PHOTOS Is Gypsy Sisters’ Mellie Stanley pregnant?

Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley

Sunday night on TLC television viewers will get to see the return of West Virginia’s resident gypsy hellion Mellie Stanley as she and the rest of the “Stanley sisters” deliver two hours of Romany drama during the series premiere of Gypsy Sisters. Judging from the preview trailer, it looks to be one hell of a ride as Nettie, Kayla and Laura hop on board the Mellie Express! But, the trailer also foreshadows perhaps the only event that could derail the inevitable trainwreck by hinting that… Mellie Stanley is pregnant?!?

As you can see in the clip, Mellie is a puking a little more than usual, which leads to suspicion among her cast mates that she may be pregnant. Mellie insists she’s not in the clip, but ***SPOILER ALERT*** her Facebook page would suggest otherwise!

Mellie Stanley baby bump boyfriend

On December 2nd Mellie posted the photo above of her and her new man along with the caption, “Aww he got the baby something for Christmas.”

That picture was preceded by this next one in which Mellie is rocking one of her revealing short-short dresses and chugging something from a bottle. A concerned friend commented on the picture, “Is that a drink in ur hand…” to which Mellie responded by writing, “Its a ice tea mommy lol”

Gypsy Sisters Mellie expecting a baby

Another commenter, who seemed to admire the photo, suggested Mellie should come party with him, to which Mellie replied, “Dam right let’s party hard but in July lol” I don’t think it takes Albert Einstein to figure out Mellie is pregnant and her due date is some time before July!

And just in case all that wasn’t evidence enough for you, Mellie posted this photo of herself on a separate Facebook profile earlier today in which it is obvious she is expecting:

Gypsy Sisters Mellie pregnant

Mellie even revealed the name of her son: Angelo Giovanni Stanley.

And just in case you thought the sweet tea comment above meant Mellie had completely given up alcohol, hold on just a second! On January 27 she posted, “Drinking on some wine” to which a commenter replied, “Are you preggo?” Mellie responded by writing, “Yea I’m pregnant and like the dr said a glass a wine a day is good for my iron.”

Another commenter backed up Mellie’s post by writing, “My mom had 5 kids & had a glass of wine every night. We turned out normal, well-adjusted & bright. She’s from Italy and they didn’t recommend women to avoid alcohol back then.”

Mellie responded with, “Yea I’m sick of everyone up in my business bout if I drink and sh!t.”

And although there is no way to confirm that it is her baby, Mellie posted a collage including her sonogram on January 28th featuring her boyfriend at the time, a sonogram image of a child, and a photo of Mellie along with the words, “The Two That Stole My Heart <3”

UPDATE – We were sent a screen cap of a since-deleted Facebook post made by Mellie on November 7 which read, “I’m 5 weeks and 2 days due July 8 2013” The due date seems to match up perfectly with her comment above. Of course, this means she was 4 weeks and 6 days along on her November 4 wedding day! And she was apparently pregnant during the bachelorette party episode, which was filmed right around October 20.

UPDATE – Mellie just posted this photo of herself five months along to instagram on February 22:

Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley pregnant

UPDATE – It’s since been revealed on the show that Mellie is pregnant, so I thought I’d add this funny little clip just to make sure everyone knew it 🙂

Regardless of what the ratings turn out to be for Gypsy Sisters (I can’t imagine they aren’t going to be HUGE), I think Mellie’s pregnancy all but guarantees a Gypsy Sisters Season 2, or at least a Mellie Stanley spin off!

To see more photos and bio info on Mellie and her Gypsy Sisters cast mates, click here! And to see more of their antics, tune in to Gypsy Sisters Sunday nights at 9/8c on TLC!

  • Ally

    Will probably enjoy the show but sad to see all these kids between all these girls brought into all of this. I’m
    hoping Mellie proves everyone wrong.

  • Jean

    Would a doctor really recommend a glass of wine a day? Everything I learned in college said that doctors dont know how much alcohol consumption during pregnancy lead to fetal alcohol syndrome. Could be a little, could be a lot. Also might matter when during a pregnancy you drank, but they dont know yet.

    • Geniya

      They do not know because they would have to do a controlled study. No one would do a controlled study with alcohol consumption and pregnant women.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        what do you mean they don’t know? There have been plenty of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome. No Dr. in their right mind would recommend booze to a pregnant women. Only selfish women would drink booze while preggo. What ever you eat or drink,so does the baby. That is basic pregnancy 101. This woman is a total hillbilly.

        • Geniya

          Do you know what controlled study even is?

      • Marina Doshkevich

        Why not? Plenty of people decide all by themselves they want to drink while pregnant. Its not like you should be forcing someone to do it. Besides, information is plentiful. Women drink wine while pregnant in Eastern Europe, and women drink while pregnant for all of history except for the last few decades. The whole idea of not drinking didn’t crop up until the 1970’s, really. Was everyone born before the 1970’s born with fetal alcohol syndrome? No.

        • Marina Doshkevich

          Maybe 1960’s

        • Geniya

          Marinichka I am from eastern europe and none of my friends drank while pregnant or while nursing. It’s very abnormal what you say and if its true from your part of town that is very sad.

    • Jenn

      I don’t know if a doctor would recommend it as a way to help your iron, but my doctor said that if I wanted a glass of wine every so often with dinner that it would be perfectly fine.

