, racist and ignorant shes from that God forsaken sh*t hole texass, lived in that hell hole for 2 and a half years and regret every second of ever living there, she would never make it as anything in an ACTUALLY GREAT place like Los Angeles or New York. Disgusting trash that state is filled with… ugh, all the people in texass behave and look like gutter rats and they’re all brainwashed from day 1 innto thinking they live in such a great place, then they leave and realize there are actual places where people are nice, have better things to do than talk about other people and actually live happy, healthy and bright lives. Air quality is garbage in texass I think both dallass and houston rank in the top ten most polluted air in the entire country, also 5 of the fattest cities out of the top 10 fattest cities in the entire United States is located in that sh*t hole, what a disgusting place what is so funny is that they go around spewing hatred and then go to church like nothing happened, then turn around on Monday and spit in someones face and that’s completely normal to them, they don’t realize it’s not like that in other places, but they’re too brainwashed to realize it, texas is cursed by God and marked by satan and they don’t even know it. 🙂

    • Renee L

      Maybe it seemed bad because you are so hateful? I don’t know that I’ve ever come across a more miserable human being that is filled with so much hate. Maybe spend a day with a positive look on life and not be so heinous? Your life must really suck.

  • Big Brother Fan

    Yeah, you might want to take this down… This girl is a CONFIRMED RACIST!

    • Renee L

      She is! I wish they’d take her out of the house. She’s in the house talking about how popular she is…little does she know!

    • Chuck H.

      seriously? because of a few remarks? please… there is much more racism elsewhere – look at the zimmerman case and how the press focuses on it. how about all the black on black killings that get no mention in the press (it’s sad….). If there were a black person saying a white person had blond hair or you couldnt see them in front of the sun, there would be no mention of it.

  • Stace

    Proud Texan here and a huge BB fan or was until Aaryn , Spencer, Gina Maria, Jeremy and David each said some horribly ignorant, racial and homophobic things and were left in the show. They all need to go and even though I am terribly relieved to find out Aaryn is from Colorado and not West Texas! I am embarrassed for all of them and their families and honestly hope there are no excuses made for their behavior. Giving them an out like being from a certain area and labeling an entire state is enabling their ignorance and insulting with prejudice just as these ignorant people have done. I personally do not believe their looks will help them out now that they’e each outed themselves as idiots.

    • caskett ology

      Aaryn doesn’t represent Texas or any other state for that….oh huh wait a minute ummmmmmmmm well mayyyybeeeeee Colorado seeing as though she won the title of Miss Teen Colorado International in 2007 (SORRY COLORADO)…..BUT eeeeevvvvvery other state she doesnt; and anyone who thinks she does is just as IGNORANT! Always be A PROUD TEXAN!

      • venusara

        Sorry to break it to you both, but Aaryn was born in TX, moved around with her family while growing up and only spent 2 years in CO. She claims TX as her hometown and considers herself a Texan. The state of CO does not want this bizzo!

  • J

    EeeeewwwwWWW she just got uglier and uglier..I actually thought she would be all sass and class. EEEeewwwWW she is fugly instead! Look at them apples! Rotten as all hell!

  • caskett ology

    That ‘early house favorite’ notion is longgggggggggggg goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Let’s see how many gigs she gets when this season of BB comes to an end! She’s going to need to do some serious soul searching; IF SHE EVEN HAS A SOUL!

  • Nate Blank

    Aaryn what she said and did on BB15 pales in comparison to GinaMaria and Spencer. Yet everyone’s target is set on Aaryn. Why? Cuz shes hot and the be Jelly!

  • Kyle Landry

    She’s improved a lot this week, and seems genuine in the growth she has made. We all made mistakes as young people, and grew from them, and she doesn’t strike me as a bad person. It’s interesting because those who complain about racism have also made racist/homophobic comments themselves in private. I’m not at all defending Aaryn’s past comments, but to even pretend the people screaming racism haven’t themselves made racist comments about races outside their own is laughable and completely bogus. There just wasn’t a camera to catch you. Everyone deserves a second chance and Aaaryn seems like she’ll grow to a wonderful person.

  • Joe Chicago

    What she said may not have been kind but does that mean it isn’t accurate?