Did Gold Rush’s Todd Hoffman go broke mining in the jungle? Has he gone too far?

Gold Rush Jack Todd Hoffman Jungle

Todd Hoffman and his crew are back in the jungle. Presumably, the Gold Rush team is with them and we’ll get to see (some version of) it ourselves before too long. For now, though, all we have are occasional tweets and Facebook posts from Todd to give us a glimpse of what’s going on down there.

Recently, Todd posted a status to Facebook that included the lines: “I’m sweaty/ I’m tired/ I’m going broke/ I don’t like fricking snakes . . .” How serious is he? Who knows? After the fiasco in Guyana that aired as Gold Rush: The Jungle, and three fairly ridiculous seasons of placer mining in Alaska and the Klondike, there seem to be only two sure bets when it comes to the Hoffman crew: (1) they’re going to screw up,and (2) Discovery’s going to pay them to do it.

Here’s the whole status update:

Gold Rush Todd Hoffman Jungle
Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually sort of a fan of the Hoffmans. I suspect that they’re not nearly as innocent as their on air personas suggest, and I’m confident that they’re pretty awful miners; but, they’re impressive reality television stars, Todd especially. All the mining shows on TV these days (and there are a bunch of them) are spin-offs from Gold Rush:Alaska, which was Todd Hoffman’s brain child. There’s no controversy about that. And, because the market is so flooded, now, with mining shows, everyone has to have an angle. Todd keeps finding enough of one to keep his crew on the air. I think that’s impressive

You have to wonder whether Todd’s quest to stay on television might eventually go too far. Maybe it already has. The South American jungle is no joke. The Klondike may be rugged, but the rule of law exists up there, as do plenty of civilized comforts less than a tank of gas away from their claims. Not so in the jungle. Not only are the claims remote, but the political/military/judicial system isn’t . . . um . . . robust. Do you think those guys with guns wandering through the jungle care about reality TV? I don’t think so. And, we’re not even talking, yet, about the snakes and spiders.

Another part of Todd’s edge (both for TV and mining success) is supposed to be bringing a non-Mercury based process to the jungle. Right now, the last step of jungle mining is done by introducing mercury into the gold-rich slurry by hand. The gold binds to the mercury which is later separated, off site, leaving pure gold. The problem is that mercury is very toxic. Both the people who come into direct contact with it and that water used in the process are terribly contaminated. The accounts of mercury-related sicknesses are heartbreaking.

So, the Hoffmans are in the jungle seeking their fortune . . . and trying to save South American miners from themselves. Like that’s going to work out. Sigh. Here’s a photo of the cleanout room equipment that the Hoffmans were planning to haul to the jungle, though, and here’s what Todd had to say about it.

Gold Rush Jungle Todd Hoffman

Sreen shot 1

Is Todd Hoffman going broke in the jungle . . . so broke that his Discovery Channel paycheck won’t bail him out? Doubt it. Will Todd go so far out on a limb to keep his show that he endangers his life and the lives of his crew? That, sadly, seems a lot more plausible.

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  • Trinity Morealis

    Horrible, horrible miner! I watched the first season, I kept hoping that they would ever get smarter but they didn’t. I couldn’t believe they were drinking the water with out purifying it or anything. I don’t think I could watch any other seasons, maybe people that don’t know about mining could.

  • siriusthecat

    What makes me laugh is how much they spend. The people that got rich in the old goldrush days, used hand tools and had low expenses. If you are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars and not even turning a profit, you are foolish.

    • charles fournier

      Now the funny thing as I and my crew was providing security for them they always only reported about half of what they really had got out of the ground aand sometimes even less it is a bit of a game to get over on the investor who gets paid back a certain amount and then also a percentage of the take

    • tootiredoftheright

      Only about 1% of those people got rich in the gold rush days were the ones that mined gold and most of those wound up spending the same day they got it.

      The majority of that got rich in the gold rush days and were able to live their lives on the money were not the miners. They were the ones that owned the saloons, that owned the trading companies that sold the supplies to the miners, the ones that owned the land the gold mines were one. The ones that mined the gold were the ones that went broke and wound up dead.

  • Ritchie

    Worst boss in the world. Bumbing baffoon who always knows better but doesn’t actually know better.

  • Mike Bannink

    Love watching gold rush but really dislike Todd on the show! Doesn’t have a clue about leading. Comes off as a complete idiot! Keep all cast but get rid of Todd!

