16 & Pregnant’s Ebony Jackson-Rendon and husband Josh split

16 and Pregnant Season 1 star Ebony Jackson-Rendon and husband Josh Rendon split

After being featured on the first season of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, Ebony Jackson-Rendon and Josh Rendon went on to get married and have a second child together. Unfortunately, after a couple of drama-filled years together (including an arrest and a stint in rehab) they have decided to end their marriage.

Speculation of a break-up began earlier this month after Ebony tweeted about meeting someone new. “Met an awesome guy at my hotel last night, I swear the crazy stuff late night management does is crazy #random #guy,” Ebony wrote on June 4. Then, when a fan said, “Aren’t you married?,” she explained, “Currently we are separated.”

16 and Pregnant's Ebony Jackson-Rendon and her two daughters Jocelyn and Jayda

While her tweet about the “awesome” guy she met may lead fans to believe that her split from Josh has been a piece of cake, her most recent tweets reveal that there is much more to it.

“Momma is happy, tired and glad things are going to get better,” she wrote on June 8. Two days later, she said, “Having a hard time adjusting to life w/o someone who used to be my bestfriend, love never changes but perhaps people do…”

Ebony and Josh were arrested together in September of 2011 after child protective services deemed their living situation unfit. According to reports, “Every room inside the residence had human and dog feces on the floor, walls, and clothing.” (For photos inside their home click here). At the time, Ebony and Josh were booked on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and drug possession. Their daughter Jocelyn was taken out of their care. (You can find out more about what when on during this time in an interview with Ebony included in the book Teen Mom Confidential.)

Since the devastating ordeal of losing their child, Ebony and Josh cleaned up their act — literally — and in October of 2012, they welcomed their second child, daughter Jayda Jewell Rendon.

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  • LexiconD1

    Do some of you people STILL want to claim teen moms aren’t, as a group, trashy?…

    • Dani

      I can agree in general, teen parents are trashy. Due to their immaturity, they struggle putting their children first. I see many facebook friends with children posting pictures or statuses of them doing all this shopping and pampering themselves when they don’t have jobs or have a slew of different men coming in and out of their lives. I became a single mom at nineteen, I don’t understand how other teen moms have the time or money to do these things.

      • LexiconD1

        Neither do I…

        I became a single mother at 29, but I finished school, owned my own home, and put 12 years into a relationship with his father (and his family) when he decided he didn’t want to be a Dad. I also had a ‘been there, done that’ attitude. I did a lot of things I wanted to in my late teens and early twenties.

        If not for my family (my father who retired early and was bored out of his mind) volunteering to babysit, My son and I wouldn’t have had nearly as good of lifestyle as we did had/have (daycare is ridiculous), and I have a good paying career.

        Child support is nonexistent for me, so I didn’t even have that. But, even if I did, my ex’s $400 a month (I live in CA, that is what the court ordered) is pathetic. I couldn’t even float a ghetto lifestyle with that…

        I’m woefully confused how a teen Mom makes it on welfare or child support?


        The older the kid gets, the more expensive they get. Ever try feeding a teen boy going through a growth spurt? My son eat and eats and eats…not to mention grows out of clothes and shoes almost every week (and I’m NOT kidding)…

        • Amanda

          I concur, my son is almost 11 and I had him at 17. He is a spoiled only child but that is due to my love for him. Being a teen parent is hard but being a single parent who happens to be a teen is one of the most difficult things in life. Working hard is key!!

    • Mickey

      I don’t know who you think you are, but not ALL teen moms are trashy. I’m not technically classified as a teen mom since I was 18, but I have 2 daughters, I’m married to their father and was BEFORE we got pregnant, he has a stable job and our children are covered medically and financially NOT by the government, and we’re both in college.

      • LexiconD1

        Seriously, did you miss the last teen mom story, because this was in answer to that. I know who I am…did you miss the post below?

        That’s a great story, I’m happy for you and your husband. Still, stay in college and find a career, because chances are better than average that your husband and you will divorce long before your kids turn 18. If not, chance are good one of you will want out when you’re in your late 30’s early 40’s from a midlife crisis and whining about what you ‘missed out on’.

        Statics are there to back it up…but good luck to you. You’re going to need it 🙂

  • letsbreal

    Exactly why babies shouldn’t be having babies and teens shouldn’t be playing house

  • teenwolffan

    Hopefully they can work it out it. If not let hope that ebony and josh. Can co parent their daughters together.

  • Shelby

    I saw their episode, and kinda heard about the arrests, rehab, and the new baby. I know he was in the military as well, but not 100% on that.
    I can’t say much because I had my first and only child at 18, and I am still in over my head at some days. I tell all my friends with no kids to leave it that way until you’re older in age, and all around wiser because it’s so hard to grow up and raise a child at the same time. Luckily, I’ve been married to the father, have a stable life, go to college, and take birth control seriously. What really grinds my gears, is when they have a second one to keep the age gap small or the 1st born needs a play date when that’s the best part of being a young mom! I can get down and dirty with my 3 year old son no problem, and he is content being the only child in the house!

  • DeeDeDee

    I guess it might be easy to make a blanket statement like ALL teen moms are trashy when the only teen mothers they seem to broadcast are the ones that can’t afford sh*t, don’t do sh*t for their children, and can’t move on to do anything remotely responsible and give their children anything to look up to.

    Fortunately for our children, we’re not all Jenelle’s and Danielle’s. Majority of us genuinely care for our children and work our asses off to provide for them. We even got married to the father of our child. I know, it’s freaking unheard of!!! I know, I’m sorry. I crushed your dreams of all teen mom’s being drug addicted whores with multiple fathers for their children sitting on welfare while their children get raised by their grand parents. F*CK.

    • Dani

      Not just MTV teen moms, looking into statistic children of teen parents have a higher likeliness of becoming teen parents, dropping out of high school, becoming incarcerated. Of course this is not the fate for ALL children of teen parents, but the numbers show it is majority. It is just the ugly truth of being a teen parent.

      • DeeDeDee

        So then tell me how making such a blanketed statement about all teen mom’s seems *right* to you? That’s like saying all single mothers, regardless of age, end up with children in the system because the the chances of the father sticking around are slim to none. And we all know how women aren’t capable of raising outstanding and capable children without men in their lives! That was sarcasm, before those reading go off the deep end, because of course that’s not true.

        • Dani

          Did I say all? No, I said majority and even clarified it was not the fate for all children of teen parents. I know single mothers and teen mothers that have gone on to raise wonderful children. There are always exceptions to the rule, and wish only the best for teen parents and their children.

  • allison

    I feel sorry for their kids… they have unfit, immature parents.

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