  • Bri

    Seeing her as a parent shall be interesting!

  • spottedgiraffe

    I thought that even though gypsy girls wear provocative clothing they never have sex before marriage and are good girls? That’s what the people on my big fat American gypsy wedding keep attempting to convince us.

    • Debra Morgan

      She was already married. She got a divorce. .-. She is one of the “naughty” gypsies. 🙂

    • Martine

      Not everyone is the same. Mellie is not conventional. She married someone that abused her, so she is disenchanted with the whole live for marriage thing. its completely understandable.

  • Don’t let these haters get you down girl stay strong

  • Duh

    you are on a REAILTY television show. If you wanted to keep anything about your life private, you should not have gone on the show.

  • MIssLisa

    I wonder who the BD is was it dude on last night episode or another dude?

  • lynnp01

    wow – the ‘real’ mellie comes on here with her classy mouth and all?? there’s so much inter-breeding amongst them that no doubt her loser ‘mother’ (who the heck is her father?) must have known she would have mentally challenged children- not that her older sister is any better- ugh – i vomited when i watched the show. this one will do herself in quickly.. and no, i find it very hard to believe *any* doctor, esp knowing how she abuses alcohol (probably drugs too) and her lifestyle, etc would EVER condone her ‘drinking a glass of wine everyday’.. let the fun and games begin, i have no doubt that this kid will end up in foster care bc the rest of her family are dim-wits anyway. how’d you like that mellie or nellie or smelly?? lol

    • Marina Doshkevich

      If you want to accuse others of being less then classy, you would need to act classy yourself. You don’t. Your grammar isn’t exactly first class either. Why don’t you try to read a bit about drinking and pregnancy? The idea that you shouldn’t drink a drop of alcohol has changed. An OBGYN is not a drug councilor, so they are only concerned with the baby’s health. They don’t base their recommendations on possible addiction.

  • Feisty

    If Mellie doesn’t want people in her business as she put it. Keep your butt off the internet posting all your business!!!

    • Martine

      True. But if you don’t like her business, as you put it, then don’t be here.

  • MPmom

    If you don’t want people in your business, then maybe you shouldn’t be on TV??

  • Danielle

    Mellie, you gotta thicken your skin! There will be people that love you, hate you, judge you, etc. Put on some horse blinders and don’t pay attention to what others think! Like they say, opinions are like a$$holes, everybody’s got one!

  • Demona

    A glass of wine is one thing but someone with her kind of problems being shown on television isn’t cured a few months later when she’s pregnant. Poor, poor baby. I hope after seeing how bad she is with the drinking DFS is waiting to test the baby at the hospital before she takes it home. Oh wait, she’s pseudo celeb so they won’t bother.

  • UGH

    ONE glass of wine is one thing.
    However, it is DOCUMENTED on TV she was BINGE drinking in the early stages of her pregnancy!!
    She has also posted current photos of her in bars or clubs smoking.

    Sad and disgusting.
    That baby has no chance!!
    If Robbie is indeed the Father, here is some of Daddy’s shinning accomplishments….

    18.2-57(A) SIMPLE ASSAULT/ASSAULT & BATTERY CR10000246-04
    18.2-58 ROBBERY – STREET CR10000246-00

  • 2100carmel

    Glad you have stopped drinking. My fear is that the damage is done. The worst damage of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE) occurs when the drinking is done early in a pregnancy, although it can happen any time during pregnancy. Fetal alcohol syndrome is the only preventable condition that causes disabilities. It’s a shame that you didn’t take a minute to take a pregnancy test when you so clearly had the symptoms of pregnancy. Perhaps you would have stopped drinking sooner and possibly avoided some damage to your child.

    • Martine

      People had babies for many thousands of years and women drank while pregnant. Just because this last century its considered a big problem, doesn’t mean you can’t have perfectly healthy babies even if you have an occasional drink. Its still more then likely her baby will be perfectly fine.

    • miss Moose

      it’s only stupid americans who are so freaked out about drinking. everything’s always got to be a big deal and a hysterical reaction. and the people who go off this way are never well-informed. at least get educated before you put guilt trips on others. alcohol is a problem if you abuse it. women can have a FEW at ANY time and not have a problem. the women having retarded babies from fetal alcohol syndrome are drinking like fish. in years past, women drank and smoked at all times, and most of them (and their babies )survived just fine, thank you. in the u.k. and othe places, it’s not unusual at all for expectant moms to have a drink or two. people need to stop making everything into a G.D. emergency. relax. my mother smoked and drank when i was on the way — years ago there was no hysteria about it. i’m fine, my brother’s fine. we actually have above average intelligence, thank you. get over yourselves, and keep your own house clean before you go bothering people about theirs.

  • chelsea

    You guys are all inconsiderate dummies. If you think Mellie is dumb, don’t watch the show. Her baby will be fine, your mommies drank all the time when you were fetuses and you turned out fine. RIGHT? Also babies are least affected by drugs and alcohol during the first few weeks. It’s natures way of protecting the baby since up until less than 80 years ago there was no way of tell you were pregnant till your symptoms started emerging. Please do some research before you start spewing BS out of your mouth.

  • Madison Touchet

    I love u

  • miss Moose

    i don’t even believe this is her commenting. there are so many nuts out there who like to pose as well-known people. can’t imagine what kind of loser-psycho you have to be to think THAT’S a good idea. sad.