  • suraj Churaman

    yup , the jungle is always a challenge , I wish them the best , Guyana is not easy , I am from there , the worst thing is robbery ,the good things there have the crew and have video shoot of every move the make , I guess the have protection , most of all the christain ,god will gave them favours , the just like every family wanted to have an American dream ,god blessing and good luck

  • Nigel Nix

    Trail bikes…lmfao

  • WeThePeopleUSA

    Todd, either clean up your language (James 1:26) or take the 3:16 reference off your logo. Come on, man, you chose to mine in a tough place, but, man-up and clean up your mouth. Millions are watching. The Lord didn’t start saying, “I hate these fricking nails and this fricking cross and those fricking Pharisees and Roman guards with their fricking whips and rods.” Add in a few hel! this and dam# that’s and you get my point. I get that no one is perfect, but you put yourself in front of the camera and you are profiting handsomely whether you find gold or not. Be a man and show some discipline.

    • Too Funny!

      This drives me nuts. First of all, God doesn’t give a damn about some white guy in the snow, jungle, etc. finding gold. All those ridiculous prayers that they insist on saying on air are proof in the pudding (they don’t have any gold). Second, gold miners are similar to truck drivers in that language is part of the business for the good majority of them. So far as I can tell, Parker and Parkers boss (claim owner?) are the only ‘REAL’ people on this tv show. Take your religion and save it for the bible channel for ‘gods sake’!

      • BrettHD

        I couldn’t agree more. Infact if I’m offended by anything involving his language it’s that he doesn’t have the balls to just say f()ck like normal people. If you say Frick you’re already thinking Fu¢k, so you might as well just say it. Secondly I’m not religious seeing as how I stopped believing in fairy tales when I was about 6, but like most atheists (and unlike most Christians) I have read the entire bible and nowhere in the original texts does it condem the use of language that may or may not be deemed vulgar by any given society. The only part mentioned in the original texts is the condemnation of blasphemy….. And I pretty sure the f word doesn’t constitute blasphemy. The parts that expand the scripture to include vulgarity were added by the catholic church in the 15th century, something Christians would be aware of if they spent as much time learning the history of their own religion as they do concerning themselves with the morality of others.

        If anyone has the right to be offended by this show, it’s non believers having to watch these dimwits pray for gold every five minutes. Seriously it doesn’t get much more arrogant and conceited than a bunch of grown a$$ men praying for gold.

        • Joanne Dorlando

          Not to mention the fact that they don’t even attempt to “thank God”for the gold being there in the first place….and “praying” for God to give them the gold without even as much as a “Lord thank ye, Jesus” is despicable

    • Buck Ofama

      >Todd, either clean up your language…

      He only says “frick”, and that means “FVCK”, but God is too stupid to know this, so it’s alright that he says “frick” and means “fvck”. Lots of American Christians do this. I knew a guy who thought it was a big fat sin to say “it has BALLS”, so he’d trick God, and say “it has SPHERES”. God is really stupid!

    • Joanne Dorlando

      Not to even mention that in “prayer” they ask God, since He knows where sll the gold is, to give it to them “in abundance” without giving Him any glory, let
      alone even a Lord, thank you, Jesus shows how much of a hypocrite Todd Hoffman is…and, if not for his crew, would harvest oor deserve none of it.

  • kenneth watkins

    i have yet to see todd hoffman do any physical work,i have always thought he was lazy.

  • Kevi

    I really dislike the fact that my former countrymen sold out to the greedy Americans. Shit, Guyana’s wealth belongs to the people not some fat white guys from Alaska.

    • Too Funny!

      Don’t worry, your precious metals and stones are extremely safe from the Hoffman crew.

      • Andy Meyer

        Haha very funny.

      • François Gallardo

        LOL yeah its like with them suckas if the gold is in a circle all around them they’ll focus right in the middle, fail and then give up..lol

    • Buck Ofama

      “Greedy”? Then why are your countrymen helping the American pigs? Frick off.. I mean… FVCK OFF.

    • Craig

      They’re from oregon not alaska. Guys like Todd Hoffman don’t make it in alaska.

  • Kent1963

    If Todd is so worried about mercury contamination how about every time their crew or the other crews on gold rush blow a hydraulic hose and lose a bunch of oil on the ground or worse directly into the water you never see them doing any kind of environmental cleanup. The how was maybe interesting the first year now it seems they are being fricken idiots just for the ratings.

  • Unlucky

    Todd has got to be one of the unluckiest gold minors ever.
    He buys millions of dollars of equipment, but doesn’t think to bring any spare parts like a fuel filter……Equipment continues to break down. If he wasn’t getting paid $500,000 by the producers , he would go broke. I feel sorry for the crew that works for him…. I hope they get paid something by the producers.

    • Reggie

      2 ounces of gold recovery in 150 days on site? Am I to understand that all these men, including the two local fixers and mining experts, with all that equipment recovered roughly .49 grams per day? Generally when mining in the bush, private operators work 6 days week and at least 10 hours a day. It makes absolutely no sense that a meager 2 ounces of alluvium was the total recovery for 5 months. A brand new trommel plant in use for 5 months and they recover as much as that goofy Steve guy from Bering Sea Gold. Logging the concession would have yielded at least diesel money.

