PHOTO LeAnn Rimes gets bangs

LeAnn Rimes gets bangs at the Andy LeCompte Salon in Los Angeles

LeAnn Rimes has had her handful lately dealing with all of the latest bombs to have come out of Brandi Glanville’s book Drinking And Tweeting — despite it having yet to be released. However, the country star took some time out for herself over the weekend and updated her look.

“Love my Andy Lacompte! I got banged :)- love em! Was time for a fun change,” LeAnn wrote on Twitter on Saturday, February 9. Along with the tweet was the photo you see above of her new look.

That same night, LeAnn put on a show in Palm Springs and was lucky enough to have her husband, Eddie Cibrian, and his sons with Brandi alongside her. “Headed to Palm Springs for a private show tonight,” LeAnn wrote. “Meeting my hubby and the boys there. Love when I get to have fam around when I’m working.”

Following the release of some excerpts from Brandi’s book, LeAnn was rumored to be on the outs with her husband. See, in Brandi’s book, she claims that Eddie was still intimate with her even after be began his relationship with LeAnn which was reportedly news to LeAnn who thought that any romance with Brandi was long gone. Days after the releases, LeAnn was even spotted at a local restaurant where she appeared to crying to a friend.

Regardless of the book and all the latest rumors, LeAnn and her family seem united as ever. Hopefully, she and her new bangs (that, by the way, are “hated” by 67% of readers according to an Us Weekly poll) can leave whatever happened between Eddie and Brandi in the past.

What do you think? Do you like her bangs?

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  • burkey

    Must be a really slow celebrity gossip day…

  • Shannon

    She’s so unfortunate looking and those bangs don’t help.

    • Courtney

      She looks like the white dog in Lady and the Tramp, the one with the raspy voice and bangs covering her eyes! Lol your comment was the BEST “She’s so unfortunate looking” hahahaha

      • Shannon

        She TOTALLY looks like that dog! Hahahahaha good one!

  • Space Needle

    Ugh, she looks terrible. She looks 10 years older. What was Eddie thinking? Brandi may have had a lot of work done- but she looks 1000 times better than LeeAnn.

  • jdkxifnaja

    Is this news worthy Starcasm? I didn’t think she could get uglier but she did!

  • Phoebe

    Why is there a picture of an albino gorilla on here….

    • Shannon

      Hahahahahaha totally!! She’s such a mess.

      • Courtney

        Haha I love how you said, “she’s a mess” and not a hot mess! Lol 😉

  • amy

    I like it but not on her.

  • Lmao, she looks like her name should be Bertha….

  • nermal

    She’s even delusional about how her hair looks.

  • As if she didn’t already look like a ferret in heat

  • Allison

    An ape with bangs!

  • H O M E L Y, woof woof

  • Reality Viewer

    She is obsessed with Brandi. However Brandi is gorgeous and Leann is homely. I give her relationship with Eddie maybe 12 months before she finds out he cheats on her.