Couple’s Therapy Season 3 trailer video: Tyler Baltierra says he’s not ready for marriage

Couples Therapy Tyler Baltierra from Teen Mom

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell will make their TV return in just a couple of weeks in the third season of VH1’s Couple’s Therapy. The former Teen Mom couple planned to marry this July but before tying the knot, Tyler and Catelynn wanted to be 100% certain that marriage was what they both wanted. In the just-released trailer, Tyler is seen admitting that he may not be ready to make the commitment.

“I don’t know if I’m ready to be married,” Tyler tells Dr. Jenn Berman in the Season 3 sneak peek. Moments later, Dr. Jenn is heard saying, “You can not walk down the aisle if you’re not ready and 100 percent committed.”

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell on Couples Therapy Season 3

Catelynn and Tyler have been planning their summer wedding for nearly a year now and the date has been set since December of 2011. Fans definitely didn’t think these two needed therapy and when the news first broke, some worried that they could be on the verge of a split. Luckily, they weren’t.

Last month, a fan asked Catelynn why she and Tyler were doing the show and she explained, “Well we just wanna make sure if we are too young or not to get married that’s all.”

Since filming on the show wrapped, Tyler and Catelynn seem happier than ever and have been tweeting their appreciation for their time on Couple’s Therapy. “This experience has been more than beneficial to our relationship. I refuse to give up on what we’ve accomplished together,” Tyler recently told Catelynn.

Catelynn thanked Dr. Jenn personally. “Thank you so much for the awesome experience you shared with Tyler and I,” she wrote, adding, “It was awesome smashing things.”

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra on Couples Therapy Season 3

Below is Tyler and Catelynn’s official Couple’s Therapy bio:

Tyler and his fiancée Caitlyn are best known for being the only couple on MTVs 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom to put their child up for adoption. Although they struggled with trust issues on those shows, they became America’s sweethearts and appeared to have an almost perfect relationship. They’re entering Couples Therapy to show the world that their relationship is far from perfect. In fact, over the course of their therapy Dr. Jenn will discover that their issues are so serious they threaten to derail their wedding plans for later this year.

Couple’s Therapy season 3 premieres on June 12 at 10/9c on VH1.

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  • jeff

    Translation: Teen Mom is over, acting isnt panning out for Tyler and Catelynn isnt pretty enough for porn. We dont even have a baby to exploit. We need to try to remain relevant somehow and this is all we have.

    Tyler and Catelynn are out of useable moves… Tyler and Catelynn used struggle.

    …it’s not very effective.

    • Cheermom

      Farrah? Is that you?

      • Jenny

        Hahahahaha….oh my gosh…you made me laugh so hard.

      • jeff

        Now now… lets not say things we can’t take back 😛

        • Cheermom

          LMBO!! (I really meant no harm- it’s all in good fun)

  • kayla

    First off they are not the only couple from 16 and pregnant to give their baby up for adoption. On teen mom yes, but not 16 and pregnant. Secondly, if from watching teen mom you think their relationship is perfect I feel very badly for you. Also, it’s obvious they are doing anything to stay out there these days. So sad.

    • They’re not the only ones to give up a child for adoption on “16 and Pregnant”, but they are the only ones who did so as a couple. Lori was pressured into doing so by her parents (her boyfriend disagreed, but they were broken up and he wasn’t helpful), and Ashley’s boyfriend went AWOL early on in her pregnancy. Catelynn and Tyler actually made the decision together and stayed together, which is notable.

      • Mickey

        But, again, they aren’t the ONLY ones from 16 & Pregnant to choose adoption.

        • Maybe they thought Lori and Ashley weren’t photogenic enough? 🙂

    • Mickey

      I was about to say the same thing lol

  • yourmom

    Tyler isn’t ready for marriage because he still needs to explore his gay side.

    • Regina

      Hahahhahaah I disagree but this was funny.

  • Lovethem

    I love and care for all the teen mom and 16 and pregnant girls. I love them and wish we were all friends. I named my daughter Carly because I wanted to honor catelynn and Tyler. I would do anything to meet them

    • yourmom

      Would you sell your soul ?

      • Lovethem

        As much as I love them no I wouldn’t

    • twelfthnight

      I think you need some counselling if you seriously named your kid after the child of a couple of teenagers from an MTV show. Not just because you liked the name, but because you wanted to ‘honor’ people you don’t know and never will.

      Decisions and viewpoints like that make me think you’re probably not ready to be a mother and are probably a teenage girl yourself.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Tyler is a fame *hore. He went out to try and be an actor and now these two are on ANOTHER VH-1 show? Come on..this couple is losing it credit. Are they just creating drama to get paid….me think YES!!! Tyler’s sunglasses are ugly & a joke. Tyler is always playing head games with Catelynn. Sick ploy to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.