      • ianman420

        I don’t think they are mining for alluvium, they are mining for gold and diamonds

  • Jan Cady

    Todd should spend money on research there is equipment in the woods,that work with his own equipment that would cut a tree and make a road wonder them as they go. Watch axe men!!!

  • Jan Cady

    Where’s the road watch TV ????

  • Mike

    Are you sure that your not all just jealous you didn’t make the easy money$ like they did doing something as wide spread as you do??

    • BrettHD

      Are you really that dumb? They’ve spent vastly more money than they’ve ever brought in and the only reason they’ve been able to operate in every season since their first, is because discovery is picking up the bills for nearly all of it. Even last year when they had a somewhat successful season, the gold they recovered didn’t even pay for their equipment. The sluice alone in season three was at minimum a quarter million dollar wash plant. Then you have around an additional 400k just to purchase all the new heavy equipment they brought in last year. Not to mention an additional 200k at least just in fuel cost to keep an operation that size going all summer. Aside from all that I haven’t even touched on parts and maintenance, living costs, and travel expenses.
      So what exactly is there to be jealous of? A fat idiot who got on tv for that very reason, and whom makes an entire industry of intelligent, professional, and hard working people look like a bunch of brain dead hillbillies having circle jerk prayers for gold every five minutes, and who couldn’t hit the ground with their hats.
      Yeah we’re all jealous, after all the new American dream is making a complete fool of yourself on reality television. Who wouldn’t want that?

      • ianman420

        You sound pretty butthurt over this show

  • steve

    can i come mining with you call me steve matson 605 628 2146

  • Buck Ofama

    “Godd” Hoffman is an incompetent fool. Hey FOOL, stop with the “frick” and say what you mean: FVCK.

    • ianman420

      Maybe he means frick

  • web zone 66

    So are you going to head back to the Yukon and try your luck again Todd or have you had it with gold mining. Parker really know what he is doing if you still want to mine for Gold you should go and work for Parker and he can teach you the ropes

    • tootiredoftheright

      The toad effed up the leasing process so bad in Alaska and the Klondike to the point he is banned from gold mining there. That is why he went to South America. The reason he got kicked off of Porcupine was not only missing the lease payment but due to incompetence and that he embarrassed the claim owner Earl Foster by all the complaints from the Small Miners Association that were generated by the Hoffman crew’s actions.

      • web zone 66

        I think he is a loser that should stay home

        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Did Gold Rush’ s Todd Hoffman go broke mining in the jungle? Has he gone too far?

  • Alan Batton

    Todd and his Dad should have stayed in Alaska! He totally screwed up after season one by letting “Dakota Fred” take his claim at Porcupine Creek. Then when making some bucks in the Klondike, Todd decided to leave for South America?? (Hello McFly are you in there?) Not a ‘Leader’ and sad to watch!! Feel very sorry for the talented, industrious men and their families that he misled and sent on a “Wild Goose Chase”!!!

  • tootiredoftheright

    The Jungle Gold guys where in Ghana which is in Africa not Guyana which is South Africa. Ghana btw they also kicked out a lot of Chinese gold miners at the same time as the Jungle Gold guys who likely did have the legal right to mine there.

  • WaitKnowWhatComeOnNah

    The Detroit Lions need a coaching staff.

  • Matt

    Personally think it’s mostly an act to keep everyone watching. They do seem to have terribly bad luck, like when Todd orders the best trommel available, only to be let down by it’s builder & for it to neither arrive on time nor even work as it should do. Despite that, they still pulled over 800 ounces of gold from the ground, that’s no joke. I also suspect that they do well elsewhere – 316 Mining (Todd’s company) has to be fairly successful in the 1st place in order to have the equipment they have, as well as for many industry stalwarts, like Fred Dodge, to continue associating with them. They play the fools for our entertainment, & there’s no doubt that plenty does go wrong for them, but they do often find a way to keep going. The Guyana experiment was a shocking failure though, that was obvious, but there’s a reason many big mining companies stay in the Klondike. Todd deserves huge credit for taking it on at all, & even more credit for his campaign against mercury. It’s a pretty incredible gesture for him to open up his equipment for the locals. Again, no mining company that is “useless” is capable of taking on the Guyana jungle, failing so spectacularly and yet carry on operating unless they know what they’re doing. Don’t think for a moment that they’re all living of reality TV pay checks, Discovery can pay quite well once a series is successful, but even then it’s not nearly enough to support a gold mining company the size of 316.

  • Jeff

    Hope Todd went broke!

  • Nick the Enforcer

    Todd proves even a broken clock is right twice a day.